Destination Guide Feedback

Here you have the Destination Guide feedback :-)

It originally was on the sales page but as it built up huge - I had to make separate pages for it - so this is the page number three.

Thank you for your great Guide.

I am really gaining great assistance from all you have put into the book.

-- Lenette, Australia

Love your ebooks.
They have been almost my sole reference for planning our trip.

Keep up the good work. 

-- Richard Ramm, Australia

Hi Katrin,

I bought your fantastic guide to Cape York last Year and had intended to travel there but Covid of course got in the way.
I am very impressed with the amount of information you have given Travellers in your book. 

If only we could have something like that for all areas of Australia.

You should be very proud of yourself for producing such an amazing book.

All going well we hope to travel there this year.
-- Kind Regards, Claire, Australia

Your book was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

It is a must have for anyone heading to the Cape for the first time.

We used it like a bible while planning and also on our trip.

In fact we were still reading it on our trip home planning for our next trip, which can't come soon enough.

I always read your Newsletter which only makes me wish I was there now.

Thanks for all your hard work.

-- Mick, Australia

Hi Katrin

I just purchased the Destination Cape York 2021 which looks unreal with information, looking forward to reading it,

Thanking You, Kind Regards,

-- Linda Hutchinson, Australia

Good Afternoon Katrin,

I recently purchased the full version of your guide (25th March) in preparation for a run up the Cape in August.  

It is an awesome resource

Thank you so much for your knowledge

I did Cape York with my Dad in 1987 and have not been back since.

Kindest Regards,

-- Scott Hamilton, Australia

Love this guide has more up to date then anyone

-- Catherine Sheen, Australia


Reading your book so far is extremely detailed and useful in plain terms.

Thank you for taking the time to prepare this.

Best Regards

-- Bill Watts, Australia

Hi Katrin,

We travelled to the Cape using most of the information gleaned from your guide

It was fabulous

Keep up your awesome updates, we all appreciate your dedication and up to date info.


-- Apryl Nixon, Australia

Hi Katrin,

Great info all throughout the guide!

-- Regards, Garry Andersen, Australia

Hi Katrin,

I bought the Destination Guide on 8 Feb 2019.

Loved it.

Full of great info.

Keep up the great work.

Your guide is invaluable.


-- Kel Savage, Australia

I'm still reading through my copy of the destination guide and loving it.

I missed so much when I was there in 2016.

Thanks. Cheers

Brad Anderson, Australia.

Hi Katrin,

I purchased Dest Cape York Travel Guide from you June 2017.

Thankyou for all the work you have put into this guide.

It really is amazing.

Kindest regards

Trish Rollins, Australia

Hi Katrin

Purchased the 2020 Cape York book and loved it, if all goes well will be there in July

-- Thanks Peter Wardle, Australia

Hi Katrin

Gosh, your stuff is fantastic!

Thanks for the great info you provide. Stay well during this Wet.


-- Anne Delaney, Australia

Hi Katrin,

We've just returned from a great trip to Cape York and

your guide was invaluable in planning our trip and then adjusting it as we went along


-- Dave O, Australia


Still planning our trip!

Could we have the trailer guide to add to our main guide. 

Great source - best found!

Best regards

-- Jennifer Pickering

Hi Katrin,

What a fantastic and informative publication.

Keep up the great work.

Kind regards,

-- Peter Neumann, Western Ausralia


My husband and I are currently planning a trip to the tip and

purchased both the Cape York guide and the Caravan supplement earlier this year -

found them both very useful.

-- Jean Vos, Australia

Hi Katrin

Can I just say what a fantastic guide you've written.

It is absolutely the best resource I've come across for planning our Cape York trip.

Congratulations and thank you.

Peter McConnell, Australia.

Hi Katrin,

We have your book – it’s great – thoroughly enjoying all the research

before our big trip from Perth to Cape York in July!

Many thanks

-- Janice Ward, Australia

Hi Katrin

The copy I have looks well researched and is a credit to you,

-- Ted Moses, Australia

Hi ,

found your guide so useful and loved our trip up north

so much that we are looking forward to another trip,

Thanks so much


-- Jeanette Brinkley, Australia

Hi Katrin,

What a great job you are doing.

I think you should be nominated for an Order of Australia!!

I hope to be up that way in September 2019.


-- Colin, Australia

Hi Katrin,

well done on putting together such an informative book,

its awesome and I can't wait to use it and experience the cape myself. Cheers

Brett Williams, Australia.


The information provided by you is fantastic, and will be very useful for our trip to the Cape in June.

Kind regards. 

-- Phil, Australia

Hi Katrin,

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for putting together this awesome guide.

I bought last years guide and have read every page,

I didn’t hesitate to pay the $27 to get it again, it’s well worth the money.

So thanks again for providing all this information at a great price.   

Have a great day😀

Jo Gapes, Australia

Hi Katrin,

I would like to say thank you very much for putting together such a wonderful, information packed gem!!!

My partner and I are planning a trip up to Cape York during July/August this year and

you book has been invaluable in planning our route and our stays!

Please keep up the great work and I cannot wait to get up there!!!

Thanks again,

Lindsay Holden, Australia

The guide is a excellent source of information.

Thanks regards

Bradley Nix, Australia.

Hello Katrin,

We have just returned from six weeks travelling to The Tip, and would like to thank you for your book, which we purchased and read before we left home.

It was very comprehensive.  

It sat on my lap the whole way, and consequently, we did not miss any of the wonderful sights along the way.

Many thanks for a great guide book.

-- Peggy Weeks, Australia

We purchased your guide when planning our trip and it proved invaluable.

-- Andy Straw, United Kingdom

Thanks for putting together such a great travel guide - we used it extensively on our trip.

-- Kathy Leslie, Australia

This is a fabulous travel guide and appreciate all the work you put into it.

We are so looking forward to heading up your way again in June from NZ. 


-- Deb, New Zealand


we are using your guide every day, driving up to the tip, and finding it very useful.

-- Ian and Jean French, Australia

Hi Katrin

We did the trip to the Tip in early June.

The full Visit Cape York Destination Guide got a real workout.

It made it so easy to plan our trip,

and enjoy it so much more with the information that you have in it.

It is a must particularly for anyone doing the Cape for the first time.

-- Mike Pilkington, Townsville

We love your Destination Guide book.

So easy to read & full of great info!

-- Margaret Winter, Australia

Our up there last year for 4 months was brilliant..

Your guide was indispensible and certainly helped both planning and on the trip itself.

-- Keith James, Australia

Hi Katrin,

My wife and I live at Wonga Beach and have always wanted to do the tip trip.

The information in your guide is great and will help make our trip even better.


-- Steve, Australia

Hi Katrin,

I purchased your amazing Destination Cape York book last year prior to my husband and I heading off to the Cape for our first time and i would like to continue to have the most current and up to date version of this incredible resource.

-- Charlene Brown, Australia

Hi Katrin

I purchased your Cape York Guide last October.  

We are heading off in July for our first trip to the Cape and

your guide has been brilliant in helping us get our heads around the entire trip.

-- John Meddows, Australia

I must tell you, that even though we have Hema maps, and other necessary books, 

to plan our trip starting mid June, your ebook has been the main reference for our plan!

-- Dee, Australia

Hi Katrin, we are planning our trip for August and your guides are proving very helpful.

-- David, Australia

marylyn broomhall

Truly this is the best Insider's Guide that I have ever read. Crammed full of information that is practical, helpful and highly extensive. From the colloquial Glossary all the way through to the last page it held my interest.

I loved the statement that "The only thing you need after this is a proper, detailed map." Ain't that the truth!

This guide is everything that you need to know about this amazing area of Australia. An essential companion on your Cape York trip.

-- Marylyn Broomhall, Melbourne,

Hi Katrin

Love the guidebook which i bought a few months ago and the updates are awesome.

-- Tyrone Peters, Australia

I just wanted to let you no that

the destination guide was very useful for my trip up your way that I did last August

and will use for my next trip up there next year thank you

-- Bernie Iannello, Australia

We've found the guide extremely useful

Thanks heaps. 

-- Justin Woodward, Australia

Hi Katrin,

Absolutely loved reading Destination Cape York for our adventure north from Wangaratta in Victoria.


-- Ken Wickham, Victoria.

Thankyou katrin

I have found your book so informative and helpful

-- Linda Brown, Australia

I've bought your guide and love it

-- Dan Brown, Australia

The destination guide is a great read, full of information, well done on a great effort.

-- Robert, Australia

Hi Katrin,

Again, great guide thanks so much.

-- Nick, Australia

I bought the destination guide last week, great read 

-- Lucas, Australia

Hi Katrin,

All the info received was great including the purchased guide.

I highly recommend your guide to anybody undertaking the cape trip and all the best in the future - cheers !

Kind regards, 

-- Andrew, Australia

Thanks for the guide book I am enjoying the read.

-- Guy Morgan, Sunshine Coast

Hi Katrin,

Thanks for all your great work in putting this together.

-- Kylie Springall, Australia

We went to the cape last winter and plan on going back next winter it was so good.

Your book was excellent with relevant info.

-- Paul, Australia

I have only just purchased your book, printed it off and made it into a booklet.

I think you do a marvellous job putting it together and I really appreciate your hard work which will save me lots of research!!

Many thanks,

-- Jan Griffin, Australia

Hi Katrin,

I have researched many websites to assist with the great Cape York experience of my daughters and their families,

found your books very interesting & informative

Thank you.

-- John Gormly, Brisbane, Ausralia

Hi Katrin,

I love your guide and your passion for the Cape.
Keep up the great work,

-- Richard Thomas, Australia

The guide has been great on our trip to the Cape.

-- John Savage, Australia

Hi Katrin,

I thoroughly enjoy the guide, it is very helpful, thanks.

-- Bryan, Australia

Thanks for your informative guide. Still reading getting through all the material.

-- Ash Millar, Australia

Congragulations on the new edition. It will be a great resource for many travellers.

-- Stephen Hay, Australia

Hi Katrin

I managed to download the ebook.

Looks really comprehensive.

-- Peter Illidge, Australia

Heading up to the cape in 3 weeks, love what I have seen so far in the book.

-- Sharon, Australia

We had a really great trip to the Cape and beyond to Thursday & Horn Islands.

Your guide got lots of use along with my newly purchased Hema HN7.

Having the right & up to date information certainly took most of the doubts out of the trip.


-- Bruce Williams, Australia

Hi katrin we managed to download it and yes some great info on the cape thanks

-- Belinda Bruhn, Australia

Hi Katrin,

I ordered the Guide last year and hoping to go this year as last year we had to delay our plans.

Your guide is great & appreciate the effort you put in.

Kind regards

-- Micheal, Australia

Thanks Katrin,

Really appreciated, it's a great resource.

Keep up the great work.

-- Rob, Australia

Love your book.

-- Jim Milgate, Australia

Hi Katrin

I purchase the 2019 version of your excellent publication

-- Bob Mawkes, Australia


All is well and your ebook is proving to be very useful.


-- Peter Burren

Hi Katrina,

Bought this a week or so ago, so I still working thru it.

I have so far read the dog info (and the pocket guide),

both are excellent and really helpful.


-- Linda, Australia

Hello Katrin,

Thank you for my ebook. I am sure it will be very helpful.

-- Bill Brooker, Australia

HI Katrin,

I love the Guide, it is very good, thanks.


-- Bryan Enders, Australia

Love the guide! Thanks very much.

-- Lincoln Rawlinson, Australia

We were in Cape York last July and I spoke to you at Loyalty Beach Park about

your publication which I found helpful.

Thanks again,

-- David Husted, Australia

Hi Katrin,

I love this book and the amount of detail,

it is making my planning for this trip a hell of a lot easier.

Thank you

-- Brendan Ryan, Australia

Heading up in July.

Planning well progressed and your guides are great.


-- Kevin Yerrell, Australia

Thankyou for your time,

love your guide it helped us so much on our trip last year

-- Kate Bradford, Australia

Hi Katrin.

I have planned a trip for 6 vehicles/9 people for Aug/Sep. We hope to spend 6 weeks on Cape York.

Your ebook has been most helpful for my planning.

All the best,

-- Frank Van Den Boom, Australia

Just want to say really enjoying planning our trip with your book.

Coming to Cape from Tassie in August.

-- Judith Jarman, Australia

Hi there Katrin,

Great job on the travel guide full of well detailed information.

Many thanks,

-- Doug Spires, Australia

Hi Katrin

Thanks for the great job you do providing such

helpful information in your emails and Destination Guide.


-- Carolyn, Australia

Love you book and web site both invaluable for a trip to the cape.

-- Charlie, Australia

Thanks Katrin,

Have found and downloaded newer version and it looks even more detailed - Well done.

Heading your way in August (with the rest of Australia).

-- Steve, Australia

Hi Katrin, 

I downloaded your Destination Cape York guide on 13/4/16-January 2016 version. 

I am finding it a wonderful guide as my Husband, Ian and I are leading a group of 7 vehicles from our 4wd club on a trip to the Cape.

-- Jackie Gaylard, Australia

Can't believe how much great info is there!

-- Kennith Styche, Australia

Hi, I recently purchased  your book and

my husband and I are finding it to be an invaluable source as we are planning our trip to cape York later this year.

-- Karen Cook, Australia

Hi latest edition is awesome,

-- Gary, Australia

The PDF is far more detailed than I had imagined.

Thanks again!

Kind Regards,

-- Josh Wolf

I have found your guides excellent.
-- Drew, Australia

We did the cape in 2018 and find your book and newsletters very helpful.

-- Shayne Burley, Australia

Hi I have purchased your guide, Thank you 😊

Love your work!

-- Danielle Mcconnell, Australia

Hi Katrin,

It's a great read well done thanks regards

-- Mark Whittaker, Australia

Thanks Katrin,

Successfully downloaded. Looks great

-- Alison, Australia

Great resource and thanks for creating it.

Kind regards,

-- Michael sharman, Australia


Thanks for this. It has been a great help already, We are leaving Cairns on 17th July

Thanks again,

-- Robert Kennelly, Australia

Have sorted my trip thanks to the info from you .. much appreciated .. you've done extremely well to help us southerners n 1st time travellers out with not much clue of the top end..

Well worth the money .. thanks again

-- Russell Hyland, Australia

Thanks appreciate the response.

I have now downloaded the 3 guides they look great

-- Mark Howell, Australia

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