Cyclone Aftermath

On this page is how to prepare for cyclone aftermath.

And also what are the important things to remember right after the cyclone.

You should listen to your battery operated radio and not go out before it is officially ok to do so.

Don't go anywhere near broken power lines and don't go too close to the trees, particularly if it's still windy
- half broken branches may fall.

And always stay out of any flood waters

But apart from the immediate aftermath, there are also the things that will not be back to normal in your daily life straight away.

. No Power

You most likely have no power, at least if it was a strong enough cyclone

If you live in the area where tropical cyclones hit
, an important item in your household is a generator.

As part of your cyclone preparation you should always make sure you have enough fuel to run it until the fuel stations reopen after the cyclone.

emergency generator  home generator

. No Water

You most likely have no water, at least if it was a strong enough cyclone. And even if the water is back, it could be contaminated.

As part of your cyclone preparation you should always fill some drinking water containers, and also some other, larger containers (wheelie bin, bath) with water that can be used for flushing the toilet.

emergency drinking water  emergency water

. No TV Signal

Your TV may not have a signal, so you cannot watch TV news.

As a part of your cyclone preparation you should always make sure you have a battery operated radio to listen to the news and any warnings.

And do have spare batteries.

battery operated radio  cyclone watch

. No Landline Phone or Internet

Phone lines may be broken in which case ADSL internet will also not work.

Wireless internet and mobile phones are more likely to work

. In an extreme case your house may have lost its roof, or even got totally demolished.

As part of your cyclone preparation you should always make sure that you have all the important phone numbers in your cyclone kit
. Apart from triple zero you should have the numbers to SES (State Emergency Service), Main Roads and Ergon Energy.

cyclone power  cyclone victims

. Cleanup

Whether your house was damaged or not you most likely have some cleaning to do in the yard. There will be broken branches and probably uprooted trees and other debris to clean up.

Whether you live in a cyclone affected area or not
, it is always handy to own a chain saw.

cyclone aftermath  cyclone cleanup

Chop the trees up and carry them out of your yard and place them in the street just in the front of your yard - the council guys will come and pick them up.

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