Destination Guide Feedback

Here you have the Destination Guide feedback :-)

It originally was on the sales page but as it built up huge - I had to make separate pages for it - so this is the page number two.

Hi Katrin,

Your guide is absolutely brilliant, very accurate in detail and a pleasure to read.

I used it exclusively to plan and reference my trip to the Tip last August. 

My wife and I did all the destinations we planned and it was sensational.

Well done and keep up the great work in promoting this wonderful area.

-- Steve Nichols, Australia

Hi Katrin

I have used your Destination Cape York guide extensively to plan my trip to Cape York this coming July.

I found the information in your book to be very detailed, well organised and extremely helpful in making my plans.

-- Mark Kosach

Hi Katrin!

Your Destination Guide is an awesome tool to have with so much valuable information to prepare for a Cape trip!

You do a wonderful job on it, as it is full of so much information to ensure people are prepared for the Cape experience!

I wish you all the best for the future.

Kindest of regards,

-- Tania Barrett, Australia

HI Katrin

This guide is absolutely fantastic.

We had started to organise our trip via the different websites etc and came across your guide and the planning became so much easier, informative and so many other ideas and options.

Just love it, thank you for this amazing guide,


-- Bernie Harrison, Australia

Found your guide very helpful and informative. Thanks!

-- Matt ward, United Sates

Hi Katrin

I have recently bought your book, guide to the Cape, and absolutely love the contents.

It's the only guide I've seen with the real important stuff and a locals inside knowledge.


-- Peter Nolan, Australia

Many thanks Katrin,

Everything worked perfectly with my order, and I have had a very quick scan through the book

what a wealth of information!!

This will be invaluable to us for planning our trip to Cape York in July/August this year.

We are super-excited!!

Kind regards,

-- Ceri, Netherlands

Hi Katrin.

I have really enjoyed your guide as it has helped to inspire me to get out and travel up through the cape area,

Thanks for your efforts to bring us the guide,

it's a must have for adventurers traveling around the Cape York area.


Kind Regards

-- David Siggs, Australia

Hi Katrina,

I purchased the Full Guide via Paypal.

Wow fastest delivery of any purchase I have made - Well done.

Have been reading and am up to about Page 90 - great info.

Keep up the good work I commend you for your efforts & dedication.


-- Ernie, Australia

Dear Katrin

Cheers - and thank you -

both the Cape Guide and Caravan Guide have been enormously helpful in planning a trip

to the Cape following the Big Red Bash.


-- Tony, Australia

We use the guide all the time on our trips

and always recommend to anyone else travelling up the Cape!


-- Kim White, Australia


We are heading up to the cape in early May with camper trailers and I would love a copy of your new Trailer Guide.

We are planning our whole trip on your books and are very excited to get up to the Cape and start exploring.

Hopefully the roads will be open early in the season.

-- Mick Hayes.Jennifer

Hi Katrin,

I purchased the Destination Guide before our trip to the Cape last year.

It was invaluable in pre trip planning and

I had a copy printed to use while we were on the Cape.

-- Arthur Kelly, Australia

Great effort Katrin

You amaze me with what you get done.

Have a great Christmas and I hope to get up north again next year.


-- Terry Wade, Australia

The guide was invaluable on our trip last year.

Thanks for all the work you you do with guide & info – it is appreciated.

Kind regards

-- Michael Read, Australia

Hi Katrin,

I've been reading and re-reading my copy of the Destination Guide - so excited that our trip is nearly here! 

It's been SO helpful in planning

Thank you,

-- Karen Brierley, Australia

Thank you Katrin,

You have made my trip planning almost too easy!


-- Jay Gilvear, Australia

Hi Katrin,

We are planning to visit the Cape this year with two other couples.

We have found the guide essential for planning our trip.

Kind regards

-- Bob & Di Elvy, Australia

Thank you so much for the hard work and research you put into these documents!


-- Nicky Engert, Australia

Hi Katrin,

Just wanted to let you know that we have found Destination Cape York,

invaluable for planning our trip.

Stephen Chambers, Australia

We hope you had a good Christmas and New Year.

Thanks so much for this wonderful information book you are doing.... 

Many thanks,

-- Deborah Batt, Australia

Hi Katrin,

Thanks so much for the Destination guide, it's been awesome as we've been planning our trip to the Cape in July.

Michael MacArthur, Australia

The guide has been invaluable in planning our trip to the top in August this year :)

Have a great day 

Tam Schultz, Australia.

Hi Katrin,

The guide has been fantastic to help us plan for this year's trip - thanks for the effort of updating it each year.

Catherine, Australia

Hi Katrin.

Just purchased Destination Cape York, thanks for a great publication.


-- Wayne Mackenzie, Australia

By the way it is a fantastic book you have made, we are heading up this year and can't wait.


Sharyn Kearney, Australia

I purchased my copy earlier in the year and have found it really helpful in our planning.

Kevin Gaddes, Australia

Your Guide is invaluable! 

Best book we bought! 

With the Hema map and your ebook, we had the best time on the Cape.

-- Ros Ralph, Australia

Thank Katrin.

Love the book.

Its so much information its overwhelming, in a great way.

I was going to print it on paper but the E book works a treat on the iPad.

Thanks heaps.

-- Marty Muscat, Australia

Hi Katrin,

Your book is a cracker and I can see why you keep it as an e-reader or book.

When I go back in a couple of years to the Cape I can download your next and up-to-date installment.

Thanks Mate,

-- Bernie Pearson, Australia

Thanks again for the work that you obviously do to produce this fantastic resource.

Keep up the great work with the book.


-- Eddy, Australia

Hi Katrin

I love receiving your emails & the book was a fantastic help when we made a trip to the cape.

I am looking forward to our next trip in a couple of years, & every time I read your newsletters it make me want to go up there.

Your generosity as an author is amazing.

I wouldn't know how many people use it, but

I tell everyone I hear is going up The Cape about it.

Keep up the fantastic work, it is really appreciated.

Kind Regards

-- Mike P, Australia

Hi Katrin,

Thank you for the excellent book.

Well done.

All the best.

-- Kees Lodder, Australia

Hi Katrin,

We are really enjoying your "Cape York Destination Guide" it is so informative.

Thanks so much for your effort.

-- Barry Rowsell 😀, Australia

Dear Katrin,

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for taking the time to put this e-book together.

I am so impressed with the amazing amount of detail you have included, with everything from history to free camping!

We leave Brisbane for Cape York in just two weeks for what will be our second trip to the tip, but this will be the first time driving our own vehicle and planning the trip from start to finish ourselves, so we were keen to get as much info as possible before leaving.

Your destination guide has been incredibly helpful to us and we can't wait to start the journey!

Keep up the good work!

Best wishes,

-- Jessica, Brisbane

I really enjoy the destination guide, it's very useful and it has been the focus of my planning and research.

Well done!

-- Sherif, Australia

Your book online has been very informative for planning.

-- Michelle Frohloff, Australia

Hi Katrin,

We purchased our guide a few years ago now and I am more than happy to pay for a new edition as

we found the last one invaluable on our trip to Cape York...

Another trip planned for May/April this year...

-- Thanks Sheena Sorrell, Australia.

Hi Katrin

Your email reminded me that I had to contact you and thank you so so much for your travel guide.

We (4 couples) headed off on our Cape York adventure in July 2013

We read a lot of information before we left but your book was known as ‘the bible’ and apart from the maps was the only book we took on our trip.

It was so comprehensive and extremely helpful

It covered everything!!!

We had the best time and completed our trip via the old telegraph track.

Once again, thanks so much for making this info available to Cape York Travellers J

Kind regards

-- Jen & Joe DePellegrini, Victoria, Australia

Hello, well done on you E-book. 

It's as good a read or better than the Moon publication I have read.

A lot of work there, congratulations.

-- Jason, Australia

Last month I downloaded your full guide to Cape York. 

I have fully read and thoroughly enjoyed it.

A wealth of information.

-- Cassie Anderton, Australia

Purchased Guide in Nov 15 to plan 2016 Trip. Very informative and useful.

Thanks for sharing your great knowledge.

-- Steve Nichols, Australia

I've only got a little way into the Destination Guide,

and its great - top marks! 

-- Darryl, Australia

I purchased the Destination Guide about 3 weeks ago.

I’ll be making my way up eary June from Newcastle,

the information you have put together is fantastic, thank you.

-- Peter Tolar, Australia

Thank you Katrina

we have just downloaded the book and

very excited by what we have seen already.

-- Jim and Chris

Love the guide.

Myself and 2 mates will be using it to visit Cape York in July on bikes.  

-- Andrew Aeschlimann, Australia

Thank you so much.

Your guide is fantastic.

-- Kathryn Riddle, Australia

I have read the pocket guide, on the recommendation of a friend who used it

There are 2 others I’ve spoken to in addition

that recommended your full guide book as well!

SO….  I’ve just bought it!

-- Nick, Australia

Hi Katrin

I re-subscribed to your wonderful guides as our last one was used in 2009...

Thanks for the great job we found it invaluable

Kind regards

-- Sheena, Australia

We went to up the Cape last May and

found your guide to be very informative and helpful 

-- Tony Claus, Australia

Dear Katrin,

I received the 2019 Destination Guide on Jan 20th and

have found it very helpful in preparation for out trip north in July this year.

Many thanks.


-- John Harm, Australia

Your book is fantastic, I just loaded the latest version onto my Ipad for the trip.

-- Peter Crozier, Australia

Have just started reading you guide. Fantastic, informative & the photos are great.

Congratulations on a well written guide.

-- Mollie Charalambous, Cairns, Australia

We are some Swiss people (6 all together) visiting Cape York last year in June and we had a very great time.

We had your destination guide with us and were very satisfied with it.

Also many thanks for the newsletter, which brings us back the great feeling reguarly.

-- Beat + Eliane, Switzerland

The guide is excellent

and I wish I had it when I taught at the high school in Bamaga in 1995/6.

-- Kym Whitfield, Australia

I bought the Destination Cape York in mid October 2015. 

Great read and very helpful for the planning.

-- Tom Heaney, New Zealand

Good Morning, 

My copy of Destination Cape York is very informative which is great for first time travellers to the region.

Kindest Regards,

-- Chris Collins, Australia

Hello Katrin.

What I've perused so far looks very interesting.

-- Many thanks, Ron Cox, Australia

Have found your book very interesting heading to the cape in middle of August.

-- Ian, Australia

I did purchase your download, Destination Cape York, around September? last year as we will be coming up the Cape for a couple of months this year for the first time.

Great read!!!!

-- Carolyn Gee, Classic Family Portraits, Australia

The book was terrefic to have and use on our trip!!

-- Nathan, Australia

Hi Katrin

love your guides.

Thanks again for a great read.

-- Eric, Australia

Hi Katrin

Went to the Tip of Cape York in June 2018 - loved my time on the road immensely and

found your guide very useful in planning the trip.


A great publication.

-- Trevor Wenzel, Australia

Hi Katrin

I bet your living the dream up there and doing a great job with the book.

-- Greg Jermen, Australia

Your e-book is proving a great help for our trip planning

The work you have put into it is amazing.

-- Jackie, Australia

Hi Katrin,

I purchased the main Destination Guide back in January and  

been thoroughly studying your guide for our upcoming Cape York trip.

Great info.


-- Phil, Australia

As a working scientist who studied literature I am very jealous of what you've achieved with the guide. Congratulations.

-- Jeff, Australia

Hi Katrin

We purchased the 2018 book and look forward to travelling to the Cape in our 4x4 in June this year

All the information in your book has made our planning so much easier

Kind regards

-- Debbie Harvey, New Zealand

Hi Katrin,

We have really enjoyed the Cape York destination guide

assisting us in planning our trip later this year.

-- Pete Koschel
, Australia

Just so fabulous and very professional without being too 'corporate'.

Thank you 😃 x

-- Rev. Andy Barton, Australia

Hey G'day Katrin

Excellent work!


-- Rob Lenard, Australia

I've downloaded it and love it.

-- Thanks again, Alison, Australia

Love the Destination Guide.


-- Brad Anderson, Australia

Thanks Katrin your book looks fantastic, just what I was looking for.

-- Meri, Australia

This book was fantastic on our trip to the cape.

We're hoping to go again soon,

Kindest regards

-- David & Tina 😎

Hey Katrin,

Just got the Guide August of 2018.

Only in the first stages of planning at the moment but so far

loving the guide and any additional/updated info is always welcome.

Thanks heaps

-- Kevin Semrau, Australia

Thank you, Katrin.

I have started to read the free guide and the two I purchased.

There seems to be so much important and interesting information, well done on providing this for travellers!

Kind regards

-- Jenny Baker, Australia


Loved the book.


-- David Muir, Australia

Hi Katrin,

Thanks for your terrific book

We were first time travelers to the cape with 3 little kids and found your book really helpful during our time on the cape.

Kind regards,

-- Emma Manifold, South Australia

I just bought your guide book - thanks it really is great.

-- Steve Mills, Australia

We purchased a copy of the guide in late 2020 and we are off to the cape at the end of May.

Thanks for a great guide.

-- Kim Malafant, Australia.


Can you please send me the updates to the Trailer Guide.

Keep up the good work,

-- Allan Munro, Australia

We are planning trip to cape in july/aug and the guide has been a great help

-- Jan Curle, Australia


We are planning a trip up to the Cape in June/July and have found your books very informative.

-- Regards Barry Casperson, Australia

Many thanks so far great reading, aiming for cape June/July

-- Terry Talty, Australia

Thanks for your book on the cape very useful.

-- Wayne Jamieson, Australia

A wonderful resource.

Best regards,

-- Keith Burden, Australia

Hi Katrin,

We had our Cape York trip late 2016 and used your information extensively. 

The information was invaluable in helping to find the more remote spots and areas off limits

We met other travellers along the way also using your information

There's nothing else that comes close to it

Thank you for making our trip so enjoyable.

-- Celia Young, Australia

Hi Katrin,

We really like your informative Destination Cape York - hopefully coming up this year.

-- Thanks and regards, Andrew Caird, Australia

Hi Katrin,

Thank you very much for this great guide book, keep up the excellent work

Kindest regards,

-- Lenette MUllen

Hi, bought your guide, great book Thank you.

-- Richard Priestly, Australia

Hi Katrin,

we have got your Destination Cape York which is a great read.

-- Ziggy Vilimec, Australia

Just got back from the Cape, spent three weeks up there, wanted to say your book was excellent.

So much info about everything - we could not have spent our money better. Wonderful job, you deserve a special thank you.

-- Matt Brown, Brisbane, Australia

I purchased your guide earlier in the year in preparation for our trip to the tip.  


We found the guide a fantastic tool to haveit made a huge contribution to planning and enjoying our time up there.

-- Fiona Hixon, Australia

I purchased the guide earlier this week and am slowly working through it.

Top stuff so far.


-- Darryl Smedley, Australia

Hi Katrin,

I have loved your destination guide, it has been very useful in planning our trip.


-- Alison Moylan, Australia

This is just fantastic.

Only skipped thru to page 104 & already have got my money back before even getting in the car.

-- Thanks Warren Crowe, Australia

Love your guide and have recommended it already to others.

-- Bret Dalziel, Australia

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