Cape Flattery

Cape Flattery is an adventurous place.

It takes some getting to,
because there are some pretty boggy hillsides.

Nice for fishing and camping, but more effort to get in compared to so many other spots.

Consequesntly, a lot of Cape York travellers don't come here, before years of return trips.

cape flattery turnoff

It starts just south of the Starcke Wakooka Track.

Drive to Morgans Landing

There is a narrow gravel road,

cape flattery fence

... that follows a fence,

cape flattery road

... and gradually turns into more and more of a four wheel drive track.

cape flattery track

For starters there are just a few washouts,

cape flattery washouts

... but pretty soon,

cape flattery track sandier

... it gradually gets sandier,

cape flattery track sandy

... and soon there are soft sands.

cape flattery track soft sand

Open heathland vegetation,

cape flattery vegetation

... views on inland lakes,

cape flattery inland lake

... some hills,

cape flattery track hill

... creek crossings,

cape flattery track creek crossing

... and views of sand dunes.

cape flattery track views on sand dunes

Muddy parts ...

cape flattery track muddy

... to sandy parts,

cape flattery track sandy

... and some boggy sections.

cape flattery track boggy

We got bogged once, because of not letting our tyres down beforehand,

cape flattery track bogged

... but got out quickly.

cape flattery track bogged

Finally, the track ends at Morgans Landing.

cape flattery track to morgans landing

Morgans Landing

A nice beach spot,

cape flattery morgans landing

... Cape Flattery on the left,

cape flattery to morgans landing

... and Cape Bedford on the right hand side,

cape flattery morgans landing to cape bedford

.. and even views of it,

cape flattery cape bedford

... and, beautiful waves in the middle.

cape flattery morgans landing waves


cape flattery morgans landing sandy

... but not boggy on the beach front,

cape flattery morgans landing beach front

... a look around,

cape flattery morgans landing look around

... and the drive started :-)

Drive to the Cape

It's some 20km to the end,

cape flattery beach drive

... along a beach softer than the one at Coloured Sands.

cape flattery beach drive

It's a fun drive past some bare hills,

cape flattery beach drive bare hills

... lots of driftwood,

cape flattery beach drive driftwood

... buoys and other treasures,

cape flattery beach drive buoys

... and vegetation shaped by the winds.

cape flattery beach drive vegetation

Across some eight creek mouths,

cape flattery beach drive creek

... and past some beautiful white silica sand dunes,

cape flattery beach drive sand dunes

... before you get to the end.

cape flattery east

The easter side of Cape Flattery is right in front of you, along with the big jetty,

cape flattery jetty

... that belongs to the silica mine.

Cape Flattery Silica Mine

Off the beach,

cape flattery and jetty

... there are some views of the jetty,

cape flattery mine

... and there is the mine.

cape flattery silica mine

There is also the famous tunnel,

cape flattery tunnel

... so low and narrow, it has scratches on the walls and ceiling.

cape flattery mine tunnel

And there is the track to the other side.

Drive Across the Cape

Beautiful views of white sand dunes,

cape flattery views

... this track is also boggy,

cape flattery boggy

... particularly on the hills.

cape flattery hill

Once you get over the top, you start seeing the views of the other side

Connie Beach

The first thing is Connie Beach - the good old spot.

cape flattery connie beach

It is easy to drive to the end,

cape flattery connie beach

... where there is more shade and vegetation,

cape flattery connie beach vegetation

... mangroves,

cape flattery connie beach mangroves

... sandy sections,

cape flattery connie beach sandy

... rocky sections,

cape flattery connie beach rocky

... and the tracks to the rest :-)

cape flattery connie beach shore

Full information about Cape Flattery is in the Destination Guide :-)

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