Cairns Aquarium

Cairns Aquarium is one of the newest attractions in town.

It opened in 2017, and it was about time,
as Townsville's aquarium opened 30 years ago!

It is very impressive, amazingly beautiful inside,

... and outside as well.

cairns aquarium

There is a restaurant, with views into some aquarium tanks.

cairns aquarium restaurant

There is a shop at the entrance, and of course the coral decorations.

cairns aquarium shop cairns aquarium entrance

Once inside, you enter a completely different world.

cairns aquarium visit

There are a few different kinds of ecosystems, mostly marine but some terrestrial as well.

River and Creek Ecosystems

The first after you enter, are the river and creek,

cairns aquarium river and creek

... the animals that belong, such as freshwater turtles,

cairns aquarium turtle

... fish such as mangrove jack, barramundi; crayfish and crocodiles.

cairns aquarium river fish cairns aquarium cray fishcairns aquarium cray cairns aquarium creek fish

There is also a talk on this ecosystem once a day.
cairns aquarium river ecosystem talk

Mangroves and Tropical Rainforest

We all know that rainforest is a rich ecosystem, but mangroves are also a rich and important one.

cairns aquarium mangroves

There is a large amount of animals from fish and crabs to crocodiles that belong to this ecosystem.

cairns aquarium crab

Rainforest - around Cairns and Daintree, is the world's oldest.

cairns aquarium

There are snakes, frogs, lizards, insects and spiders on display, there are goannas, frill necked lizards, green tree frogs, geckoes, giant cockroaches, blue tongue lizards, worms, stick and leaf insects, only to name some.

cairns aquarium python cairns aquarium snake

And there is also a talk on the terrestrial ecosystem.

cairns aquarium terrestrial talk

Open Ocean and Coral Reef - Cairns Aquarium

The largest part of the aquarium is about the reef,

cairns aquarium coral reef ecosystem

... and it is amazing.

cairns aquarium coral reef

There are whole walls of windows to the ecosystem,

cairns aquarium coral reef

... which is so captivating with both coral and fish.

cairns aquarium coral reef

There are several rooms with lots of detail of its high numbers of animals,

cairns aquarium coral reef ecosystem

... such as fish such as coral trout and giant groper, surgeonfish, parrotfish, cardinalfish, angelfish, butterflyfish, damselfish, wrasse, and sea anemone and the anemone fish Nemo.

cairns aquarium reef fish cairns aquarium fish
cairns aquarium nemo cairns aquarium coral reef fish
cairns aquarium fish school cairns aquarium school fish

There are eels, jellyfish, stone fish, saw fish, lion fish, sea stars, sponges, nudibranchs, sea slugs, squids, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, sea pens, shrimps, lobsters, and giant clams and other sea shells.
 cairns aquarium eel

There are sharks such as black tip reef sharks and hammerhead, and all the other creatures.

cairns aquarium shark

There is a talk on sharks and rays,

cairns aquarium ray

... deep water creatures, and the coral reef ecosytem creatures.

cairns aquarium deep water talk

There is also a touch tank to touch and see the animals close-by,

cairns aquarium coral reef talk

... and a talk about that as well.

cairns aquarium touch tank talk cairns aquarium touch tank

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