Destination Guide Feedback

Here you have the Destination Guide feedback :-)

It originally was on the sales page but as it built up huge - I had to make separate pages for it - so this is the page number six.

Hi Katrin

We had a great trip in 2021 and are about to repeat this year in about September.

Your guide was in-valuable and we found so many places that we would have otherwise just driven past.

We are returning to do all the bits we missed last time.

Thank you for all your time and effort in putting this guide together.

-- Kind regards, Keith Harrison


thankyou so much for your awesome ebook, we are using it a lot to plan our trip later this year

Its by far the best reference gude we have seen

-- Silje and Andrew

Thanks Katrin,

You supply a great service and guide.

Our trip was made a great deal easier, a lot less worries, due to your guide.

We had a great trip.

I send your email to some of our friends, to encourage them to go, and to show you what I did after we returned from the Cape last year.

Thanks Again.

Garry Pluis, Australia 


Just wanted to say we are glad we have bought this from you and have found it extremely valuable in our trip planning as it has so much Information on where to go and what to do.

We also purchased the Caravan and Camper edition which is equally great and knowledgeable.

Many thanks.

Nathan and Jane Purnell

It has been the best source of information that I have found,

and we are pretty much using your book exclusively !!!

Thanks, Abbie Daniels

Just a quick thank you for your work.

We did a trip in July / august and found the information you provided to be very useful and accurate.

It would have been difficult to get the information without it.

Punsand Bay and Elliot falls were the highlights.

Cheers Neil Goodwill

Hi Katrin

We did a 6 week trip around Cape York peninsular mid July to end August 8300 km and

your guide was in our lap all the time it was great very factual

Thank you for your time and effort.

Dennis Loughlin, Australia


We purchased a copy last year and the information you provide is very comprehensive,

so much so we have suggested to many others to purchase a copy themselves.
Have a fantastic day... Tony Cassidy


I have read the book cover to cover and enjoyed it immensely

The short guide adds real value with the seasons and the planning

Thank you so much. Congratulations on your work,

Many thanks, Tim Wootton 

Hi Katrin

we have used the destination guide to get to Cape York twice and it was very infomative.

We still steer people towards your guides

so stay well and someday we may catch up somewhere.

Cheers Bob & Annette Gilbert

HI Katrin

I purchased your Guide last June for my trip north in Aug/September.

It was great and came in very handy.

It is a great companion along the way.

Thanks, Alan Davie, Australia

Hi Katrin

Many thanks the guide has been very useful

Kind Regards,

Ross Ford, Australia

Hi Katrin,

I love your passion for the Cape, your regular updates and knowing that the Guide is prepared by a local - thank you.

Cheers, Richard.  

Hi Katrin,

What a superb summary of Cape York information!


Rgds John, Australia

Hi Katrin,

I love the E-book and have read it all

and have alot more confidence doing my trip now, thanks for your reply.

Damien Marrinan, Australia

Hi Katrin,

I've recently done the cape and loved having all the information in your book with me, helped so much.

Thanks again for all the work you do for this book.

Will recommend it to others.

Brooke Barrett

Thank you very much for the information love your book a lot

happy new year all the best for the coming year 

😃💝  from Denise Joan Hart 2021

Hi Katrin,

Did my trip up there last year and your publication was a treasure trove for my travels

Appreciated all the info

Thanks Again

Warren Lane, Australia

Hi Katrin,

I'm planning a 2023 trip and your guide has been fantastic,

it is my go to publication for any questions I can think of.


-- Tony Ryan, Australia 

Hi Katrin,

I really appreciate your posts and updates and even though I have yet

to get to the Cape I find the Guide an excellent reference for planning my trip.

Brian McNally, Australia

Hi Katrin

I purchased the original caravan guide in June 2021

Best guide booklets we have purchased, very factual and informative,

we were able to take our caravan all the way to the tip with out any problems.


Barbara Mitchell 

Hi Katrin,

my wife purchased your guide book for me to plan a trip in June this year.

We have found it very informative.

Greg Jacobson, Australia 

Hi Katrin,

We completed our Cape York Trip last year and

had a great time thanks to the accurate information contained in your guides.

Thanks again for your help.


Lou Grealy, Australia

Hi Katrin,

I recently purchased a copy of your destination guide to aid in preparation for our upcoming Cape York trip,

it has been a very valuable resource... thank you.

Regards, Matt Knight 

Hi Katrin

Purchased Destination Cape York in April 2022. 

It is an excellent read for planning and driving the Cape.

Kind Regards

-- Bob Blevins, Australia


I have bought the Trailer Supplement in the last two years.

Your information has been great.

We enjoyed our trip last year. Looing forward to going again next year.

All the best,

Cor Siecker, Australia 

Good morning Katrin.

I purchased the 'Destination Cape York' 2021 Edition. 

So far, it has been a fantastic guide for us planning to visit the Cape this year in August.

Kind regards,

-- Andrew Doré.

Hi katrina

Thanks for your help and prompt reply.

Have downloaded and have found the information so relevant, easy to understand and extremely helpful.


Mandy Jones, Australia

Have been studying the guide today and 

the information is wonderful and very helpful with our planning

thank you for your time and effort.

-- Kathryn Hanrahan 

Hi Katrin,

Thanks again for an excellent Guide, as stated before it was a great benefit to us

and we may be back sooner than later.


-- Garry, Australia

Your guide was invaluable

We had a great trip, which was far more enjoyable than if we'd travelled without it

-- cheers connie francis


I purchased a copy of your Destination Guide – Cape York last year.

It provided a valuable resource to help plan my trip to the top end. It was a great trip!!


-- Ian Mann, Australia

It was a great resource to use when planning our trip and during out trip last year

Thanks kindly 

-- Elizabeth Woods, Australia

Thanks Katrin - finding the 'big book' invaluable for planning our trip

-- Joanna Wyatt

I bought the electronic version last year. It was very informative & helpful,


-- Keith Rich, Australia

Hi Katrin,

We purchased your guide back in Oct 2020.

My wife and I did a 7 week trio from Sydney to the Top and TI last June July.

Had an absolutely fantastic time, met so many nice people, saw nearly all of the birds, animals, reptiles etc, could do it all again right now.

Your Guide was brilliant!!


-- Thanks Gary

Hi Katrin, as a purchaser of the guide, 

Thanks, have found the guide invaluable.

Full of relevant information !

-- Davo, Australia

Hi Katrin,

I have purchased your travel guide to Cape York. 

Which is fantastic.

This will be our second trip with our now grown up children .


-- Lisa Dowdle.

G'day Katrin,

I purchased the guide last year.

Was very informative thank you! I used it a lot on my trip.

Keegan Chan 

Thank you for all your hard work on this.

It has been wonderful information to have before our trip later this year.
Cheers, Trish

Hi Katrin

I have the Destination Cape York 2022 book and I am finding your book very useful.

I am planning to be up your way in August.

Winter has really kicked in down south so can't wait!


Colin Paine, Australia

I have purchased the guide in the last two years and 
Found the guide to be great, used it for our trip last year.

Cor, Australia

Hi Katrin,

I enjoyed your book, You are doing a great job, and thank you.

Lorraine, Australia

It's a very good publication and it is proving very useful.


Wade & Rose Howlett, Townsville

Hi Katrin

I bought the guide last year found it extremely helpful on our August-October trip. 

Eric Davis, Australia

What a fantastic resource!

Please keep up the great work. I'm looking forward to a trip to the tip later this year.

Russell Hobson, Australia

Cheers Katrin

Your book helps me plan my trip, even though we can change it day by day, but with distances etc all mapped out in the book we know where to and how far and difficulty.

It’s my 5th time up this time and get more excited each time lol...

Thanks again

Lee MURPHY n family 

Have subscribed and purchased Destination Cape York, very informative.

Gregor Popp

Hi Katrin

Many thanks for your hard work. 

We so love our guide

-- Many thanks Donna Hodges

A great amount of interesting and relevant information - thanks for that!

Regards and thanks,

-- Andrew Caird, Australia


Hi. We purchased the caravan supplement in mid January.

Thanks for a great supplement which we have read and re-read a few times already.


-- Kim Malafant, Australia 


I bought this last year and it was wonderful for our trip - thank you!

Probably won't get up there this year but enjoy reading it anyway.


-- Anne and Bob, Australia

Hi Katrin

I bought my copy of your fantastic guide and found your book to be a fantastic research tool,

Kind Regards

-- Laurissa Forbes, Western Australia

I found your guide invaluable in planning our trip last year but unfortunately we had to cancel the trip due to COVID.  

Hopefully we will can do it this year or in 2023.


-- Robert Dyer, Australia

Many thanks Katrin

Your guide is marvellous. Thank you


-- Steve, Australia

Thank you, it's a great guide, so looking forward to getting there

-- Dianne Moiler

Good afternoon Katrin,

Thank you for your informative emails.

We purchased the Destination Guide last year.

What a fantastic trip we had (so much so we plan another one this year) and found the information very useful.

Once again thank you for publishing such an informative guide, as travellers we love local knowledge and information

Kind regards 

Heather Scroope

Good Morning, I purchased your book last year and found it very useful.

-- Darren Sanders, Australia

Hi Katrin

Thank you for your invaluable book.

Dianna Kiss, Australia

Thank you so much for your reply and thank you for your extensive research. 

Love the book

Glenn & Ursula Coggins

Hey Katrin,

Loving the guide which helped with the planning.


-- James Patsiouras 

Hi Kat,

I found your guide enjoyable and informative, thanks for writing it.

Thanks and regards,

-- Dave Wood, Australia

Destination Guide is great - thank you!

-- Dawn Fordham, Australia

We bought your book electronic a few years ago,

the info was invaluable !!

-- Angela George, Australia

Hi Katrin – thank you for keeping this great guide alive.


-- Shane Summers, Australia

Hi Katrin,

Thanks heaps for creating this fantastic guide!

Keep up the great work snd the email updates throughout the year.

-- Cheers, Sarah

LOVE the guide.


-- Chris Huth, Australia

Hi Katrin,

I have just purchased and downloaded your Cape York guide.

It looks great thanks.

Plenty of reading to do.

-- Andrew Bruce 

Thanks for your latest newsletter and great book.

Craig Morris, Australia

Hi Katrin, as proud owners of a current sub of you guide, 

Your guide has helped us so much !

-- David Bannon, Australia 

Hi I purchased the guide earlier this year, Great info !!

-- Anthea Anderson, Australia 

Hi Katrin,

Thanks for the travel guide. I'm finding it very informative.

-- David Hansen, Australia

Many thanks for an excellent guide

-- Trevor Sweeney, Australia

Thanks Katrin,

Have been to the Tip & found your guide book invaluable.


-- Darryl PHILLIPS, Victoria

Thank you for such a great read.


-- Michael Zammit, Australia 

Hi Katrin,

The planning guide is extremely helpful,

and although we have attempted to travel light. We are struggling to pack all that is necessary .

Many thanks -- Barnes x 2 Tracey x 2 

I purchased last years edition which is fantastic. 


-- Steve Cleary, Australia

Hi Hatrin,

You did a great job getting this together.

It will be much used.


-- andy Gillison

Keep safe and carry on with your fine work 😁

Kind regards,

-- Peter FitzGerald, Australia

Hi  Katrin

I would like to thank you for your amazing efforts that you done to get it to that stage

I still have lots to read yet and find very good for the knowledge we need

Thank you so much  

-- Regards Kenneth Phillips 


We have just  returned from the tip and the trip was great 

with the help of your document to plan!

-- Kotie Swart, Australia

I purchased las year and found your guide invaluable.


Lin Thomson, Australia

Hi Katrin

Love the guide!

Lou Pardi, Australia

Thanks for the great read.

-- Graeme Nowland, Australia


I’ve just purchased the guide. Looks marvellous

Many thanks

-- Peter Smith, Australia

I purchased my copy of the Guide last year, found it very useful.


Les Beer, Australia

Hi Katrin.

Love you work and updates.

-- Steve Martin, Australia

Thanks for the great job that you do.

-- Gary Hobdell.

Would like to say your book is informative and a help in planning a trip to the Cape.

-- Greg Bird, Australia

Hi Katrin

Keep up the great work


-- Peter White, Australia 

Thanks for a wonderful guide. 

-- Kim Malafant, Australia

Thank you for all the hard work you have put into this wonderful guide.

Kind regards

Jenni Yule, Australia

Its an awesome publication 

-- Wayne C

You have done a brilliant job with this.


-- Margaret Anderson, Australia

Thanks as usual for your very informative guide and your help with this.


-- Gary Duncan.

Hi Katrin,

I bought the guide last year. 

So, so much useful information.


-- Warren Williams, Australia

Thanks for the work you do.

-- Neroli Page, Australia

Thanks. Loving the book.

-- Jon Bennett, Australia

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