Punsand Bay

Punsand Bay is a beautiful area in the northernmost Cape York.

It is the bay that stretches roughly between Peak Point in the west and the Tip of Australia in the east (even though there are smaller bays such as Cable and Muddy Bay within it).

There is less history than in Somerset and Lockerbie, but the beautiful nature and four wheel drive tracks make well up for it.

punsand bay resort

Punsand Bay Resort
If you take the straightest way up to this bay from Bamaga and via Lockerbie junction, you will come straight to the Resort, which is towards the western end of the bay. 

It has a beautiful beach (where we have seen crocodiles).

punsand bay road

The Main Road Up
The main road up is just a gravel road, it goes past a Second World War fuel dump and a side track up the hill to the old Ginger Dick's mine. 

The track is very overgrown and at times hard to find. Ginger Dick was the owner of the old Lockerbie homestead and station.

punsand bay shortcut track

The Eastern Backtrack
East of the Punsand Bay Resort there is a track that you can take to the tip of Australia, without having to go back to Lockerbie. 

It is the so-called Roma Flats shortcut track, which is a narrower track (as opposed to the corrugated gravel roads), with soft sandy sections, and usually impassable early in the season.

crocodile creek

Track to Crocodile Creek
Off the Roma Flats shortcut track, goes another side track north to the beach, if you have some extra time, you may want to discover. 

There is nothing there except a muddy creek mouth with mangroves, but happens to be a spectacular one, on a beautiful sunny day you can get nice photos.

punsand bay track

The Western Backtrack
The western backtrack from Lockerbie to Punsand Bay goes west (yeah, right!) of the main road to the resort. 

It starts south of Lockerbie, and first goes to Larradinya Creek, and you can do a side track to its mouth. North of the creek it continues towards Punsand Bay, and comes out just south of it. 

cable bay

Cable Bay and Peak Point
Just west of the Punsand Bay Resort, Cable Bay is a beautiful spot, and there is also a historical Old Telegraph Line junction box, which is at the very northern end of the line. 

Towards Peak Point, there are small tracks to more nice spots and beaches.

roonga point

Track to Roonga Point
West of Cable Bay and Peak Point, the track continues to Roonga Point - on the other side of the Peak Point headland - with more beaches and beautiful views over bright blue waters. 

From here you also have some great views on Roko and Possession Islands.

Punsand Bay Resort

The resort is a beautiful one, and a very enjoyable place to stay.

   punsand bay resort beach punsand bay resort accommodation

It has shade, it has a swimming pool, and even an on-site restaurant.

   punsand bay resort swimming pool punsand bay resort restaurant

And more than anything it is on a beautiful beach with great views that is long enough for walking.

The Main Road Up and Ginger Dick's Mine

If you take the main road north, there is a side track to Ginger Dick's mine.

   ginger dick mine ginger dicks mine equipment

It is another old site with rusty equipment sitting around, like many on the peninsula.

   ginger dicks mine ginger dicks mine cape york

The track is overgrown and hard to find in some places.

The Eastern Back Track

East of the Punsand Bay resort you can take a shortcut track to the main road to the Tip of Australia.
   roma flats track

It goes from the resort to Roma Flats and first goes past some tin huts and a Second World War army communication sub-station.
   roma flats track tin huts

Then it comes to the ruins of the old Cape York Telegraph Station - the very northernmost one.
   cape york telegraph station

Looking at it makes one appreciate even more the ones we still have fully preserved, like Moreton and Musgrave.
   roma flats track

After that the track continues, with a few minor washouts,
   roma flats track to the beach

... past a side track that doesn't quite come out to the beach.
   roma flats track to the beach

And a later one, the one to Crocodile Creek does come out to the beach.

Track to Crocodile Creek

Not far from the eastern end of the so-called Roma Flats shortcut track,
   crocodile creek track

... the track to Crocodile Creek is a little sandy.
   crocodile creek mangroves

Once in the end on a beautiful day, you can get nice photos like these.
   crocodile creek beach

Other than what you see there is nothing there, it's just a muddy bay with mangroves.
   crocodile creek termite mounds

The Western Back Track

The western backtrack from Lockerbie to Punsand Bay starts a little south of Lockerbie.
   punsand bay track

It comes to Larradinya Creek, to a few surprisingly nice fishing spots.
   larradinya creek

After that the track continues, getting a bit sandy a little later.
   larradinya creek track

When it does you are approaching the beach at the Larradinya Creek mouth.
   larradinya creek mouth

There are some great spots for fishing, and close-by are the sites of the old Holland family slaughter house and a WWII rest camp.
   larradinya creek fishing

After that the track continues north,
   punsand bay track north of larradinya creek

... getting a little hilly,
   punsand bay track northern end

... before it comes out to the main road to Punsand Bay.

Cable Bay and Peak Point

West of the Punsand Bay Resort is Cable Bay.
   cable bay

It is a nice spot to discover,
   cable bay beach

... and it is also the northern end of the Old Telegraph Line.
   cable bay old telegraph line terminus

There is an old junction box still sitting.
   cable bay old telegraph line junction box

Track to Roonga Point

Further west, there are more tracks to Roonga Point.
   roonga point

More beautiful views, and also an old sawmill and an old stone jetty.
   roonga point old sawmill

And also views of Possession and Roko Island.
   roonga point possession island

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