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Badu Island

Information on Badu Island in the Torres Strait, north of Cape York, Australia.

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2022 guide release date?

Ca you advise me when the 2022 version release date will be out?

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Missing person and 4WD Frenchman's Track area

Queensland Police Service have commenced a search and rescue for a male person reported missing in the Frenchman's Track area of Cape York. Person: 63y.o.

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Cape York Tours

On this page you have info and tips if you want to take any Cape York tours, scenic flights or cruises, or want to join a tagalong.

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Cape Melville National Park

Cape Melville National Park is a beautiful remote park great for fishing and camping. Check out photos and information.

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Roonga Point Question

Hi Katrin, I've seen some youtube videos and other reviews about free camping at Roonga Point. However you don't mention this as a free camp spot in

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Dan's Tribe

Hi, We are planning a trip to the tip with 4 vehicles, 3 will be doing the OTT. the 4th is our parents in a new Pajero sport and they prefer to stick

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Destination Cape York 2020

Just wondering when the 2020 version of the book will be available?? Thanks Cheryl Rossiter

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Travelling in late December

Hi Katrin (and everyone else), Thanks for writing such a comprehensive guide! I've read through the pocket guide and some of the Destination Guide and

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Caravan or Camper Supplement

If I already have the caravan supplement do I need the trailer supplement as well or are they pretty much the same? Trying to decide whether to take

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I have just come back from the Cape

Hi Katrin, I have just come back from the Cape. I had a wonderful 9 days being shown around by our tour guide, Paul Curtis from North Queensland Wildscapes

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Cape York Cruise

Information on the Cape York cruise that you can do on a cargo ship.

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Cape York Travel Guide

Hello there, My little family will be travelling from Melbourne to the tip next year (July 2020) and during the last 12 months of light research I have

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Why Are You Here?" -- "Same Reason You Are!

Hi, Katrin My traveling buddy and I made it to the Tip a couple of weeks ago, with a great deal of help from your guidebook and newsletters, so I wanted

Continue reading "Why Are You Here?" -- "Same Reason You Are!"

Caravan or Not - to Cape York?

Hi I am planning a trip this year and know very little about the roads above Cairns. Could you please give me any advise about whether to leave my standard

Continue reading "Caravan or Not - to Cape York?"

Hope They Never Seal The Road

I visited Cape York in 2016 (on a tour) with 4WDs and discovered your newsletter before going. I really enjoy reading the newsletter since returning.

Continue reading "Hope They Never Seal The Road"

2018 Version of Guide?

Hi, I am planning a trip for Jun/Jul 2018 so do l need to wait for the 2018 updated version of the e-book? Or do l get all updates anyway? Thanks

Continue reading "2018 Version of Guide?"

Road Condition PDR?

What's the condition of the southern PDR from Weipa to Coen please

Continue reading "Road Condition PDR?"

Our Adventure to the Top

Bramwell Junction

Dear Katrin Thank you for your guide to the Cape. We went up there from Brisbane in late May and June last year in our AWD Toyota Kluger. Photo: Lion's

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Buying the Dog Book

Hi there I Am trying to buy the book with the dog copy as well. I understand it's an extra $7 but every time I go to order it, it only comes up with

Continue reading "Buying the Dog Book"

Bamaga 1980s

We moved to Bamaga in 1980 & stayed there until 1984. My father was the primary school principal & my mother was a nurse. I remember watching 4x4s coming

Continue reading "Bamaga 1980s"


Hi people, I am getting so many questions about Vrilya Point (as of early 2017). There are no news on it - but I will send a newsletter as soon as there

Continue reading "VRILYA POINT AS OF EARLY 2017"

I lost the original purchase confirmation email

Hi Kate. I would like to download the latest 2017 edition but due to a computer glitch I lost a lot of e-mails and my original purchase confirmation

Continue reading "I lost the original purchase confirmation email"

Destination Guide to Tablet?

Hi, If I purchase the ebook and download to my main computer, can I then transfer it to my tablet so I can take it with me when we head off??? Or do I

Continue reading "Destination Guide to Tablet?"

How to get the Destination Guide 2017 when i already have the 2016?

I have your 2016 Complete destination guide where to do I sign up for the 2017 one. I couldnt find a place on youe email. thanks

Continue reading "How to get the Destination Guide 2017 when i already have the 2016?"

Travel Guide

Do you offer a hard copy of Destination Cape York Travel Guide by Karen Holmsten? If so, I would be happy to acquire a copy (I realise the price would

Continue reading "Travel Guide"

Questions about your Ebook

Hi how many pages in your ebook and what format is it in please. Also if i purchase ebook can i download it onto more than one of my devices. Thanks

Continue reading "Questions about your Ebook"

Distance and time to drive between Archer River RH and Bramwell Junction Roadhouse

Hi Kat, Firstly, I bought your book late last year (in preparation for my Cape trip in 2017) ... fantastic book!! Congratulations and well done. I've

Continue reading "Distance and time to drive between Archer River RH and Bramwell Junction Roadhouse"


Love your Guide and the updates. Amazing how quickly the roads have recovered without much damage. I look forward to using all your info in August so

Continue reading "VRILYA POINT AS OF EARLY JUNE 2016"

Destination Guide Ebook

Hi, I just bought your Destination Guide Ebook, but I bought it from my work computor, can I still get the latest updated info from my home computor/tablet?

Continue reading "Destination Guide Ebook"

Destination Cape York Book

Hi, I bought your book in early 2013 when I was last heading up to the cape and am planning another trip this June/July. Just enquiring if there has

Continue reading "Destination Cape York Book"

EBook Question

Hi With your ebook guide, does the entire book get downloaded onto my computer or do I need internet access to keep opening links? For instance if I

Continue reading "EBook Question"

furtherest you can go in a awd car

Whast is the furtherest you can go in a awd vehicle? Is there anyway to get to the tip?

Continue reading "furtherest you can go in a awd car"

Tropical Cyclone Nathan

On this page you have the local, first hand information on the March 2015 tropical cyclone Nathan near Cooktown.

Continue reading "Tropical Cyclone Nathan"

Cape York check list

Hi Katrin We are planning a 4wd trip to Cape York in July for approximately 4 weeks. I've been assigned the task of organizing a 1st aid kit and finding

Continue reading "Cape York check list"

Your complete CY travel guide

Hello Katrin I am about to purchase your complete CY travel guide. Can I download it to my Laptop, which I am not taking along on the trip from Sydney,

Continue reading "Your complete CY travel guide"

Cape York trip

Hi Katrin, Just grabbed a copy of your detailed guide...looks great thanks. We are planning a trip leaving the Hunter Valley NSW last week of May, thus

Continue reading "Cape York trip"

Did the Cape in 1980 and Now Revisiting

My wife Trish, and I travelled up the cape in 1980. Very different to today (no PDR). When we reached the tip the track ended at the present car park

Continue reading "Did the Cape in 1980 and Now Revisiting"


eliot falls

The trip has been great so far, we have gone from Gympie to the Tip and now we are back at Coen, the roads have been wide and smooth its only when we got

Continue reading "SUBARU CARPACKERS"


cape york travel

Plan Your Trip... the FREE Cape York Travel Pocket Guide

Get this 50 pages guide totally for FREE. It contains information that helps you getting started with planning of your trip. You get to make early-stages desicions such as when to go, how long time you should take, how to get there and get around, where to stay (general info), what will it cost.. and a short insight to what is there to see and do in Cape York.

Plan and Bring to the Trip... the full Destination Cape York Travel Guide

visit cape york

This complete 300 pages travel guide is all you need before and during your trip. Besides the background chapters on the peninsula's history and wildlife; and the comprehensive detail about all the places (down to prices, opening hours and full contact detail), it has invaluable information on at least 10 four wheel drive tracks, at least 30 guaranteed FREE camping spots on the Cape (and at least 150 on your way to the Cape), at least 40 best swimming holes, all mapped; as well as practical things - from fuel, roads, wireless internet and mobile phone reception, how to deal with the national parks booking rules; and Aboriginal land entrance and camping permits and alcohol restrictions - to vehicle preparation and accessories and necessary recovery gear by my vehicle-recovery-guy partner). Not to mention locals' tips on how to spot that croc and palm cockatoo ;-)

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