Destination Guide Feedback

Here you have the Destination Guide feedback :-)

It originally was on the sales page but as it built up huge - I had to make separate pages for it - so this is the page number four.

Hi Katrin,

I bought my version last year.
Just love it and I think it is the best guide for an area anywhere in Australia.  

Kind Regards,

-- Claire, Australia


Reading your book so far is extremely detailed and useful in plain terms.

Thank you for taking the time to prepare this.

-- Best regards, Bill, Australia

Hi Katrin,

Love your work! ...

The Destination Cape York guide is fantastic, informative and the follow up News reports put the icing on the cake!


-- John Bradley, Australia

We have just returned from our 3 week Cape York camping holiday - Sept 19 till Oct 8.

Thanks to your guide we saw everything we planned and more.

We travelled with a group who used the Hema map book - great photos and some good info but your book - I had a printed copy with me - was so much better.

History, step by step guidance, camping options all accurate and invaluable as we had 4 children aged 2-8 travelling with us we needed to be organised each day. Highlights - Chilli Beach - bird dance; OTT - 2 of our team did the Gunshot and entire Old Telegraph Track - your information here saved me from my 62y o anxiety!!!! Loyalty Beach - sunset dinner for our son’s 28th birthday - thank you for the tips.

Only 2 cars already in the Tip carpark when we arrived!!!  While we feel for you all we know how lucky we were to experience the tip In Covid - so worth our current 2 weeks quarantine on returning to Tasmania.

-- Sabrina Catlin, Australia

Hi Katrin,

We travelled in 2019 and had a fabulous time,

–  thanks in large part to being so well informed – by your amazing guide.

-- Regards, Brian, Australia

I wanted to thank you, I belong to a caravan club Bushtracker Owners Group BOG.

I have recommended it to some of our members who will be doing the Cape.
We did the trip last year and your guide was the most useful from all the books I had purchased.

We are planning to do the trip again in 2 years time.
Keep up the good work
and hopefully one day we will meet.

Thank you from all the travellers
. Hope you have a good season,

Stella Voolstra, Australia

Hi up there in Cape York land, my lovely wife bought me the updated version for our Valentine's Day, informative and a good guide like the one before.
Thank you. Cheers.
-- Regards Mark.

Hi Katrin

My husband and I did the Cape last year and

your Travel Guide was like the bible for us gave us everything we needed to know.


-- Janine, Australia

Hi Katrin,

You have written two great documents for Cape York.
When we were there last did not see 3/4 of what you have written.
I look forward to doing it again in the not too distant future.

Dennis Littame, Australia

Hi Katrin

We travelled to Cape York last year with my husbands brothers & families.

I did all of the itinerary, planning & the bookings for all the families. Two years of planning for us to be ready to leave Brisbane on the 5th August 2017.

I downloaded your Cape York Destination book.

This was an invaluable source of information.

I found places we wouldn't have seen if it hadn't had been for your wonderful guidance throughout your book.

So thank you on behalf of the "Bailey" family.

We had a great time.

Kindest regards

Janice Bailey, Australia

Hello Katrin,

We have certainly enjoyed the issue so far and have used it almost exclusively to plan our trip

Your guide has made it much simpler to go about planning the trip from down north east Victoria,

thank you so much,


-- Rod Mackenzie, Australia

The guide has been indispensable for planning the trip and

I have no doubt it will also be critical when I am up there

and reworking the trip around closed roads, delays etc.


-- Dave, Australia

Hi Katrin

We purchased the Destination Guide in 2018 before our trip to the Tip in July/ August 2018.

We really found it to be very helpful during our trip

and highly recommend it to anyone travelling to the Tip.

Thank you

We can't wait to get to the Cape again.

-- Michelle and Shane Campbell x

The guide has been absolutely fantastic on getting the information that I need to plan

on going this year hopefully.

Thank you for your efforts

-- Richard Stephenson, Australia

Hi Katrin,

We've just come back down from Cape York and

we've absolutely loved your guide book, it's been so useful and comprehensive.

Thank you for producing such a great product!

-- Melissa Anderson, Australia

I purchased the current guide less than 2 years ago.

We traveled to the cape in 2018 and found your guide very helpful.

I found myself constantly referring to it.

Thanks and keep up the good work.


-- Rob Sullivan, Wangaratta, Victoria

Hi Katrin

heading up your way in August , was 7 cars now 3 ,
love your book very informative,

keep up the good work and stay safe


-- Daren Freshwater

Hi Katrin,

I purchased the 2018 edition in preparation for our July 2019 trip.

Looking to go through your updates before finalising an itinerary for our trip.

Your book and newsletters have been incredibly helpful in planning our trip.

Thank you.


-- Adrian Wilson, Australia

Hi Katrin,

Next year we intend to spend a considerable amount of time

looking at all the attractions you have detailed in your guide.

Your travel guide is a great bit of kit.   

Kind Regards,

-- Dennis, Australia

Hi Katrin

Thank you so much for the travel guides,

they have been very helpful and with so much information.

Many thanks.

-- Ian Gardiner, Australia

I just purchased your trip planning guide and I'm wrapped with it.

It has all the info I needed.

Richard Stephenson, Australia

Hi Katrin,

Thanks so much - your info is fantastic by the way - it's been our bible for our planning

Christine, Australia

Thankyou so much for your hard work in producing all the information.

We are planning a trip in July with 3 other vehicles and your book has been so helpful.

Many thanks

Belinda Turner, Australia


Have downloaded and read and am very impressed.

Kind Regards

-- Phil Duggan, Australia

I just want to say that it's obvious that you put a lot of work into this guide - and it has paid off! 

What a fantastic resource you've developed.

It has really helped with planning our trip.

Thanks for making the planning an absolute pleasure with the help of your guide

Cheers, Chris, Australia

Hi Katrin,

Your Destination Guide was amazing when we visited the Cape in August last year.

Thank you,

Kenneth and Lynda Kennedy, Australia

Hi Kate,

Loving the guide.

It's a great help preparing for our upcoming trip in June. 2 families of 4, all children under 4! Can't wait.

Cheers, Kimberley, Australia

Dear Katrin,

My brother Bruce and I used your guide last year on our venture to the Cape and Islands and 

found it invaluable

Clear maps, advice and links helped us plan and negotiate our adventure with ease and safety

We can't thank you enough.

-- Ray Williams, Australia

Congratulations on putting together such an informative book!

It has helped us plan our trip very well!


-- Becky Myers, Australia

Hey Katrin,

Wow! Thanks so much.

Love the books.


-- Mike, Australia

Downloaded and used your book in September this year. 

Found a number of great campsites with your guidance

Keep up the good work. We took six weeks from Melbourne and still missed heaps, and we only spent one night in NSW on both directions.

Best wishes, 

-- Lindsay Parker, Australia

Hi Katrin

We've just come back from our Cape York trip and I must say "thank you" for a great job with the guide. 

It has just so much useful information.

-- Mike Cust, Australia

HI Katrin

I've bought and read you 300 page book and love it

I've also told 2 other friends about your book and how brilliant and indispensible it is for anyone going to CY.

very best wishes to you

-- Margaret Hewetson, UK

I have just bought the full guide and both books are proving to be excellent resources.

-- Geoff Jackson, Australia

Hi Katrin,

Just emailing to thank you for your book.

We have just returned from our trip to Cape York and your book was excellent - very useful and helpful.

We referred to it throughout the whole trip.

-- Dilshara Hill, Australia

I'm finding your complete guide great reading and very informative.

-- David Cray, Australia

Hi There,

Your guide have been very helpful so far.
Thank you very much.

-- Leor Lee, Australia

Thankyou once again, keep up the wonderful work you do in providing us with such reliable information and enjoy your journey.

-- Trish Carpenter, Australia

Katrin, just letting you know my friend and I have just completed a month long trip to the Tip.

Thanks so much for the info supplied ... always accurate and easy to understand ...

Fabulous time .. Would do it again at the drop of a hat ..

Great weather, great info and guide equals a great trip .... Thanks heaps .....

-- Barrie Crouch, Australia

Dear Katrin

Thank you for the Guide and newsletters, they have been the most essential thing in planning our trip.

A group of us are planning a trip in August and have found the Destination Guide Invaluable

My husband & I go through it every night with your newsletters adjusting & tweeking our plans, then we get together with our friends once a week and have a "York" meeting.

I have printed a copy and have also saved one on my Ipad.

Keep up the great work, couldn't have planned this without you.

-- Yours Gratefully, Heather Gazzola

I thought it might be useful to provide you with a bit of feedback on your e-book. 

It was an excellent reference for planning the trip and very detailed and we used it extensively

We photocopied sections of it and took it with us for reference and found it very helpful

Having this detailed information was all the more important as we were doing the trip as a solo vehicle with our 7yo daughter who thoroughly loved the experience. 

You have done really well to highlight the many attractions in the areas you cover. 

Congratulations on a great publication

We have pointed others in the direction of your website and recommend it highly. 

You are clearly passionate about the area and we can see why. It is extraordinarily beautiful area and extremely diverse. Wonderful! We would go back tomorrow if circumstances permitted.

-- Stephen Hay, Australia

We purchased your Destination Cape York in 2012 and have found it to be very helpful.

We regularly flip through it and the pocket guide.

Please keep up the good work that you do.

-- Judy Blackford, Townsville, Australia

Hi Katrin,

We found your book very useful when we went to the Cape in 2017


-- Peter & Fiona Bardwell, Australia

Great book, great helper during our visits.

-- Vojta & Lucy, Prague, Czech Republic

Hi I bought your Destination Guide in early February.

The Guide is most useful for planning, Thank you.

-- Denise Kelly, Australia

I have found the Guide invaluable in planning my trip.

-- Bill Horrigan, Australia

G'day Katrin,

Bought your e-book - excellent info & read, will come in handy in July when we head to the Cape:)

-- Mick Jermyn, Australia

Hi Katrin love the book

Janine Naylor, Australia

Hi Katrin,

What a superb summary of Cape York information!


Rgds John Spark, Australia

I just subscribed to ur newsletter plus a few months ago I purchased ur book :)

Lots to read, good read!

-- Kirsty Dawson, Australia

Hi Katrin,

Love your guide, and look fwd your updates eagerly.

with sincerity

-- William Mallinson.

Thanks for a great guide.

-- John Jones, Australia

Hi Katrin

Thank for all the work you preparing the destination guide and sending out the email updates, very much appreciated.

-- Carolyn Adams, Australia

Hey Katrin,

We are currently planning a trip from Melbourne to the cape in August and

the information in your books has been amazing!

Keep up the good work!

-- Ryan Cawse, Australia

Hi Katrin,

You have done a really great job.

I will promote your guide definitely on the way.

Kind regards,

-- Carmen Mueller, Germany

Hi Katrin

love your guides.

Planning a trip to the Cape in July with our Kimberley Kamper.

-- Eric Mudge, Australia

Hi Katrin,

I'm finding the Destination Guide most helpful in planning our trip to the Cape in the 2017 dry season.

-- Philip Ryan, Australia

Thank you so much, just love your guides.

-- Gail, Australia


Thanks and keep up the excellent work.  

Fantastic reading and information.


-- David Bell, Australia

patricia coates

I was looking for info for our trip up the Cape next year and your site came up and I got literally LOST in it.

I ended up buying your book over the internet and last night, Ian, my husband and I, poured over it.

We love it!!!

Let me congratulate you on a superb site and a magnificent book. We shall spend many enjoyable hours reading it I am sure.

-- Patricia Coates, Sunshine Coast
Patricia is the author of Reflections of Outback Queensland,

Really enjoying what I've read so far in your guide and I'm sure I'll find plenty more information as I continue.

-- Andrew Driscoll, Australia

Hello Katrin.

Reading the pocket guide . Loving it.

I also bought the cape book as well.

Thanks so much for your time and effort.

Really good stuff

-- Matt, Australia

Your ebook has been fabulous in planning - thank you.

-- Helenmary, Australia

I did get the download, and it is very very useful, will be up with bundaberg 4wd club end of july

-- Rod Cleary, Australia

Thanks for your guidence and your book is wonderful!!!

-- Kate, Australia

Good Morning,

I have found the Guide to be a great source of useful information.

Thank you so much 😊


-- Jay Gilvear, Australia

Hi Katrin,

Well done with the guide, we have used it to good effect.  

We're planning to leave Perth in the second week of April, with a couple of Bushtrackers, heading for your neck of the woods.


-- Roger Lubbock, Australia


Thank you for all the information guide contains, it is really helping us plan our trip!


-- Brook White, Australia

Thanks Katrin - always a pleasure doing business with you!

-- Andrew, Australia

Thanks so much... excited about our trip north for the month of June.

Feel certain your e-book and the free guide will be really helpful.


-- Richie, Australia


Well done on your great work.

Many thanks,

-- Debra Murtha, Australia

I purchased your e-book at the beginning of 2015 for a trip we did in June/July that year. 

Its a great guide full of information that we found very helpful planning our trip.

-- Nicole Buchanan, Australia

Love your book and just downloaded your new addition for planning cape trip next year.


-- Steve Hay, Australia

We have found your information in the destination guide wonderful for helping plan our trip.  We leave in 4 weeks and can't wait.

-- Tracey, Australia

Thank you for a very informative guide it has a lot of info i have the Destination Cape York  


-- Wayne Sheehan, Australia

Thanks for the update - great book!

-- Arnen, Australia

Hi Katrin,

I bought your guide a couple of weeks ago,

it has been great source of information.

Thank you for your effort in putting it together.


-- Sandy Catalano

I have found your travel guide very good and easy to read.

-- Laurie, Australia

Hi Katrin

Have loved your book, extremely handy,


-- Steve Lane, Australia

I have bought your cape York destination guide early last year - what an amazing and insightful job your are doing :)

-- Robert, NSW, Australia

I bought the Destination Guide in Aug 2018,

great book,

-- Narelle, Australia

Congratulations on a great publication – much appreciated.


-- Allan Bright, Australia

HI Katrin

I've nearly read all your book and its great

many thanks for all your wonderful work

-- Margy, UK

I recently purchased your travel guide and am loving using it to plan my trip up north.

-- Regan, Australia

Thank you so much for all your hard work and the great information.

Keep up the good work.


-- Mike Zammit, Australia

Keep up the excellent work.

-- David Bell, Australia

I love your books thank you

-- Adam Smith, Australia

Many thanks. Loving the Guide.

-- Peter Valastro

Hi Katrin I just wanted to let you know that I love receiving your emails!

We will be taking our friends from Canada up there once international travel can start again.

When this happens I will definitely be buying your guide as I think it’s a wonderful resource.

Thanks for continually updating it, keep up the great work.

Warm regards

-- Michelle Buth, Australia

Hi again Katrin,

I got the guide, looks well researched, good job.

-- Pat McAuliffe, Australia

You book is great by the way.

-- Shayne Campman, Australia

We are heading up in July, and

the handbook has been a great help,

I printed it off and are only using the parts we need.


-- lan, Australia

Thank you for your excellent book, and keep up the good work.

-- Suzanne George, Tasmania

Hi this is a fabulous guide you produce.

-- Tim Dodds, Australia

Your book is amazing to do the planning - thank you !!!

-- Kotie and Arnold Swart, Australia

Thanks looks like an awesome book.

-- Sonia Moon, Australia

Hi Katrin, 

I have recently bought your guide and love it.

-- Craig Diessel, Australia

The guide is excellent.

Regards, Scott Cage, Australia

thanks a heap ur books amazing to plan with

-- Shantelle Sherrington, Australia

Hi Katrin,

We had a pre-trip planning meeting and

I noticed we all had a copy of your guide

so it's been a popular pre-trip planning guide that's for sure!

Thanks again.


-- Michael, Australia

Hi Katrin

I have purchased your Destination Cape York,

which is excellent and valuable information.
-- Allan Logan, Australia

Thanks Katrin,

I have already downloaded and most impressed with the detailed content.

-- Steve, Australia

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