Destination Guide Feedback

Here you have the Destination Guide feedback :-)

It originally was on the sales page but as it built up huge - I had to make separate pages for it - so this is the page number seven.


I absolutely love your guide.

It is the best resource for planning for any trip I’ve ever used.

Thanks again for your resource.

-- Robert Harris, Griffith NSW

Hi Katrin,

We have got all your Cape York guides and we love them.

Really looking forward to your Gulf Savannah guide. 

You put so much work into the guides and there is so much information.

Thank you for all your work.

Hope you have a great Christmas.


-- Lynne Herbert


We absolutely love your work and found your guide to be our bible when we spent 7 weeks up Cape York from August 2021.

We have recommended your guide to so many people wanting to travel to the Cape.

Thanks for your efforts in advance and keep up your fantastic work...

-- Cheers Tony Cassidy

Katrin - just bought your guide and looks brilliant Xmas reading.

This is very left field!

-- Robert Garnsworthy, Australia

We have just now downloaded Destination Cape York Travel Guide and

wow, there is certainly a lot of information there.

It will take us some time to get thru all the pages.

Congratulations on a fine edition.

We are sure we will be checking this out fully before making any travel plans North.

Exceptional Edition, with exceptional attention to detail, well done.

-- Les and Brenda Smith, Lismore, NSW.

Hi Katrin,

Thankyou sooo much for your destination guide -

it really is a cracking read & a wealth of info for the 1st time Cape traveller!

I'm planning my trip from mid July through to mid August this year.

-- Regards, Jamie Grant

Hi Katrin

I bought your Destination Cape York recently - great read and advice

-- Frank Hogan, New Zealand

Hi Katrin,

thanks so much for your guide.

My wife and I did the trip from Torquay Vic, to Cape York in Oct/Nov '22 in our 1997 Range Rover.

We did the Creb, Old Coach Rd, OTT etc and while staying at Punsand Bay we went over to Thursday Is.

Had absolutely the BEST time.

We drove nearly 12,000km over 6 weeks with no real issues. 

We took a printed copy of your book which was such a help along the way.

Thank you so much.  

-- Regards, Alan & Deb Howlett, Australia

Hi, Katrin,

I purchased your Guide in 2018 for a Cape York venture,

hoping to see a Cassowary

We came close, a couple of "too bad you weren't here yesterday" experiences,

but this year, with your guidance, saw four, perhaps five different individuals, including a chick! 

Many thanks for the advice.  I hope the new year treats you well. 

No reply needed, just know your fan club reaches all the way to California. 

-- Cheers, Mike McCann

Hi Katrin,

We are planning to make the trip this year and to be on Pajinka for my 70th birthday in June.

So looking forward to it!

And thank you for all the work you put into this guide.

It has been invaluable so far in planning our trip and will be during it.

-- Kind regards, Patricia Blake

Hi Kat,

looking to do the cape in August 2024,

I purchased you book and wanted to say thanks for a very comprehensive guide.

You have gone to great lengths to produce it.

I have given your site and details of how good the guide is to others.

Thanks again and keep up the great work.

-- Simon Phillips, Australia

Hi Katrin,

Firstly would love to say that the

Destination Guide has been very enjoyable to read and is full of amazing information!

It has really helped me plan our Cape York 2023 trip and

I appreciate all the work you’ve put in to put the guide together.

Have a great day. Thanks,

-- Megan Pyke, Australia

Dear Katrin,

I purchased your guide prior to a trip to the Cape in 2017.

It was eagerly perused in anticipation and used on the trip.

Since then I have enjoyed your newsletters reminding me of the country you call home and which we were so glad to share for a few weeks.

-- Thank you, Jo Wearing

Hello Katrin,

Love the idea of including the Savannah, we did the Savannahlander a couple of months ago (and loved it), so had startid considering the loop option through Karumba.

Really appreciate what you have put together,

-- thanks, John Wroblewski iPad

Hi Katrin,

We travelled right to the tip of Cape York in August/September 2022. 

I found your 2022 Destination Cape York really helpful before and during our trip

Thank you so much for all your hours of work preparing this document.

Best Wishes,

-- Wanda Wieczorek

Hi katrin

We have been closely following you all the time and love your site and all your upgrades...

everything we could want all on one site.

-- Drew and Gillian Pirie

Happy New Year Katrin

Thank you for all the time and effort you put into this wonderful guide

 to one of the most magnificent places in Australia.

I purchased the guide at the end of October, and we leave in seven weeks for our forever trip.

Thank you and kind regards

-- Leigh-Anne Doyle

Hi Katrin, 

Both the guide and the trailer guide and the pocket guide have been very helpful so

thank you very much for all the info and effort it takes to put it together, it’s very much appreciated. 
I’ve been using your guides and a Hemma guide but like knowing that your information is current.

Now is time to start some serious planning to make sure we get to do and see all we want and make it back to Victoria before holidays run out.
Thanks again,
-- Susan Nichol, Australia


We used your book in May'21 to travel to Punsand bay for a few days.

The book was extremely handy, but we took the risk of leaving a bit early before the wet had finished, so didn't venture to far off the beaten track.

Anyway, we loved and would like to plan another trip to the Cape and Gulf.

-- Thanks, Graeme Forbes


We have started reading it and am finding it extremely useful and informative.

You have obviously put a lot of work into it and should be proud.

We are planning a trip up to the Cape in the next year or so and this will be a great resource.

All the best and thanks.


-- Murray Roberson, BATHURST NSW

Hi Katrin,

Thank you for all the hard work that you put in providing such valuable information to the intrepid travellers.

Kind regards,

-- Louise Barker-Smith

Hi Katrin,

Thank you for your excellent guide and wonderful newsletters.

We very much enjoyed our 9200 km adventure last year which included Cape York.

Your information was invaluable.

Kind regards,

-- Peter FitzGerald

Hi Katrin,

Thanks for the updated eBook.

Soooo much excellent information. Our club members are getting more excited every day as we get closer to departure.

Once again, thank you for the fantastic job you are doing to make the trip to the Cape enjoyable and safe.


-- Robert Matysiak 

This guide is amazing!!  

My husband and I have a trip planned for early November and this is very helpful.

-- Thank you, Melissa Wing

Hi Katrin

These updates are great - many thanks.

Heading up to the top of the Cape for the first time through August/September

and the Travel Guide is gold!

Best regards

-- Tony Pearson

Thank you for your most comprehensive guide to CY.

I’m looking forward to reading through my recently downloaded purchase.

-- Kind regards, Barry Ricketts

Thanks Katrin,

We have downloaded your ebook, and it looks very good

I am sure it will be invaluable for our trip.

-- Suz D.

Hi Katrin - well done on the new edition of 'Destination Cape York'.

We made it to the tip last year - what an exciting adventure -

and needless to say we found your guide invaluable.

Without any hesitation I would love the updated edition. 

-- Many thanks, Peter Nenadovic, Sydney, Australia


Thanks for all your hard work in putting together The DESTINATION CAPE YORK guide.

It is very much appreciated.


-- Warren Irvine.

Hi there Katrina,

Many thanks for your awesome books

I'm really looking forward to any future ones.

Kind regards,

-- Michelle Crawford

Hi Katrin,

I will be in your neck of the woods in early August this year and thankfully

your guide has been an invaluable resource for the planning.

I'm driving from Adelaide but have a son who resides in Babinda Qld. 

Thank you.

-- Cheers Andrew Leach, Australia

Hello Katrin.

Thank you for developing your Cape York guide.

It is amazing!

We are in our final preparations for our trip to the Cape. We will be leaving Sydney on 12 May. 

All the best and thank you,

-- Diana


Thank you so much, we are already reading through it, to work out a rough itinerary!

Thank you for it being so detailed - loving it!

Looking forward to our trip up there.

All the best

-- Annette Sweet

I am enjoying your easy to read book.

Yes, I have made a hard copy. And kept a copy on my iPad.

Thank you.

Very informative for us newbies travelling to the Cape/.

-- Brett Walker

Thank you for the work you put into your excellent publications.

I am finding them very helpful.

-- Nigel Ransom

Thank you so much. I loved the Guide!

When I showed my husband he confessed that he had bought the full book 12 months ago, so now I'm going through that too.

You've done a wonderful job - something that is practical for everyone

and will stop people from getting themselves in over their heads when they do these trips.


-- Amanda Norris

Thanks a lot, dear Katrin,

I have enjoyed all the information you provided.

Last month we travelled up to Cooktown, Normanton and Karumba with a 2WD Britz campervan, not allowed further north, but still great!

-- All best, Thomas Notermans back in Amsterdam

Hi Katrin

I purchased your Travel Guide in December 2021.

Planning to travel Cape York this mid-August to mid -September this year.

Once again, thank you for your helpful guide.

-- Regards John Kitchen 

I purchased recently this year, we used a previous version for our 2018 trip

it made life so much easier especially the descriptions of the river crossings.

Thanks heaps you do a great job :)

-- Tam Schultz

Hi Katrin,

I have downloaded your Cape York guides and handbook thank you.

They look great.

Kind Regards

-- Kevin Davies

Just want to say u do a fabulous job

As a long time off roader we have been on nearly every track in the country and many places with no tracks crossing the country

I sure appreciate the effort and time it takes to compile accurate data having researched many trips

Your newsletters r always v intering to read Thankyou and well done

-- Bev Moore, Australia

Hi Katrin, I purchased the guide last year,

keep up the great work and I'm looking forward to the Gulf guide coming soon.

-- Thanks Rod McLeod

You have a wonderful and informative product that I have referred many others to.

Hopefully you can keep it going for a long time.


-- Geoff Jackson

Good Morning Katrin

Thank you for all the news letters and updates which provides us great advice as we plan our trip in June.

Could I please be sent the latest edition of Destination York Travel Guide.

Thank you, for your efforts and work you do.


-- Sean Ransome

Hi Katrin,

I have the 2023 overall guide, purchased Jan 12 this year.

Happy to buy any again to make sure I have the latest information

These books are great!

-- Cheers, David Birrell

Hi Katrina,

You do a fantastic job keeping us all informed of all things related to Cape York and surrounds...

keep up the good work.

Many Thanks & Cheers

-- Barbara Mitchell


I purchased your excellent guide on 1 July 2022.

We went from Cairns to the tip in July 22, enjoyed it thoroughly and I'd like to do it again in 2023.

Thanks, have a Happy New Year!
-- Bob Ronai


The 2022 I purchased was very helpful for the trip to the cape in August.

-- Regard Wendy Wildman, Australia

I have your Cape York destination book.


-- Regards Roger Dobson, Australia

Hi Kat,

I found your guide enjoyable and informative, thanks for writing it.

-- Dave Wood, Australia

Thank you for all the information you put in this guide, it is a great help.

-- Carol Miller

I just bought the book - Destination guide - looks fantastic.

Just what I needed

-- Geoff Handberg, Australia

Hi Katrin

love your guide will be heading up from Lockyer Valley QLD in August

keep up the awesome work.

-- Regards Joe cullinane

Hi Katrin

Thank you for the wonderful guide.

It is invaluable.

-- Barbara Davis

hi Katrin

I was very pleased with the travel guide,

-- Kind regards Grant Elliott

Hi Katrin,

I purchased your guide earlier this year and

found it very helpful in planning our June trip to the Cape this year.


-- Russell Dann


Keep up the good work, we love it.

-- Regards, Paul Graham-Rowe, Australia

Thank you for all your hard work.


-- Karen Young

Hey Katrin.

Enjoy your work, heading up from Toronto (nsw) the last week of July.

-- Greg Croak, Australia

Hi Katrin

Love your destination Guide

-- Tony Berry, Australia


I bought the guide last year.

Thankyou for your hard work


-- Wendy Graham

Hello Katrin,

I purchased the guide last year and thanks its great and used it for last years trip.

-- Dan Bolton

Hi Katrin,

thank you for all the work you do on the guide.


-- Paul Fathers

I really appreciate the useful information you provide.

Thank you 🙏🏻

-- Kind regards, Jane Williams


Keep up the good work


-- Ian Chivers

Hi Katrin

Thanks for your wonderful book

-- Carmel W.

Love your work Katrin. 

Just bought the guide and hope to be up there in July. 

-- Mark

Hi, took up the subscription early 2023.

Love it!

-- Dave Place, Australia

Thank you so much for your hard work!

-- Tammy Fitzgerald

Thanks Katrin,

great work.

Happy New Year

-- Ian Metcalfe

Many thanks for the fantastic info 😊


-- Wendy Banks

Hi Katrin,

The travel guide is very good, there's a lot to read.

-- Rgds John Beech

Thanks for your great work.

-- Cheers Roslyn.

Hi Katlin,

I haven’t spent a lot of time viewing but it looks very informative and well worth the purchase and trouble of printing it into a book ( my Preference)

Anyway wonderful job and well worth the $

-- Scott Greacen

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