Back in the late 80"s

Back in the late 80"s

by Kristy
(Ipswich, QLD Australia)

Yes I remember crossing the Jardine long before a ferry was ever thought of. I was 10 years old and had the time of my life on our family journey's.

Dad had a blue short wheel base land cruiser. The camp area was full to the brim with people and crossings were done in groups, usually new found fiends on the trails.

Tarps over bonnets and sealed with good ole grey tape. 10 people or so at different intervals of the crossing for the driver to navigate the holes in the rock and there was a few deep ones. Yes I remember a rock bottom for the first part, and a current in the water that would float me down a few meters before I would get scared and swim back to the people on the crossing. (had my parents seen this they would of screamed blue murder - Dad was having nightmares that me particularly is eaten by a croc)

Dad got through no problems and so did everyone else, the only car that had any issues and had so many of them on the track that they were quite well known..... the ford panelvan .... yes a ford panel van, which probably to this day owes many a tow rope, snatch straps and good will to all they encountered on the journey.

Mum and dad gave me passion for Toyota 4WD, to go camping, drive dirt tracks and see where that road goes.

Bless the dirt road that is Australia.


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