Clothing for the Trip and Snake / Spider Protection?

Clothing for the Trip and Snake / Spider Protection?

by Casey

Hi Katrin

Myself and a few close friends are heading to the tip in July this year,

Can you advise the most suitable clothing for the northern peninsula?

I'm most frightened of snakes and spiders and I wonder whether plain old blunstone boots will do the trick or whether I need those boot/ankle protector thingys or something else..

Your website is definitely the most resourceful one yet!

Contains info that I have been searching for - e.g Where to from here routes, destinations / river crossings etc.

Many thanks

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Hi Casey,
by: Katrin

Thanks for your kind words - this website is only new and running for the first season but will only grow from here :-)

I can relate to your question as just before my first Cape York trip i did buy gaiters for snake protection. I also bought long bushwalking pants for that reason, and proper bushwalking boots that cover the ankles, which is where 90% of all snake bites happen.

Then i came up here and saw that a lot of locals and travellers are walking in thongs or even bare feet without any protection whatsoever. When it comes to the chances to come across or get bitten by a dangerous snake or spider up here, the situation is much the same as elsewhere in Australia - they are mostly shy animals that get out of your way if they can. Make enough noise for snakes and zip your tent up properly to stop a spider from walking in - the usual.

However, one thing is different - up here, you are (depending on how remote you go and how much you actually want to go walking in the bush) likely to find yourself much farther away from medical help and antivenoms, and for that reason, yes, it is smart to be better protected than while travelling in many other places in Australia.

Personally i still use my long bushwalking pants, boots and gaiters if i do go for a half decent walk in the bush, and i also have an EPIRB and a proper first aid kit with snake-bite bandages and all in the vehicle (AND remember how to use them!), just in case. It's smart to be prepared properly.

As for the rest of the clothing - the usual tropical weather clothes and personally i don't bring TOO good clothes as the red bulldust will do some damage to everything you bring along.

Thanks again and wish you a great trip!!!

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