Murray Island

Murray Island is also known as Mer.

Like most of the islands in the eastern group, it is an island of volcanic origin.

It is a basaltic island that is an ex volcano,

... with the western end of the volcano crater as the highest point.

The Town

The community is down on the sea level, along the long beach that lines the whole north-eastern coast.

murray island street

Nice small streets with flowering trees,

mer island street

... and coconut palms, like on many other islands.

murray island streets

There is a church on the beach, and some other nice buildings,

murray island church

... and the beach is beautiful.

The Beach of Murray Island

It goes all the way from the western side of the island,

murray island northern beach

... to the east,

murray island beach

... and even the eastern half od the south of the island,

mer island northern beach

... leaving only the rocky south-west without a beach.

mer island beach

It's a beautiful stroll along the north-eastern side,

murray island beach walk

... the side with the community.

murray island eastern beach

It goes past homes and boats,

mer island eastern beach

... the church and a cemetery,

murray island beach birds

... and flocks of seabirds,

murray island beach terns

... and sharks circuling the beach.

murray island beach shark

The afternoon time is beautiful,

murray island southern beach

... the locals enjoy their beach camps or take their boats out.

mer island southern beach

In the western end there are the islands,

murray island western beach islands

... visible from the western end of the beach.

murray island sunset

The west is also where the sun sets,

mer island sunset

... and watching that on a walk to the western end of the beach,

murray island western beach

... is just beautiful.

mer island western beach

Drive Up the Hill on Murray Island

There is one main street through the community,

murray island drive

... and then there is the drive up to the hill.

mer island drive

It has some views over the coast ...

murray island road

... and goes through mostly lush vegetation,

mer island road

... coconut palms,

murray island up the hill

... bamboo trees,

mer island up the hill

... and once on the top, past a school,

murray island central parts

... a water plant,

mer island central parts

... and a power station,

murray island northern parts

... there is a track to a lookout,

mer island northern parts

... with views over the ocean,

murray island lookout

... (on a good day you can see Erub Island),

mer island lookout

... and views west,

murray island views

... and the east,

mer island views

... and over the community.

murray island view

And then there is a track ...

murray island track

... apart, of course, from ...

mer island track

... more tracks to ...

murray island eastern parts

... the eastern,

mer island eastern parts

... and the southern parts,

murray island southern parts

... which are not very hilly,

mer island southern parts

... there is the western part,

murray island western parts

... that is very hilly,

mer island western parts

... and that western track goes right up to ...

murray island the hilltop

... the highest point on the island - Gelam Paser, that is the western end of the volcano crater.

murray island western coast

There are beautiful views south over the water,

murray daua waua islands

... and north,

mer dowar waua islet

... over the other two Murray islands,

murray dowar waua islet

... Daua and Waua.


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