Destination Guide Feedback

Here you have the Destination Guide feedback :-)

It originally was on the sales page but as it built up huge - I had to make a separate page for it.

Hi Katrin,

Wow what a fantastic piece of work the Cape York destination guide is. 

-- Brett, Geelong, Victoria

It's a cracker of a book from what I have seen so far! 

You have done a great job. Can't wait to get up there. Kind Regards,

-- Craig Duffield, Australia

Hi Katrin,

Your guide is absolutely brilliant, very accurate in detail and a pleasure to read.

I used it exclusively to plan and reference my trip to the Tip last August. 

My wife and I did all the destinations we planned and it was sensational.

Well done and keep up the great work in promoting this wonderful area.

-- Steve Nichols, Australia

Hi Katrin

I have recently bought your book, guide to the Cape, and absolutely love the contents.

It's the only guide I've seen with the real important stuff and a locals inside knowledge.


-- Peter Nolan, Australia

Love this guide has more up to date then anyone

-- catherine sheen, Australia

Your book was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

It is a must have for anyone heading to the Cape for the first time.

We used it like a bible while planning and also on our trip.

In fact we were still reading it on our trip home planning for our next trip, which can't come soon enough.

I always read your Newsletter which only makes me wish I was there now.

Thanks for all your hard work.

-- Mick, Australia

I wanted to thank you, I belong to a caravan club Bushtracker Owners Group BOG.

I have recommended it to some of our members who will be doing the Cape.
We did the trip last year and your guide was the most useful from all the books I had purchased.

We are planning to do the trip again in 2 years time.
Keep up the good work
and hopefully one day we will meet.

Thank you from all the travellers
. Hope you have a good season,

Stella Voolstra, Australia

Hi Katrin,

You have written two great documents for Cape York.
When we were there last did not see 3/4 of what you have written.
I look forward to doing it again in the not too distant future.

Dennis Littame, Australia

Hi Katrin,
We heading up the Cape in September and I've been using your book to plan out a rough itinerary -

it's been a godsend!

Thank you so much for all the great information and tips.

-- Kate Machin, Australia

Hi Katrin

We used your Destination Guide when planning our Cape York adventure and

found it very informative and reliable.

Thank you for the time and effort you put into this to make it an enjoyable trip for those that take your advice.

-- Jim and Chris Robson, Australia

Hi Katrin

I purchased the Destination Guide in the last month, I have read it from front to back and thoroughly appreciate the work you have done and continue to do.

Having been to Cape York in 1982,

I can see what we missed out on and therefore will be able to do this year.

Thank you.

-- Lyn Underdown, Australia

Hello Kat.

Thank you once again for the Destination Guide.

As I reported once before, we did our planning for the Tip trip almost entirely using the guide.

We did the trip early last month (June) and it was memorable.

We were turning to the relevant pages for each days travel to ensure we didn't miss anything we wished to see or do.

The guide is a must have, thank you,

-- Rod and Dianne Mackenzie, Australia

Many thanks Katrin,

Everything worked perfectly with my order, and I have had a very quick scan through the book

what a wealth of information!!

This will be invaluable to us for planning our trip to Cape York in July/August this year.

We are super-excited!!

Kind regards,

-- Ceri, Netherlands

Hi Katrin.

I have really enjoyed your guide as it has helped to inspire me to get out and travel up through the cape area,

Thanks for your efforts to bring us the guide,

it's a must have for adventurers traveling around the Cape York area.


Kind Regards

-- David Siggs, Australia

Hi Katrin,

We travelled to the Cape using most of the information gleaned from your guide

It was fabulous

Keep up your awesome updates, we all appreciate your dedication and up to date info.


-- Apryl Nixon, Australia

Good Afternoon Katrin,

I recently purchased the full version of your guide (25th March) in preparation for a run up the Cape in August.  

It is an awesome resource

Thank you so much for your knowledge

I did Cape York with my Dad in 1987 and have not been back since.

Kindest Regards,

-- Scott Hamilton, Australia

Hi Katrin

My husband and I did the Cape last year and

your Travel Guide was like the bible for us gave us everything we needed to know.


-- Janine, Australia

Hi Katrin

We travelled to Cape York last year with my husbands brothers & families.

I did all of the itinerary, planning & the bookings for all the families. Two years of planning for us to be ready to leave Brisbane on the 5th August 2017.

I downloaded your Cape York Destination book.

This was an invaluable source of information.

I found places we wouldn't have seen if it hadn't had been for your wonderful guidance throughout your book.

So thank you on behalf of the "Bailey" family.

We had a great time.

Kindest regards

Janice Bailey, Australia

Just a thank you Katrin.

We have just finished our Cape trip and your guide was constant reference point on our tablet.

It was invaluable.

-- Kevin Yerrell, Australia

Hi Katrin,

Thanks for writing such a comprehensive guide!

I've read through the pocket guide and some of the Destination Guide and

am amazed at the amount of detail you put in.

-- Eugene, Brisbane

Many thanks for the amazing Destination Guide.

I work in the information centre in Karumba and all the tourists are either heading to Cape York or

Darwin so having the correct info is vital.

Thanks again for all your effort you put into your publication.


-- Deb, Karumba

I just wanted to say

Thank You for providing such a comprehensive and informative guide to the Cape.

This has become our bible.

So much detailed information and a great way to plan our first trip.

Keep up the great work!!

We are looking forward to heading your way at the end of June.

-- Lisa Pritchard, Australia

Hi Katrina,

I purchased the Full Guide via Paypal.

Wow fastest delivery of any purchase I have made - Well done.

Have been reading and am up to about Page 90 - great info.

Keep up the good work I commend you for your efforts & dedication.


-- Ernie, Australia

Dear Katrin

Cheers - and thank you -

both the Cape Guide and Caravan Guide have been enormously helpful in planning a trip

to the Cape following the Big Red Bash.


-- Tony, Australia

Hi Katrin,

I bought the Destination Guide on 8 Feb 2019.

Loved it.

Full of great info.

Keep up the great work.

Your guide is invaluable.


-- Kel Savage, Australia

Hi Katrin,

I purchased Dest Cape York Travel Guide from you June 2017.

Thankyou for all the work you have put into this guide.

It really is amazing.

Kindest regards

Trish Rollins, Australia

Hello Katrin,

We have certainly enjoyed the issue so far and have used it almost exclusively to plan our trip

Your guide has made it much simpler to go about planning the trip from down north east Victoria,

thank you so much,


-- Rod Mackenzie, Australia

The guide has been indispensable for planning the trip and

I have no doubt it will also be critical when I am up there

and reworking the trip around closed roads, delays etc.


-- Dave, Australia

I purchased the 2018 copy last year. 

Thank you for such an informative guide,

I can certainly see how much work has gone in it

We are going to the Cape this year and looking forward to putting all your useful info to work for us.


-- Lynelle Ivanow, Australia

G'day Katrin,

Your great guide is helping us plan several trips to the north.

Thank you very much for your very informative newsletters, they do dispel a few myths/misconceptions.

Best regards,

-- Graeme White, Australia

My 80 year old in-laws are still talking about

the places we went and the things we seen after referencing the guide

thanks again and hope to catch up with you on my next trip.

-- Bob Gilbert, Australia

Hi Katrin,

I purchased your fabulous Destination Cape York guide in 2018 to plan a trip for this year,

I like to know which route I'm to travel on, even if it's just to a town up to 2 or 3 hours away to shop or for a family commitment.

In this case it's a long awaited holiday & your type of detail suits me perfectly,

as I like to thoroughly research everything.


-- Margaret Anderson, Australia

We use the guide all the time on our trips

and always recommend to anyone else travelling up the Cape!


-- Kim White, Australia


We are heading up to the cape in early May with camper trailers and I would love a copy of your new Trailer Guide.

We are planning our whole trip on your books and are very excited to get up to the Cape and start exploring.

Hopefully the roads will be open early in the season.

-- Mick Hayes.Jennifer

Hi Katrin

Gosh, your stuff is fantastic!

Thanks for the great info you provide. Stay well during this Wet.


-- Anne Delaney, Australia


Reading your book so far is extremely detailed and useful in plain terms.

Thank you for taking the time to prepare this.

Best Regards

-- Bill Watts, Australia

Hi Katrin

We purchased the Destination Guide in 2018 before our trip to the Tip in July/ August 2018.

We really found it to be very helpful during our trip

and highly recommend it to anyone travelling to the Tip.

Thank you

We can't wait to get to the Cape again.

-- Michelle and Shane Campbell x

Hi Katrin,

We've just come back down from Cape York and

we've absolutely loved your guide book, it's been so useful and comprehensive.

Thank you for producing such a great product!

-- Melissa Anderson, Australia


You are an inspiration to the Cape...

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

-- Len Ezzy, Townsville

Hi Katrin,

I just wanted to say thanks for your hard work on your valuable guides.

I'm moving to Weipa with my girlfriend who is taking up a job

and have already found it invaluable.


-- Michael, Australia

Hi Katrin,

I purchased last years Destination Cape York plus the Trailer supplement.

We constantly used them both during our Cape York travels last August, fantastic publications.

Thanks very much.

-- Phil, Australia

Hi Katrin,

Thanks so much for the effort you go to in putting the guide together, I love it !!  

Thanks again and good luck in the wet season.


-- Steve Hogg, Australia

Hi Katrin,

I purchased the Destination Guide before our trip to the Cape last year.

It was invaluable in pre trip planning and

I had a copy printed to use while we were on the Cape.

-- Arthur Kelly, Australia

Great effort Katrin

You amaze me with what you get done.

Have a great Christmas and I hope to get up north again next year.


-- Terry Wade, Australia

Hi Katrin,

We've just returned from a great trip to Cape York and

your guide was invaluable in planning our trip and then adjusting it as we went along


-- Dave O, Australia


Still planning our trip!

Could we have the trailer guide to add to our main guide. 

Great source - best found!

Best regards

-- Jennifer Pickering

The guide has been absolutely fantastic on getting the information that I need to plan

on going this year hopefully.

Thank you for your efforts

-- Richard Stephenson, Australia

I purchased the current guide less than 2 years ago.

We traveled to the cape in 2018 and found your guide very helpful.

I found myself constantly referring to it.

Thanks and keep up the good work.


-- Rob Sullivan, Wangaratta, Victoria

Hi Katrin,

Thank-you for all of the information supplied which was a great help in our planning stage &

during our trip which was too short & we hope to return again

but in the meantime we are recommending your guide to our friends.

Happy New Year,

-- David & Jenny, Australia

I am starting to read your Destination Cape York.

Very thorough...Thanks.
I wish to purchase the trailer booklet.

-- Terry Cole, Australia

Good morning Katrin,

I have the main Destination Guide which is awesome!

Thank you so much for all your hard work putting these guides together.

Kind Regards

-- Angela Meadowcroft, Australia


I just wanted to say what an awesome book!

We will be heading to the cape in June this year, can’t wait!  

-- Letetia Geary, Australia

The guide was invaluable on our trip last year.

Thanks for all the work you you do with guide & info – it is appreciated.

Kind regards

-- Michael Read, Australia

Hi Katrin,

I've been reading and re-reading my copy of the Destination Guide - so excited that our trip is nearly here! 

It's been SO helpful in planning

Thank you,

-- Karen Brierley, Australia

Hi Katrin,

What a fantastic and informative publication.

Keep up the great work.

Kind regards,

-- Peter Neumann, Western Ausralia


My husband and I are currently planning a trip to the tip and

purchased both the Cape York guide and the Caravan supplement earlier this year -

found them both very useful.

-- Jean Vos, Australia

Hi Katrin

heading up your way in August , was 7 cars now 3 ,
love your book very informative,

keep up the good work and stay safe


-- Daren Freshwater

Hi Katrin,

I purchased the 2018 edition in preparation for our July 2019 trip.

Looking to go through your updates before finalising an itinerary for our trip.

Your book and newsletters have been incredibly helpful in planning our trip.

Thank you.


-- Adrian Wilson, Australia

You have done an amazing job with your research and input into these guides.



-- Noel Cupitt, Australia

Hi Katrin,

we have been to the tip and made most of the Telli incl Gunshot and Nolan...

Your guide was very helpful as were your advices.

It was a everlasting experience and we enjoyed it very much.

-- Daniel, Australia

Hi Katrin,

This book was extremely useful for our trip to the Cape in Aug 2017.

We really enjoyed ourselves, so much so we are heading there again later this year.


-- Ian, Australia

We went to the Cape in June last year and had a great time. 

The guide was used a lot.  Thank you for putting it together.


-- Christine Pratt, Australia

Hi Katrin,

We are planning to visit the Cape this year with two other couples.

We have found the guide essential for planning our trip.

Kind regards

-- Bob & Di Elvy, Australia

Thank you so much for the hard work and research you put into these documents!


-- Nicky Engert, Australia

Hi Katrin,

We have your book – it’s great – thoroughly enjoying all the research

before our big trip from Perth to Cape York in July!

Many thanks

-- Janice Ward, Australia

Hi ,

found your guide so useful and loved our trip up north

so much that we are looking forward to another trip,

Thanks so much


-- Jeanette Brinkley, Australia

Hi Katrin,

Next year we intend to spend a considerable amount of time

looking at all the attractions you have detailed in your guide.

Your travel guide is a great bit of kit.   

Kind Regards,

-- Dennis, Australia

Hi Katrin

Thank you so much for the travel guides,

they have been very helpful and with so much information.

Many thanks.

-- Ian Gardiner, Australia

Hi Katrin,

Purchased 2018 Destination Guide - invaluable for planning my June 2019 trip.


-- Richard, Australia

I purchased the 2018 destination guide during January last year, We didn’t end up going to the Cape last year, didn’t realise that the dates we had chosen – July/August was the peak time until we read your excellent guide

We went to the Red Centre instead, which was much less crowded. 

We’re planning for the Cape Sep/Oct this year.


-- Bill Evans, Australia

This is a fabulous travel guide and appreciate all the work you put into it


-- Debbie, New Zealand

Hi Katrin,

My wife and I will be doing the cape in August this year.

Thanks for all the hard work you are doing on the guide.

Thanks again, kind regards,

-- Ian, Australia

Hi Katrin,

Just wanted to let you know that we have found Destination Cape York,

invaluable for planning our trip.

Stephen Chambers, Australia

We hope you had a good Christmas and New Year.

Thanks so much for this wonderful information book you are doing.... 

Many thanks,

-- Deborah Batt, Australia

I'm still reading through my copy of the destination guide and loving it.

I missed so much when I was there in 2016.

Thanks. Cheers

Brad Anderson, Australia.

Hi Katrin,

What a great job you are doing.

I think you should be nominated for an Order of Australia!!

I hope to be up that way in September 2019.


-- Colin, Australia

I just purchased your trip planning guide and I'm wrapped with it.

It has all the info I needed.

Richard Stephenson, Australia

Hi Katrin,

Thanks so much - your info is fantastic by the way - it's been our bible for our planning

Christine, Australia

Hi Katrin,

Thanks for your destination guide 2018 it has been a great help as a tool for planning our trip to the cape this year.

Phil Elvery, Australia

Hi Katrin

I did just purchase your book. I have only started to read it and love what I have read so far .

We are heading to the Cape in July cant wait and you have made it so more exciting.

Thankyou so much.

Dearne Walton, Australia

Hi Katrin, thank you so much for such a comprehensive book.

Invaluable in planning our trip.

Eddy Vigants, Australia

We are having a lot of fun planning our cape york trip, using your fantastic book! 

Maryse Jansen, Australia

Hi Katrin,

Thanks so much for the Destination guide, it's been awesome as we've been planning our trip to the Cape in July.

Michael MacArthur, Australia

The guide has been invaluable in planning our trip to the top in August this year :)

Have a great day 

Tam Schultz, Australia.

Hi Katrin,

well done on putting together such an informative book,

its awesome and I can't wait to use it and experience the cape myself. Cheers

Brett Williams, Australia.

Hi Katrin

Can I just say what a fantastic guide you've written.

It is absolutely the best resource I've come across for planning our Cape York trip.

Congratulations and thank you.

Peter McConnell, Australia.

Thankyou so much for your hard work in producing all the information.

We are planning a trip in July with 3 other vehicles and your book has been so helpful.

Many thanks

Belinda Turner, Australia


Have downloaded and read and am very impressed.

Kind Regards

-- Phil Duggan, Australia

Hey Katrin,

Your info is amazing in the 2018 version,

So impressed well done and thankyou.


Peter Mills, Wonga Beach Far North Queensland

From what I have read so far your books are fantastic.

You don't have one for central aus or Darwin area do you?

Lisa O'Rourke, Australia

Hi Katrin.

I was lucky enough to stumble across your excellent website and have downloaded your e-book.

you are the sort of person that makes planning a trip so much easier, thank so much.

Kind regards

Alan & Margaret Phillips, Australia

Hi ,

Congratulations on writing and more importantly keeping this wonderful publication alive and up to date.

Cheers Darryl & Harold the dog.

Hi Katrin,

The guide has been fantastic to help us plan for this year's trip - thanks for the effort of updating it each year.

Catherine, Australia

Hi Katrin.

Just purchased Destination Cape York, thanks for a great publication.


-- Wayne Mackenzie, Australia


The information provided by you is fantastic, and will be very useful for our trip to the Cape in June.

Kind regards. 

-- Phil, Australia

Hi Katrin,

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for putting together this awesome guide.

I bought last years guide and have read every page,

I didn’t hesitate to pay the $27 to get it again, it’s well worth the money.

So thanks again for providing all this information at a great price.   

Have a great day😀

Jo Gapes, Australia

I just want to say that it's obvious that you put a lot of work into this guide - and it has paid off! 

What a fantastic resource you've developed.

It has really helped with planning our trip.

Thanks for making the planning an absolute pleasure with the help of your guide

Cheers, Chris, Australia

Hi Katrin,

Your Destination Guide was amazing when we visited the Cape in August last year.

Thank you,

Kenneth and Lynda Kennedy, Australia

Hi Katrin,

I wish you all the best and congratulate you on the excellence of your work and your fun communications.

Philip Paul Kelly (Known as Paul).

Hello Katrin!

We are heading to Australia & Cape York this fall and the information in the Guide has been so much help with planning.

Thank you! 

Tammy Evans, Canada 

Hi, Love your guide it makes for a great read and all info required for a trip we are panning.

Andrew Savage, Australia

Hi Katrin

I have found your Destination Guide and website a great source of information!

Great job.

-- Ash N Dee, Australia

By the way it is a fantastic book you have made, we are heading up this year and can't wait.


Sharyn Kearney, Australia

I purchased my copy earlier in the year and have found it really helpful in our planning.

Kevin Gaddes, Australia

Hi Katrin,

I would like to say thank you very much for putting together such a wonderful, information packed gem!!!

My partner and I are planning a trip up to Cape York during July/August this year and

you book has been invaluable in planning our route and our stays!

Please keep up the great work and I cannot wait to get up there!!!

Thanks again,

Lindsay Holden, Australia

The guide is a excellent source of information.

Thanks regards

Bradley Nix, Australia.

Hi Kate,

Loving the guide.

It's a great help preparing for our upcoming trip in June. 2 families of 4, all children under 4! Can't wait.

Cheers, Kimberley, Australia

Dear Katrin,

My brother Bruce and I used your guide last year on our venture to the Cape and Islands and 

found it invaluable

Clear maps, advice and links helped us plan and negotiate our adventure with ease and safety

We can't thank you enough.

-- Ray Williams, Australia

I love your book there is so much in it

if it wasn't for your tip I would have missed the tree kangaroo.

-- Narelle Claes, Australia

Hi Katrin,

Thank-you so much for the effort that you have put into the ebook.

I am impressed by the level of detail.

-- Jose, Australia

Hi Katrin

Thanks - your guide is great!! 

Ive used it for all of my planning - thanks heaps.


-- Steve Mills, Australia

Thank you so much for all the work you put into your Destination Guide and your updates and newsletters. 

My husband and I let a group of 7 vehicles from our 4WD club up to the Tip last July, August and  we found your guide invaluable

Information was excellent on camping spots up the OTT. I had it downloaded on my tablet and I also printed it off. 

The pages now looking very ragged

We had a great time, enjoyed all the reading. Thanks again.

-- Jackie Gaylard, Australia

Your Guide is invaluable! 

Best book we bought! 

With the Hema map and your ebook, we had the best time on the Cape.

-- Ros Ralph, Australia

Thank Katrin.

Love the book.

Its so much information its overwhelming, in a great way.

I was going to print it on paper but the E book works a treat on the iPad.

Thanks heaps.

-- Marty Muscat, Australia

Hello Katrin,

We have just returned from six weeks travelling to The Tip, and would like to thank you for your book, which we purchased and read before we left home.

It was very comprehensive.  

It sat on my lap the whole way, and consequently, we did not miss any of the wonderful sights along the way.

Many thanks for a great guide book.

-- Peggy Weeks, Australia

We purchased your guide when planning our trip and it proved invaluable

-- Andy Straw, United Kingdom

Congratulations on putting together such an informative book!

It has helped us plan our trip very well!


-- Becky Myers, Australia

Downloaded and used your book in September this year. 

Found a number of great campsites with your guidance

Keep up the good work. We took six weeks from Melbourne and still missed heaps, and we only spent one night in NSW on both directions.

Best wishes, 

-- Lindsay Parker, Australia

Hi Kat,

I bought your book late last year (in preparation for my Cape trip in 2017) ... fantastic book!! 

Congratulations and well done.

I've sent your website to all my 4wd mates.

-- Pat, Australia

Good Morning Katrin

Graeme downloaded the guide last night and is absolutely rapt with all the information it contains (I have not had a chance to look at it yet but hope to do so shortly).

It will make our trip so much more easier and relaxing with the valuable and informative information that you have supplied.

Many thanks again for all your wonderful help.

-- Maree and Graeme Schneider, Australia

Hi Katrin

Just recently got back from the Cape and had a ball. 

I used your book to plan the trip and also used it as a reference while we were up there.

It was extremely helpful and a huge amount of detail, so thanks keep it up.

-- Dave Baxter, Australia

Hi Katrin,

I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work on creating this guide.

I'm someone who loves to know every single detail when organising time away and

Your guide has been amazing!

Your guide will make the planning of my trip enjoyable and so much easier.

-- Isabella Fernandez, Australia

Thanks again for the work that you obviously do to produce this fantastic resource.

Keep up the great work with the book.


-- Eddy, Australia

Hi Katrin

I love receiving your emails & the book was a fantastic help when we made a trip to the cape.

I am looking forward to our next trip in a couple of years, & every time I read your newsletters it make me want to go up there.

Your generosity as an author is amazing.

I wouldn't know how many people use it, but

I tell everyone I hear is going up The Cape about it.

Keep up the fantastic work, it is really appreciated.

Kind Regards

-- Mike P, Australia

Thanks for putting together such a great travel guide - we used it extensively on our trip.

-- Kathy Leslie, Australia

This is a fabulous travel guide and appreciate all the work you put into it.

We are so looking forward to heading up your way again in June from NZ. 


-- Deb, New Zealand

Hi Katrin

We've just come back from our Cape York trip and I must say "thank you" for a great job with the guide. 

It has just so much useful information.

-- Mike Cust, Australia

HI Katrin

I've bought and read you 300 page book and love it

I've also told 2 other friends about your book and how brilliant and indispensible it is for anyone going to CY.

very best wishes to you

-- Margaret Hewetson, UK

Hi Katrin,

Have been to many places on CY being Cairns locals, but didn't have your book or your Newsletters then, but would recommend it to others

A very personal approach, and just wanted you to have this good feedback.

Well done!

-- Warren and Kay, Edmonton

I have your book and I recommend anywho is intending to travel to the Cape to get a copy. 

You can see a hell of a lot of effort has gone into the book 

and most importantly it is kept up to date.

-- Ian Dickinson, Australia

Hey Katrin,

Just wanted to let you know that we have just come home from our 5 week Cape York trip and thanks to you planner and trip guide we had a ball!

The information in both books was extremely useful during the planning and journey of our trip and we would not be as organized or have had such a great time without them.

It was very helpful to be following the advice of someone who is there on the ground and to go to the places that not everyone knows about.

Keep up the good work and we will be recommending your books to all others who we know are planning this trip!!

Thanks again,

-- Kathryn, Australia

We came to the Cape in 2015 and found your book priceless.

-- Malcolm Walls, Australia

Hi Katrin,

Thank you for the excellent book.

Well done.

All the best.

-- Kees Lodder, Australia

Hi Katrin,

We are really enjoying your "Cape York Destination Guide" it is so informative.

Thanks so much for your effort.

-- Barry Rowsell 😀, Australia


we are using your guide every day, driving up to the tip, and finding it very useful.

-- Ian and Jean French, Australia

Hi Katrin

We did the trip to the Tip in early June.

The full Visit Cape York Destination Guide got a real workout.

It made it so easy to plan our trip,

and enjoy it so much more with the information that you have in it.

It is a must particularly for anyone doing the Cape for the first time.

-- Mike Pilkington, Townsville

Hi Katrin,

Just emailing to thank you for your book.

We have just returned from our trip to Cape York and your book was excellent - very useful and helpful.

We referred to it throughout the whole trip.

-- Dilshara Hill, Australia

I'm finding your complete guide great reading and very informative.

-- David Cray, Australia

Just wanted to say thanks for such a comprehensive guide, we have just returned from what I would call the trip of the life time.

I was a bit apprehensive of going as I am not really into 4x driving but love bush camping and this was my husbands dream but your guide gave me the confidence to join him and we had a ball !!!

Thanks again,

-- Cheryl, Australia

Hi Katrin and thank you for your brilliant publication, 

definitely the most comprehensive and useful I found hands down.

-- Jason and Tina Storey, Brisbane, Australia

Your comprehensive e book does the job nicely without making it complicated.

It takes a factual, down to earth approach by a person living in the area.

That's why I brought it and enjoy referring back to it.

-- Ian, Brisbane Australia


Successfully down loaded you book.

It looks very detailed and you must have put a lot of work into writing it.

The guide is very helpful with planning my trip in 2017 and will get a good workout.

Look forward to your updates as my trip time gets closer.

-- Neil Wright, Australia

Dear Katrin,

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for taking the time to put this e-book together.

I am so impressed with the amazing amount of detail you have included, with everything from history to free camping!

We leave Brisbane for Cape York in just two weeks for what will be our second trip to the tip, but this will be the first time driving our own vehicle and planning the trip from start to finish ourselves, so we were keen to get as much info as possible before leaving.

Your destination guide has been incredibly helpful to us and we can't wait to start the journey!

Keep up the good work!

Best wishes,

-- Jessica, Brisbane

I really enjoy the destination guide, it's very useful and it has been the focus of my planning and research.

Well done!

-- Sherif, Australia

We love your Destination Guide book.

So easy to read & full of great info!

-- Margaret Winter, Australia

Our up there last year for 4 months was brilliant..

Your guide was indispensible and certainly helped both planning and on the trip itself.

-- Keith James, Australia

Hi There,

Your guide have been very helpful so far.
Thank you very much.

-- Leor Lee, Australia

Thankyou once again, keep up the wonderful work you do in providing us with such reliable information and enjoy your journey.

-- Trish Carpenter, Australia

Hi Katrin,

The trip was great and thanks for all your advice;

the books are fantastic resources and congratulation on such amazing work.

It will provide a perfect reference for many memories of a wonderful trip to a fantastic part of the world.

-- Garry Cato, Australia

Dear Katrin

We have your pocket guide & FULL Guide - FANTASTIC INFO - still reading (Often).


-- Martin Carole Steve & Helen, Australia

Your ebook was very informative and helpful along the way.

-- Braedon Harvey, Australia

What a great set of books,

Me and my boys look forward to coming up in our swags and 4x4s we do alot of camping and Cape York has been a dream for years.

-- Michael Carter, Australia

Your book online has been very informative for planning.

-- Michelle Frohloff, Australia

Hi Katrin,

We purchased our guide a few years ago now and I am more than happy to pay for a new edition as

we found the last one invaluable on our trip to Cape York...

Another trip planned for May/April this year...

-- Thanks Sheena Sorrell, Australia.

Hi Katrin,

My wife and I live at Wonga Beach and have always wanted to do the tip trip.

The information in your guide is great and will help make our trip even better.


-- Steve, Australia

Hi Katrin,

I purchased your amazing Destination Cape York book last year prior to my husband and I heading off to the Cape for our first time and i would like to continue to have the most current and up to date version of this incredible resource.

-- Charlene Brown, Australia

Katrin, just letting you know my friend and I have just completed a month long trip to the Tip.

Thanks so much for the info supplied ... always accurate and easy to understand ...

Fabulous time .. Would do it again at the drop of a hat ..

Great weather, great info and guide equals a great trip .... Thanks heaps .....

-- Barrie Crouch, Australia

Dear Katrin

Thank you for the Guide and newsletters, they have been the most essential thing in planning our trip.

A group of us are planning a trip in August and have found the Destination Guide Invaluable

My husband & I go through it every night with your newsletters adjusting & tweeking our plans, then we get together with our friends once a week and have a "York" meeting.

I have printed a copy and have also saved one on my Ipad.

Keep up the great work, couldn't have planned this without you.

-- Yours Gratefully, Heather Gazzola

Its a fantastic resource & we are using it daily to plan our trip for Aug & Sep 2013.

-- John Lemmon, Australia

Hi Katrin,

Thank you for one of the most informative and useful books on Cape York.

We are planning a trip in June 2014 with friends and I have bought your full book.

I have only just briefly skimmed though it at this stage and I LOVE IT!!!!

The amount of information in it is amazing.

I am so glad the day I signed up to your newsletter. I feel more confident in planning a trip now.

I look forward to your newsletters and the trip next year.

-- Kylie Cox, Australia

Hi Katrin,

Thanks for all the effort you have put into the Cape York Guide, it's a great resource for many of us.

-- Mike Boskell, Australia


I bought your cape trip planning guide a couple of months ago and useful information thank you

-- Andrew Stanley, Australia

Hi Katrin

Your email reminded me that I had to contact you and thank you so so much for your travel guide.

We (4 couples) headed off on our Cape York adventure in July 2013

We read a lot of information before we left but your book was known as ‘the bible’ and apart from the maps was the only book we took on our trip.

It was so comprehensive and extremely helpful

It covered everything!!!

We had the best time and completed our trip via the old telegraph track.

Once again, thanks so much for making this info available to Cape York Travellers J

Kind regards

-- Jen & Joe DePellegrini, Victoria, Australia

Hello, well done on you E-book. 

It's as good a read or better than the Moon publication I have read.

A lot of work there, congratulations.

-- Jason, Australia

I must tell you, that even though we have Hema maps, and other necessary books, 

to plan our trip starting mid June, your ebook has been the main reference for our plan!

-- Dee, Australia

Hi Katrin, we are planning our trip for August and your guides are proving very helpful.

-- David, Australia

I thought it might be useful to provide you with a bit of feedback on your e-book. 

It was an excellent reference for planning the trip and very detailed and we used it extensively

We photocopied sections of it and took it with us for reference and found it very helpful

Having this detailed information was all the more important as we were doing the trip as a solo vehicle with our 7yo daughter who thoroughly loved the experience. 

You have done really well to highlight the many attractions in the areas you cover. 

Congratulations on a great publication

We have pointed others in the direction of your website and recommend it highly. 

You are clearly passionate about the area and we can see why. It is extraordinarily beautiful area and extremely diverse. Wonderful! We would go back tomorrow if circumstances permitted.

-- Stephen Hay, Australia

We purchased your Destination Cape York in 2012 and have found it to be very helpful.

We regularly flip through it and the pocket guide.

Please keep up the good work that you do.

-- Judy Blackford, Townsville, Australia

I did the trip in 2014 August & your book was invaluable, great work.

-- Roger, Australia

Hi I bought the jan 2019 issue destination cape York  

Thankyou love your guide

All the best

-- Mark Robinson, Australia

Hello Katrin,

My name is Giandomenico and I'm Partner of GoGo Travel an italian tour operator specialized on Australia.

I was doing some research on the cape york area and so I bougth your book that is very precious and useful.

Compliment for that.

-- Giandomenico, Rome, Italy

Hi Katrin,

Thankyou for the destination guide that I purchased, it is excellent

-- Jim Bible, Australia

Last month I downloaded your full guide to Cape York. 

I have fully read and thoroughly enjoyed it.

A wealth of information.

-- Cassie Anderton, Australia

Purchased Guide in Nov 15 to plan 2016 Trip. Very informative and useful.

Thanks for sharing your great knowledge.

-- Steve Nichols, Australia

marylyn broomhall

Truly this is the best Insider's Guide that I have ever read. Crammed full of information that is practical, helpful and highly extensive. From the colloquial Glossary all the way through to the last page it held my interest.

I loved the statement that "The only thing you need after this is a proper, detailed map." Ain't that the truth!

This guide is everything that you need to know about this amazing area of Australia. An essential companion on your Cape York trip.

-- Marylyn Broomhall, Melbourne,

Hi Katrin

Love the guidebook which i bought a few months ago and the updates are awesome.

-- Tyrone Peters, Australia

Hi Katrin,

We found your book very useful when we went to the Cape in 2017


-- Peter & Fiona Bardwell, Australia

Great book, great helper during our visits.

-- Vojta & Lucy, Prague, Czech Republic

Hi Katrin,

Great work with the guide.

It has been invaluable for planning trips to the Daintree and Cooktown. 

-- Dene Buckley, Australia

Hi Katrin,

Thanks for your terrific book.

We were first time travelers to the cape with 3 little kids and

found your book really helpful during our time on the cape.

Plans to return in the future for an even better look around.

Kind regards,

-- Emma Manifold, Meadows SA

Hi Katrin,

We are planning our trip with your help.

Love your eBook (Destination Guide) thankyou.


-- Barry Redding, Australia

Hi Katrin,

Keep up the great work,

We were put on to you by friends that did the trip 2 years ago and had purchased your book

and said it was the best info for the Cape.

-- Paul Hidden & Nat Gawler, Australia

I've only got a little way into the Destination Guide,

and its great - top marks! 

-- Darryl, Australia

I purchased the Destination Guide about 3 weeks ago.

I’ll be making my way up eary June from Newcastle,

the information you have put together is fantastic, thank you.

-- Peter Tolar, Australia

I just wanted to let you no that

the destination guide was very useful for my trip up your way that I did last August

and will use for my next trip up there next year thank you

-- Bernie Iannello, Australia

We've found the guide extremely useful

Thanks heaps. 

-- Justin Woodward, Australia

Hi I bought your Destination Guide in early February.

The Guide is most useful for planning, Thank you.

-- Denise Kelly, Australia

I have found the Guide invaluable in planning my trip.

-- Bill Horrigan, Australia


Thanks for the guide.

We purchased a similar one in 2015 for our Kimberley trip and it was the best $27 investment we spent so

when we were planning our Cape York Trip late last year and saw your guide we didn't think twice before buying a copy,

and again have been 100% satisfied (I am a huge planner and the detail and currency of your information is excellent).

Thank again.

-- Paul Robinson, Australia

Hi Katrin,

I purchased your amazing guide last year,

Love your work,

-- Chris Beattie, Australia

Hi Katrin,

Can I again say how great your guide is,

-- Nick Bourke, Australia

Hi Katrin, 

I purchased the guide last year and

the guide is fantastic. We will be heading your way in August.

-- Deb Wheaton, Australia

Thank you Katrina

we have just downloaded the book and

very excited by what we have seen already.

-- Jim and Chris

Love the guide.

Myself and 2 mates will be using it to visit Cape York in July on bikes.  

-- Andrew Aeschlimann, Australia

Hi Katrin,

Absolutely loved reading Destination Cape York for our adventure north from Wangaratta in Victoria.


-- Ken Wickham, Victoria.

Thankyou katrin

I have found your book so informative and helpful

-- Linda Brown, Australia

G'day Katrin,

Bought your e-book - excellent info & read, will come in handy in July when we head to the Cape:)

-- Mick Jermyn, Australia

Hi Katrin love the book

Janine Naylor, Australia

Hi Katrin

I'm working for Outback Spirit Tours, I'm sure you have heard of them.

I just wanted to thank you for all the information that you have in your book.


-- Paul, Australia


Keep doing what you do - the guide really has been great information

for us in planning this trip and cannot wait to see all that Cape York offers.

-- Take care, Tammy

Dear Katrin,

Love reading the guide and hope to make it up in July/August.

-- John Cottee, Australia

Hi Katrin!

I bought the guide in January for a trip this June and

the guide has been very helpful with planning.


-- Bob Maron, Australia

Thank you so much.

Your guide is fantastic.

-- Kathryn Riddle, Australia

I have read the pocket guide, on the recommendation of a friend who used it

There are 2 others I’ve spoken to in addition

that recommended your full guide book as well!

SO….  I’ve just bought it!

-- Nick, Australia

I've bought your guide and love it

-- Dan Brown, Australia

The destination guide is a great read, full of information, well done on a great effort.

-- Robert, Australia

I just subscribed to ur newsletter plus a few months ago I purchased ur book :)

Lots to read, good read!

-- Kirsty Dawson, Australia

Hi Katrin,

Love your guide, and look fwd your updates eagerly.

with sincerity

-- William Mallinson.

Hi Katrin,

What I have read so far is very good & helpful,


-- Danny Turnbull, Australia

Hi Katrin.

Heading your way this July. Cant wait. Last there 2010.

Thanks for the link. Great document.

-- Regards Neil, Australia

Hi Katrin,

I bought your guide late last year.

You do fantastic work.


-- Dennis, Australia

Luv ya guide

-- Robert Hopkinson, Australia

Hi Katrin

I re-subscribed to your wonderful guides as our last one was used in 2009...

Thanks for the great job we found it invaluable

Kind regards

-- Sheena, Australia

We went to up the Cape last May and

found your guide to be very informative and helpful 

-- Tony Claus, Australia

Hi Katrin,

Again, great guide thanks so much.

-- Nick, Australia

I bought the destination guide last week, great read 

-- Lucas, Australia

Thanks for a great guide.

-- John Jones, Australia

Hi Katrin

Thank for all the work you preparing the destination guide and sending out the email updates, very much appreciated.

-- Carolyn Adams, Australia


Good read so far.


-- G
erard P, Australia

Am very pleased so far with your guide and hope to do the cape in August. 

-- Colin Norton, Australia

Hi Katrin

I love your Ebook and your regular updates very informative.. Thanks.

-- David Schmeider, Australia

Hi Katrina,

Thanks for putting in the time and effort in making this site and book it has been more than handy!

-- Bronwyn Turner, Australia

Dear Katrin,

I received the 2019 Destination Guide on Jan 20th and

have found it very helpful in preparation for out trip north in July this year.

Many thanks.


-- John Harm, Australia

Your book is fantastic, I just loaded the latest version onto my Ipad for the trip.

-- Peter Crozier, Australia

Hi Katrin,

All the info received was great including the purchased guide.

I highly recommend your guide to anybody undertaking the cape trip and all the best in the future - cheers !

Kind regards, 

-- Andrew, Australia

Thanks for the guide book I am enjoying the read.

-- Guy Morgan, Sunshine Coast

Hi Katrin,

You have done a really great job.

I will promote your guide definitely on the way.

Kind regards,

-- Carmen Mueller, Germany

Hi Katrin

love your guides.

Planning a trip to the Cape in July with our Kimberley Kamper.

-- Eric Mudge, Australia

The e-book has some great info and will help us a lot, we are planning a Cape York Trip in July 2013.

-- Bob, Australia

I bought the guide rightaway, about 6 months ago.

Very good source of hard to find information.

Thumbs up from me 

-- Steven Coull, Australia

Hi Katrin,

What a wonderful book you've produced!

-- Bron Appleby, Australia

Really enjoyed your guide very helpful and plan on visiting the Cape early June this year, yea can't wait!

-- Karl Webb, Canberra, Australia

Have just started reading you guide. Fantastic, informative & the photos are great.

Congratulations on a well written guide.

-- Mollie Charalambous, Cairns, Australia

We are some Swiss people (6 all together) visiting Cape York last year in June and we had a very great time.

We had your destination guide with us and were very satisfied with it.

Also many thanks for the newsletter, which brings us back the great feeling reguarly.

-- Beat + Eliane, Switzerland

Hi Katrin,

Thanks for all your great work in putting this together.

-- Kylie Springall, Australia

We went to the cape last winter and plan on going back next winter it was so good.

Your book was excellent with relevant info.

-- Paul, Australia

Hi Katrin,

I'm finding the Destination Guide most helpful in planning our trip to the Cape in the 2017 dry season.

-- Philip Ryan, Australia

Thank you so much, just love your guides.

-- Gail, Australia

Thanks for such a great book.

-- Charles Farrugia, Australia

Thanks so much Katrin. I really enjoy the info you provide.

It was awesome help when I was up in the Cape October last year.  

Keep up the great work as we will be back.

-- Mario, Australia

I purchased a copy of the destination guide in 2015, it has been fantastic for our planning for our trip north to the cape.

-- Jillian Braybon, Australia

Thank you for your two wonderful books I have been madly reading.

-- Noel Whitford, Australia

The guide is excellent

and I wish I had it when I taught at the high school in Bamaga in 1995/6.

-- Kym Whitfield, Australia

I bought the Destination Cape York in mid October 2015. 

Great read and very helpful for the planning.

-- Tom Heaney, New Zealand

I have only just purchased your book, printed it off and made it into a booklet.

I think you do a marvellous job putting it together and I really appreciate your hard work which will save me lots of research!!

Many thanks,

-- Jan Griffin, Australia

Hi Katrin,

I have researched many websites to assist with the great Cape York experience of my daughters and their families,

found your books very interesting & informative

Thank you.

-- John Gormly, Brisbane, Ausralia

patricia coates

I was looking for info for our trip up the Cape next year and your site came up and I got literally LOST in it.

I ended up buying your book over the internet and last night, Ian, my husband and I, poured over it.

We love it!!!

Let me congratulate you on a superb site and a magnificent book. We shall spend many enjoyable hours reading it I am sure.

-- Patricia Coates, Sunshine Coast
Patricia is the author of Reflections of Outback Queensland,

Really enjoying what I've read so far in your guide and I'm sure I'll find plenty more information as I continue.

-- Andrew Driscoll, Australia

This is a fantastic publication and we're looking forward to heading north mid year.

-- Rob Higgins, Australia

Thanks so much, you've done a great job with the web site and destination guides - we've downloaded both - and found so much info handy.

-- Tahlai, Australia


love the book. Thank you.

-- Greg Evans, Australia

Hello I purchased the Destination guide in 2017 and are going back up this May/June.

Keep up the good work, you provide great info.

Kind regards,

-- Mike Burkhardt, Yeppoon Qld

Good Morning, 

My copy of Destination Cape York is very informative which is great for first time travellers to the region.

Kindest Regards,

-- Chris Collins, Australia

Hello Katrin.

What I've perused so far looks very interesting.

-- Many thanks, Ron Cox, Australia

The guide has been great on our trip to the Cape.

-- John Savage, Australia

Hi Katrin,

I thoroughly enjoy the guide, it is very helpful, thanks.

-- Bryan, Australia

Hello Katrin.

Reading the pocket guide . Loving it.

I also bought the cape book as well.

Thanks so much for your time and effort.

Really good stuff

-- Matt, Australia

Your ebook has been fabulous in planning - thank you.

-- Helenmary, Australia

What a wealth of infomation thank you


-- Bob from Taylor Electrical

We found the guide to be so help full in planning our trip to the Cape

and planning on another trip this year in June for 4 weeks.

Kind regards

-- Debbie, Australia

Hi Katrin

Downloaded the guide and it is great


-- Warwick Johnston, Australia

Hi Katrin

I was wanting to get the 2016 copy of your Visit Cape York Destination Guide.

I have already purchased a copy of an older one and it was very informative.

-- Kind regards Kim Rolvink, Australia

Have found your book very interesting heading to the cape in middle of August.

-- Ian, Australia

I did purchase your download, Destination Cape York, around September? last year as we will be coming up the Cape for a couple of months this year for the first time.

Great read!!!!

-- Carolyn Gee, Classic Family Portraits, Australia

Thanks for your informative guide. Still reading getting through all the material.

-- Ash Millar, Australia

Congragulations on the new edition. It will be a great resource for many travellers.

-- Stephen Hay, Australia

Thanks for your guidence and your book is wonderful!!!

-- Kate, Australia

Good Morning,

I have found the Guide to be a great source of useful information.

Thank you so much 😊


-- Jay Gilvear, Australia


Firstly thanks very much for the updates . 

Your 'Pocket Guide' and 'Destination...' publications are great

People who don't subscribe will probably miss a lot of interesting places on a trip.

-- Stuart Lawson, Australia

We came up there in 2014 with family, brought our 2 dogs.  

Your book was very helpful, we travelled on the PDR as we were towing our 22' off-road caravan.

We have young friends travelling up to the Cape now, they have your book, so will have no trouble we don't think.

Continue with a great book Katrin, I enjoy seeing your photos & reading your little snippets. 


-- Lois Aitchison, Australia

Hi Katrin,

Have been a long time follower and proud owner of a dog-eared copy of your guide from years back....


Kind regards,

-- Phil Howell, Australia

Thanks Katrina 

had no problems downloading had a quick look and 

am impressed with the amount of information given


-- Joe Cotter, Australia

The book was terrefic to have and use on our trip!!

-- Nathan, Australia

Hi Katrin

love your guides.

Thanks again for a great read.

-- Eric, Australia

Hi Katrin

I managed to download the ebook.

Looks really comprehensive.

-- Peter Illidge, Australia

Heading up to the cape in 3 weeks, love what I have seen so far in the book.

-- Sharon, Australia

Hi Katrin,

Well done with the guide, we have used it to good effect.  

We're planning to leave Perth in the second week of April, with a couple of Bushtrackers, heading for your neck of the woods.


-- Roger Lubbock, Australia


Thank you for all the information guide contains, it is really helping us plan our trip!


-- Brook White, Australia

Love the guide. Used it last year, it's great.

-- David, Australia


We are 4 elderly couples doing CY in July August 2019,

have been wading through your ebook on Cape York,

excellent information well done.

-- Paul Brooks, Australia


We would like to thank you for all the information on our trip to the cape last year, we thoroughly enjoyed it all though we did get stuck in Lakeland a little longer than expected.
Thank you once again.

-- Roy & Kathi Woeltjes

Thank you for your awesome efforts!

Kind Regards,

-- Maciek Fibrich

Hi Katrin

Went to the Tip of Cape York in June 2018 - loved my time on the road immensely and

found your guide very useful in planning the trip.


A great publication.

-- Trevor Wenzel, Australia

Hi Katrin

I bet your living the dream up there and doing a great job with the book.

-- Greg Jermen, Australia

We had a really great trip to the Cape and beyond to Thursday & Horn Islands.

Your guide got lots of use along with my newly purchased Hema HN7.

Having the right & up to date information certainly took most of the doubts out of the trip.


-- Bruce Williams, Australia

Hi katrin we managed to download it and yes some great info on the cape thanks

-- Belinda Bruhn, Australia

Thanks Katrin - always a pleasure doing business with you!

-- Andrew, Australia

anna sternfeldt

If you have this guide in your hand you will not miss out on anything! I lived a couple of years in Cooktown and went around a fair bit in the surroundings, and I can tell, Katrin knows what she is talking about.

The Visit Cape York Destination Guide is fully packed with information, which is easily navigated by a terrific table of content, complete with a lot of useful links if one likes to dig even deeper into certain subjects. Thanks Katrin for your excellent “reference work” on Cape York.

-- Anna Sternfeldt,, Sweden

G'day Katrin & congratulations on such a comprehensive guide.

-- Howard, Australia

Thanks so much... excited about our trip north for the month of June.

Feel certain your e-book and the free guide will be really helpful.


-- Richie, Australia

I have not bothered to update the increased costs in the Destination download I made because life is always in a state of flux, and...

What a GEM your resources are.

-- Ken Pisichko, Australia

Hi Katrin,

Just downloaded your informative ebook.

We are a married couple aged 72, have a Pajero 4WD  with 50mm lift kit and 'Dingo'  off Road Camper Trailer and plan to travel from Sydney early June and then to spend 3 weeks or so on the Cape after departing Cairns.   

Your book will be invaluable!!

Thanks a lot.   

-- Rod n Desley Hale, Sydney

Your e-book is proving a great help for our trip planning

The work you have put into it is amazing.

-- Jackie, Australia

Hi Katrin,

I purchased the main Destination Guide back in January and  

been thoroughly studying your guide for our upcoming Cape York trip.

Great info.


-- Phil, Australia

Hi Katrin,

I ordered the Guide last year and hoping to go this year as last year we had to delay our plans.

Your guide is great & appreciate the effort you put in.

Kind regards

-- Micheal, Australia

Thanks Katrin,

Really appreciated, it's a great resource.

Keep up the great work.

-- Rob, Australia


Well done on your great work.

Many thanks,

-- Debra Murtha, Australia

I purchased your e-book at the beginning of 2015 for a trip we did in June/July that year. 

Its a great guide full of information that we found very helpful planning our trip.

-- Nicole Buchanan, Australia

Hey Katrin,

Thank you so much for creating this awesome guide!

-- Tom Neville, United States


I bought the Destination Guide in April 2019 and found it very useful on our trip in August.


-- Jan Gatenby
, Australia

Loved the guide on our trip up north last year, was fantastic!

-- Jenni Patmore, Australia

I bought the 2018 version and loved it.

-- Gary Theron, Australia

As a working scientist who studied literature I am very jealous of what you've achieved with the guide. Congratulations.

-- Jeff, Australia

Hi Katrin

We purchased the 2018 book and look forward to travelling to the Cape in our 4x4 in June this year

All the information in your book has made our planning so much easier

Kind regards

-- Debbie Harvey, New Zealand

Love your book.

-- Jim Milgate, Australia

Hi Katrin

I purchase the 2019 version of your excellent publication

-- Bob Mawkes, Australia

We have found your information in the destination guide wonderful for helping plan our trip.  We leave in 4 weeks and can't wait.

-- Tracey, Australia

Thank you for a very informative guide it has a lot of info i have the Destination Cape York  


-- Wayne Sheehan, Australia

I successfully bought the full destination guide and it has a lot of useful information inside it.

It will be a great resource as we plan our trip to the cape.

Great work!


-- Brent, Australia

Love the book keep up the good work


-- Mark Myers, Australia

We are planning to travel to Cape York in July this year. 

I have purchased your guide and it is fantastic.

-- Neal Morris, Australia

I purchased your E-book earlier this year, Keep up the great work!

-- Tamara, Australia

Hi Katrin,

We have really enjoyed the Cape York destination guide

assisting us in planning our trip later this year.

-- Pete Koschel
, Australia

Just so fabulous and very professional without being too 'corporate'.

Thank you 😃 x

-- Rev. Andy Barton, Australia


All is well and your ebook is proving to be very useful.


-- Peter Burren

Hi Katrina,

Bought this a week or so ago, so I still working thru it.

I have so far read the dog info (and the pocket guide),

both are excellent and really helpful.


-- Linda, Australia

Thanks for the update - great book!

-- Arnen, Australia

Hi Katrin,

I bought your guide a couple of weeks ago,

it has been great source of information.

Thank you for your effort in putting it together.


-- Sandy Catalano

We had a wonderful trip up the peninsula last Sept your guide was always close. Enjoy all you provide.

-- Ray & Kate, Australia

Hi Katrin,

Thanks for your informative up dates on Cape York I've been impressed with all your information and the books are great.

-- Tim Fahey, Tasmania

Hi i found your book invaluable source of information to plan my trip to the tip, we made it there and back ok.

-- Michael Rees, Australia

I'm currently looking at all the camp sites and locations along the way, we purchased your Destination Guide which im finding very informative , thank you!

-- Belinda, Australia

Hey G'day Katrin

Excellent work!


-- Rob Lenard, Australia

Love the Destination Guide.


-- Brad Anderson, Australia

Hello Katrin,

Thank you for my ebook. I am sure it will be very helpful.

-- Bill Brooker, Australia

HI Katrin,

I love the Guide, it is very good, thanks.


-- Bryan Enders, Australia

I have found your travel guide very good and easy to read.

-- Laurie, Australia

Hi Katrin

Have loved your book, extremely handy,


-- Steve Lane, Australia

Hi and thank you for the great guide that I purchased from you.

-- Don McGillivray, Australia

Thanks for the guide, which reflects and echoes your love for the place.

Best regards, 

-- Nick, Germany

Your book has been invaluable. Well done.

-- Bob Collard, Australia


Thanks for all you superb work and the info your put together


-- Chris Dwyer, Australia

Thanks Katrin your book looks fantastic, just what I was looking for.

-- Meri, Australia

This book was fantastic on our trip to the cape.

We're hoping to go again soon,

Kindest regards

-- David & Tina 😎

Love the guide! Thanks very much.

-- Lincoln Rawlinson, Australia

We were in Cape York last July and I spoke to you at Loyalty Beach Park about

your publication which I found helpful.

Thanks again,

-- David Husted, Australia

I have bought your cape York destination guide early last year - what an amazing and insightful job your are doing :)

-- Robert, NSW, Australia

I bought the Destination Guide in Aug 2018,

great book,

-- Narelle, Australia

Hi Katrin,

Just wanted to say Thank You for all the updates & news.

We also have your book

Both the book & your news emails have been of great use to us in our preparations for our trip.

Keep up the good work ! 

I will pass on this information to anyone else I know who are considering this trip.

Best Wishes & thanks again,

-- Fay McKenzie, Australia

Hi Katrin,

the e-newsletter and guide were very useful and, for us, well pitched and informative.

I would recommend your guide to anyone that I know planning a trip to the Cape.

All the best,

-- Ken Hudson, UK

Hi Katrin,

Just some positive feedback, we went to the cape last year and will be visiting again this year in august. 

We love love love your newsletters, and the destination guide was excellant in planning our first trip last year

Keep it up :)

-- Jessica Moffatt, Australia

I've downloaded your guide book - very good!

-- Tom Hona, Australia

Hey Katrin,

Just got the Guide August of 2018.

Only in the first stages of planning at the moment but so far

loving the guide and any additional/updated info is always welcome.

Thanks heaps

-- Kevin Semrau, Australia


Loved the book.


-- David Muir, Australia

Hi Katrin,

I love this book and the amount of detail,

it is making my planning for this trip a hell of a lot easier.

Thank you

-- Brendan Ryan, Australia

Heading up in July.

Planning well progressed and your guides are great.


-- Kevin Yerrell, Australia

Congratulations on a great publication – much appreciated.


-- Allan Bright, Australia

HI Katrin

I've nearly read all your book and its great

many thanks for all your wonderful work

-- Margy, UK

Your guide was very useful to us last year when we visited the Cape.

-- Ken Hough, Australia

Constantly referring to the Destination Guide

now that we're into the final planning stages of our 9 week trip beginning early June.

The Navara is in the workshop right now getting the final upgrades fitted.

Can't wait to get going,

All the best

-- Richard Short, Australia

Thanks again for the awesome Destination Guide - absolutely brilliant job!

-- Steve & Sue, Australia

We purchased the guide in July 2018, it has been fantastic.  

-- Shane Wheeler, Australia

Hi Katrin,

Thanks for your terrific book

We were first time travelers to the cape with 3 little kids and found your book really helpful during our time on the cape.

Kind regards,

-- Emma Manifold, South Australia

I just bought your guide book - thanks it really is great.

-- Steve Mills, Australia

Thankyou for your time,

love your guide it helped us so much on our trip last year

-- Kate Bradford, Australia

Just want to say really enjoying planning our trip with your book.

Coming to Cape from Tassie in August.

-- Judith Jarman, Australia

I recently purchased your travel guide and am loving using it to plan my trip up north.

-- Regan, Australia

You book is great by the way.

-- Shayne Campman, Australia

Hi. I downloaded your paid guide and I love it, also cool that it's by another woman :)

-- Sophie, UK

Thank you for your ongoing good work.


-- Stuart Wallace, Australia

A wonderful resource.

Best regards,

-- Keith Burden, Australia

Hi Katrin,

We had our Cape York trip late 2016 and used your information extensively. 

The information was invaluable in helping to find the more remote spots and areas off limits

We met other travellers along the way also using your information

There's nothing else that comes close to it

Thank you for making our trip so enjoyable.

-- Celia Young, Australia

Hi Katrin

Thanks for the great job you do providing such

helpful information in your emails and Destination Guide.


-- Carolyn, Australia

Love you book and web site both invaluable for a trip to the cape.

-- Charlie, Australia

We are heading up in July, and

the handbook has been a great help,

I printed it off and are only using the parts we need.


-- lan, Australia

Thank you for your excellent book, and keep up the good work.

-- Suzanne George, Tasmania

We love the newsletter and

used the Destination Guide extensively during our trip in August 2016.

Keep up the good work and we hope to be back again soon

-- Peter & Marisa Shillam, Australia


Thanks for all the info. We have finally made it up to the tip. Enjoying a night at Loyalty Beach tonight and heading to TI tomorrow and then the tip on Tuesday.

Again thanks for you assistance and will recommend your guide to others back in Melbourne.


-- Peter, Australia

We have renamed your book by the way... it's the Cape bible !!!

-- Kira Corbett, Australia

Hi Katrin

We bought your e-book last year and are coming up to Cape York in May/June this year.

It has been so helpful in our planning.

Thank you

-- Jackie Stanger, Lara, Victoria

Hi, bought your guide, great book Thank you.

-- Richard Priestly, Australia

Hi Katrin,

we have got your Destination Cape York which is a great read.

-- Ziggy Vilimec, Australia

Thanks Katrin,

Have found and downloaded newer version and it looks even more detailed - Well done.

Heading your way in August (with the rest of Australia).

-- Steve, Australia

Hi Katrin, 

I downloaded your Destination Cape York guide on 13/4/16-January 2016 version. 

I am finding it a wonderful guide as my Husband, Ian and I are leading a group of 7 vehicles from our 4wd club on a trip to the Cape.

-- Jackie Gaylard, Australia

Hi this is a fabulous guide you produce.

-- Tim Dodds, Australia

Thanks looks like an awesome book.

-- Sonia Moon, Australia

We are heading to Cape York in early July and think your book is going to be my best friend.

-- Bronwyn Hill, Australia

Thank you for such an informative publication,

-- Darryl and Barbara Bunney, Australia

Had a brief flick through the guide last night and it looks amazing - can't wait to get into it.

Cheers for your help.

-- Gerard McHugh, Australia

We loved your guide, it made planning the trip a breeze, whilst up there we used it extensively

Just wanted to say thanks.

-- Jody Neal, Australia

Just got back from the Cape, spent three weeks up there, wanted to say your book was excellent.

So much info about everything - we could not have spent our money better. Wonderful job, you deserve a special thank you.

-- Matt Brown, Brisbane, Australia

I purchased your guide earlier in the year in preparation for our trip to the tip.  


We found the guide a fantastic tool to haveit made a huge contribution to planning and enjoying our time up there.

-- Fiona Hixon, Australia

Can't believe how much great info is there!

-- Kennith Styche, Australia

Hi, I recently purchased  your book and

my husband and I are finding it to be an invaluable source as we are planning our trip to cape York later this year.

-- Karen Cook, Australia

Hi Katrin, 

I have recently bought your guide and love it.

-- Craig Diessel, Australia

thanks a heap ur books amazing to plan with

-- Shantelle Sherrington, Australia

Thanks Katrin.

I have downloaded the rob ok and am very pleased with it.

I  heading back up there on convoy in July/august and it certainly will be a great help.


-- Ray Price, Australia

Thanks for all the work on the travel guide it is fabulous.

-- Terry O'Neill, Australia


i have now fully read your book and most interesting.

-- Phillip John Ryan, Australia

I bought your Destination Guide – outstanding information!

It’s been my bible these past 12months 

-- Martin Le Fevre, Australia

I purchased the guide earlier this week and am slowly working through it.

Top stuff so far.


-- Darryl Smedley, Australia

Hi Katrin,

I have loved your destination guide, it has been very useful in planning our trip.


-- Alison Moylan, Australia

Hi latest edition is awesome,

-- Gary, Australia

Thanks appreciate the response.

I have now downloaded the 3 guides they look great

-- Mark Howell, Australia

Hi Katrin,

We had a pre-trip planning meeting and

I noticed we all had a copy of your guide

so it's been a popular pre-trip planning guide that's for sure!

Thanks again.


-- Michael, Australia

Thanks Katrin,

I have already downloaded and most impressed with the detailed content.

-- Steve Nichols, Australia

I have just downloaded the Cape York Travel guide, which went well & looks great.

-- Mike Pilkington, Australia

Love your guide and have recommended it already to others.

-- Bret Dalziel, Australia

Thanks for a great website and even better guide.

-- Zoe and Danny, Australia

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