Mossman Australia

Mossman australia is a beautiful rainforest town.

It is in a beautiful green setting just a little bit away from the coast, surrounded by some lush tropical rainforests and sugar cane farms. 

I remember it as a quiet old country town, and it still is compared to the neighbouring Port Douglas.

But with some colourful shops and art galleries, tours and now the new Mossman Gorge Centre, the town definitely has started to change.

mossman sugar mill

Sugar Mill
Just like many other towns in north Queensland that are surrounded by sugar cane farms, the town has a sugar mill, where the cane is processed. 

During the cane cutting season, between about mid July and mid November, you can visit the mill on a guided tour.


mossman shopping

Markets and Shopping
Colourful shops have started to open and so have art galleries. 
There are fashion shops, gift shops, homeware, tools, sports shops, video shops and second hand shops - the kind of shops you won't find in the neighbouring touristic Port Douglas. There are markets on Saturday mornings.

mossman restaurants

Places to Eat

There are also some places to eat. The old Raintree's Cafe is still there and still popular, and of course there are also the old pubs. 

But nowadays there are also other, newer places, most along the main street.

mossman hotels

The town's hotels are all old pubs, where you can get a meal and drinks in the public bar downstairs; and there are hotel rooms upstairs. 

There are a few of them along the main street. In the northern end of the town is also a caravan park.

mossman river

Mossman River
Not far from the caravan park is where you get to the river. It's a great place for a cool dip on a hot day. 

Turn left after the bridge, there is a park with a picnic table and toilets, and in the end of that park is the river. It's a beautiful spot in the rainforest.

mossman gorge

The Gorge
But even more beautiful is Mossman Gorge. It is the town's number one tourist attraction. 

It is a beautiful gorge with some very nice swimming holes, and nowadays there is also a lookout platform, a new suspension bridge and a few km walk through some amazing rainforest.

mossman tours

and the rest of You can do the gorge on a tour run by local Aboriginal people. But there are also other tours in case you are in Cairns, its Northern Beaches, Palm Cove or Port Douglas, you can join a tour that takes you to Mossman and also Cape Tribulation and Daintree Rainforest.

Mossman Gorge

The Gorge is absolutely beautiful.

And there are some great swimming holes - very nice for a cool dip on a hot day.

I remember the place from days when you could come here and have the gorge for yourself - not anymore.

mossman gorge centre

There is now the new Mossman Gorge Visitor Centre, a boardwalk and it is not a quiet swimming spot anymore.

mossman gorge visitor centre

But the nature itself is still just as nice!

mossman gorge australia

There is a circuit walk that starts at the car park, next to picnic tables...

mossman gorge lookout

It first takes you to the lookout ...

mossman gorge walk

... then across a new suspension bridge.

mossman gorge bridge

It goes past some massive trees with massive root systems ..

mossman gorge buttress roots

... to some very nice swimming holes :-)

mossman gorge wurrmbu creek

Tours in Mossman Australia

On this page you have some Mossman tours.

Mossman is a small town in far north Queensland, surrounded by lush tropical rainforest and sugar cane farms, north of Cairns and Port Douglas.

Thanks to the cane farms there is the Sugar Mill and you can take a tour in there during the cane cutting season (mid-July to mid-November) and learn how the cane is processed.

Thanks to the rainforests it is a beautiful lush and green place, and its number one attraction is Mossman Gorge, which is in the southern section of Daintree rainforest.

If you are in Mossman, you can either visit the gorge by yourself (restricted to the shuttle bus nowadays) or join one of the great Mossman tours run by the local Aboriginal people.

If you are in Cairns, Northern Beaches, Palm Cove or Port Douglas, you can join one of the many Mossman tours from there.

mossman gorge tour

Daintree, Cape Tribulation and Mossman Gorge 4WD Tour
This tour departs from Cairns, Northern Beaches, Palm Cove and Port Douglas.
It takes you to Mossman and Mossman Gorge as well as the Cape Tribulation section of Daintree Rainforests and a croc spotting cruise along Daintree River.

cape tribulation tour

Aboriginal Cultural Daintree Rainforest and Mossman Tours
This tour departs from Cairns, Northern Beaches and Port Douglas.
It is an Aboriginal experience and it takes you to Mossman town to visit its Aboriginal art gallery, as well as to beaches, mangroves, and rainforest waterfalls.

daintree river cruise

Aboriginal Dreamtime Walk, Daintree River Crocodile Cruise and Fruit Farm Day Trip
This tour departs from Cairns, Palm Cove and Port Douglas.
It is another Aboriginal tour and it takes you to the town of Mossman as well as the Gorge, and a croc spotting cruise on Daintree River.

cape tribulation tours bloomfield track

Cape Tribulation, Daintree River Cruise and Bloomfield Track Small Group Tour

This trip departs from Cairns and Port Douglas.

It does the Mossman town more briefly than the tours above, and focusses more on Daintree River, Cape Tribulation and Bloomfield Road.

All tours details in the Destination Guide.

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