Cape York Photos

On this page are some Cape York photos taken by myself.

If you want to use any please contact me first.

cooktown pub
The Top Pub in Cooktown.

brolga birds
Brolgas in Lakefield National Park.

cape york sign
Cape York sign.

cape york fishing

palmer river goldfields
Palmer River Goldfields.

frangipani flower
Frangipani flower.

bramwell junction signs
Bramwell Junction.

nathau beach sunrise
Nathau Beach sunrise.

cooktown cemetery
Cooktown Cemetery.

fruit bat falls swimhole
Fruit Bat Falls swimming hole.

amethystine python
Amethystine Python.

green island
Green Island.

funny dip sign
Funny dip sign.

seisia church
Seisia church.

telegraph track
Telegraph track.


vrilya point
Vrilya Point.

batavia goldfield
Batavia Goldfield.


thursday island sign
Thursday Island.

coloured sands
Coloured sands.


chili beach
Chili Beach.

cape york distances
Cape York distances.

thong tree
Chili Beach Thong Tree.

cassowary sign
Cassowary sign.

cape york termite mounds
Termite mound.

cape york rainforest
Tropical rainforests.

cape york rock art
Aboriginal rock art.

cooktown waterfront
Cooktown waterfront.

bush turkey
Bush turkey.

umagico beach
Umagico beach.

rainforest fungi
Rainforest fungi.

weipa beachfront
Weipa beachfront.

roko island pearl farm
Roko Island Pearl Farm.

old tellie track
Old Tellie Track.

ussher point
Ussher Point.

cooktown wharf
Cooktown wharf.

crystal creek
Crystal Creek.

sadd point dunny
Sadd Point dunny.

nolans brook swimhole
Nolans Brook swimming hole.

vrilya point sunset
Vrilya Point sunset.

wwii airplane wrecks
WWII airplane wrecks.

emu bird
Emu bird.

mount mulligan
Mount Mulligan.

pandanus palm
Fruit of pandanus palm.

punsand bay
Punsand Bay.

funny cape york sign
Funny sign.

thursday island cemetery
Thursday Island Cemetery.

gunshot creek
Gunshot Creek crossing.

ninian bay
Ninian Bay.

hodgkinson river goldfields
Hodgkinson River Goldfields.

carnivorous pitcher plants
Carnivorous pitcher plants.

portland roads
Portland Roads.

roko island buoys
Roko Island buoys.

battle camp road
Battlecamp Road.

fruitbat falls
Fruit bat falls.

sadd point
Sadd Point.

seisia fishing
Seisia fishing.


mangrove plant

roko island
Roko Island.

ussher and sadd point
Road to Ussher and Sadd Point.

bogged in sand
Bogged in sand.

seisia sunset
Seisia sunset.

cooktown lighthouse
Cooktown lighthouse.

old mapoon
Old Mapoon.

kurrajong flower
Kurrajong flower.

thursday island fort
Thursday Island fort.

vrilya point lookout
Vrilya Point Lookout.

tyrconell mine
Tyrconnell Mine.

captain billy landing
Captain Billy Landing.

dulhunty river sign
Dulhunty river sign.

vrilya point beach
Vrilya Point Beach.

seisia beach
Seisia Beach.

loyalty beach
Loyalty Beach.

frangipani tree
Frangipani tree.

weipa mining
Weipa mining.

ussher point termite mounds
Ussher Point termite mounds.

portland roads fishing
Portland Roads.

wakooka cape melville sign
Wakooka - Cape Melville sign.

seisia beach
Seisia Beach.

Grevillea flower.

seisia wharf
Seisia Wharf.

loyalty beach fishing
Loyalty Beach fishing.

gold mining history
Gold mining history.

weipa bauxite
Weipa Bauxite.

cape york distances
Distance sign at Maytown.

loyalty beach sunset
Loyalty Beach sunset.

ussher point lookout
Ussher Point lookout.

coconut palms
Coconut palms.

beaches loop road
Beaches Loop Road.

old telegraph track
Old Telegraph Track.

old telegraph track creek crossing
Old Telegraph Track.

ott old bridge crossing
Cypress Creek.

crossing cannibal creek
Cannibal Creek.

crossing gunshot
Gunshot Creek.

tip of australia
Northernmost point of Australia.

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