Badu Island

Badu Island is also called Mulgrave Island.

It is the third largest of all of the Torres Strait islands,

... and is most similar to the inner islands group in many ways.

The people are very friendly, the community is large and, after all - there is a pub!

In the Community of Badu Island

Most of the island is uninhabited, with the community in the south eastern end.

badu island streets

A bit like on Thursday Island, you can see the blue waters from some streets, and like many other outer islands, the community has a long beach.

badu island street

It goes all the way from the airport to past the cemetery in the other end,

badu island beachfront

... and makes a nice walk - if you like walking the beach,

badu island beach

... the views are beautiful.

badu island beach

There are picnic shelters,

badu island church

... and a church,

badu island church

... and a little higher up the streets are the council office,

badu island council

... a pub, and the Art Centre,

badu island art centre

... which is well known for the local Badu art.

badu art centre badu art centre
badu art centre badu art centre

Further down along the beach, you come to the pier.

badu island pier

And after that is an area with mangroves,

badu island boat ramp

... the cemetery,

badu island cemetery

... and the end of the beach.

badu island waterfront

Past the end, if you keep driving,

badu island community

... you come to the old Seafood Factory,

badu island seafood factory

... and after that there is a walk up the hill,

badu island lookout walk

... where there is a bit of a lookout.

badu island lookout views

Badu's sunsets are not on the sea side,

badu island sunsets

... but that only applies to the community - outside the town, the roads do go to the western side :-)

badu island sunset

Walking the Beach of Badu Island Community

Walking the beach is beautiful,

badu community beach walk southern end badu community beach walk low tide
badu community beach walk wadan weibadh badu community beach walk south of cemetery

... even though those photos are from a very low tide.

badu community beach walk picnic table

Starting from the southern end, there are picnic tables,

badu community beach walk cemetery

... the cemetery,

badu community beach walk gazebo badu community beach walk matanubar

... picnic shelters,

badu community beach walk matanubar creek

... boats parked on the beach,

badu community beach walk badu community beach walk wakaid

... creek mouths,

badu community beach walk wakaid creek

... and the seawall ...

badu community beach walk church

... in the northern end.

badu community beach walk northern end

Outside the Community on Badu Island

There are roads out of the town,

badu island road

... that turn into tracks finally.

badu island drive

They go out of the community,

badu island roads

... to the south, east and west,

badu island gazebo

... some of the closest sites are a BBQ shelter and a swimming hole,

badu island swimming hole badu island gazebo swimhole
badu island gazebo swimming hole badu island swimming hole barbeque

... and a cultural site.

badu island cultural site

Southern Tracks of Badu Island

The southern tracks include ...

badu graz kudal road badu graz kudal sign
badu graz kudal track badu graz kudal road

... the ones to Kudal,

badu graz kudal track badu graz track

... and Graz.

badu graz beach track

They are beautiful beaches ...

badu graz beach tracks

... in the southern end of the island,

badu graz beach badu graz beach views
badu graz badu graz beach camp

... reached by small tracks,

badu kudal track

... and with getaway camps of the locals.

badu kudal beach camp


badu beach swimming

... cooking,

badu island beach walk badu island traditional cooking
badu island dugong meat badu island swim

... beautiful views,

badu island beach palms

... beach walks,

badu island beach rocks

... and beautiful sunsets.

badu island western sunset badu island camp sunset
badu island west coast sunset badu island west sunset

Central and Eastern Tracks of Badu Island

Back in the community,

badu island airstrip beach

... there are tracks past the airport,

badu island muii wakaid badu island north of airstrip
badu island central road badu island north of airport

... that go to the central,

badu island 4wd tracks

... and eastern parts of the island,

badu island central track badu island eastern track
badu island eastern road badu island 4wd track

... that come out to a beach.

Western Tracks of Badu Island

And finally,

badu island yaza badu island yaza camp
badu island yaza view badu island yaza views

... there are the western tracks,

badu island yaza track badu island yaza tracks
badu island yaza beach track badu island yaza beach tracks

... to beautiful places,

badu island yaza beach camp badu island yaza beach views
badu island yaza beach badu island yaza beach walk

... like Yaza,

badu island western road badu island argun nguki dun delalbebe road
badu island argun road badu island argun track

... Nguki,

badu island argun

... and Argun,

badu island argun camping badu island argun swimming
badu island argun beach swimming badu island argun beach

... with its beautiful beach.

badu island argun camp badu island argun day out
badu island argun lunch badu island argun camp lunch

But the most beautiful,

badu island palms

... on the whole island,

badu island palms

... is the place ...

badu island palms

... called the Palms.

badu island palms

With its white sands, beach and the palm forest,

badu island palms

... it is a breathtakingly beautiful place.

badu island palms

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