What Is an Ebook?

Every now and then I get someone wondering what is an ebook, and how is it different from a 'normal' book.

Jump right down to Why this guide is BETTER than a "normal book"!

Or keep reading - you'll get there!

A lot of people are getting used to and love e-books
, but there are also the people who feel that they want the "book format" to bring to their trip.

You may also feel that you don't like to read on the screen

Understandable - I don't either
. I only read so much on the screen - as soon as the reading is too long or I have to concentrate, I feel I have to print it out on the paper.

Another reason you may have is that printing is costly

, if you have an ink printer. If you have a laser printer you have no problems (and they have also gone cheaper - I bought a colour laser printer from Officeworks for $75 recently (March 2014), and black and white are even cheaper).

But even if you have an ink printer - you don't have to print out the whole book! There are plenty of pages you can save yourself - background
, history, general information, and many others that are fun to read, but are not directly necessary for your planning, and don't require much concentration (easier to read on the screen).

Print only the pages that you use
for your planning in more detail, and the ones you want to bring to your trip. You can even pick and choose page by page if you like (even amongst the destination pages leave out tours for example if you're not going to take one). And you still have the rest of the information left on your screen, in case you have to look something up.

(As I always say - this book is best used BOTH on the paper
and on the screen).

Now why am I 'telling you' to do all this just to buy an e-book

Because it's worth it!

You go and buy a "book format" travel guide - you NEVER get the details like in this e-book

Reason why? Normal books cost the author a lot of money to get reprinted
. The info is left much more generalised because then there is no need for an update too soon.

With this e-book I work tirelessly and constantly
. I update the information all the time. Things like prices for the year and events for the year for example, I update as soon as they get out (once they are all out - not one by one, it would be confusing for you).

It is the detailed information that makes a HUGE difference to your Cape York trip
. To be able to know exactly what land you are on, what are the camping rules in each spot (and these change if not updated), do you need any permits, and when and where to get them - all contact details included. Looking for the closest grocery or bottle shop? All info included - even opening hours :-)

MUCH more important than the "book format" for a Cape York trip!

If you print the whole book
, get a thick folder to put it in. If you print pages, still do get a folder so it will be neat.

Bed reader? Good news - no holding a book above your head - just one page at the time :-)

Worth getting a folder that is easy to open to get a page out when you like ;-)

Destination Cape York Travel Guide

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