Cape York News Back Issues

On this page you have the Cape York Newsletter back issues.

As you can see this newsletter is highly irregular and also seasonal.

The irregularity is because I am not pushing a monthly newsletter and then try to fill it with Cape York news that are not relevant for travellers. I prefer shorter newsletters with more relevant info for you as a traveller, and I am sure you agree.

For that reason I write when I have something to say instead of writing strictly once a month whether I have anything to say or not.

The seasonality means there are a lot more newsletters during the Wet Season (January - June) than the Dry Season (July - December).

It is because from January on the majority of people plan their trip, need the news for their trip, early season travellers need to know how the roads are going in the late Wet Season, and there are always some cyclones that could cause big road closures.

From June on most people are on the tracks, the roads are dry enough, there are no more cyclones, we are also on the tracks getting updates.
And in the end of the year there is very little interest when everyone is busy getting ready for Christmas, while I am also busy myself, getting all the updates into the Destination Guide to be ready to go in January.

That is why you find a lot more newsletters in the first than in the second half of the year, when you may not hear from me for a good couple of months at the time.

Issue #111 -- Season and School Holidays, Road Report, and Coming Events

Issue #110 -- Bramwell Station, Road Report, Coming Events

Issue #109 -- The Season, New Road Report, and Coming Events

Issue #108 -- Tourist Season, Road Report, Coming Events

Issue #107 -- Big Tourist Season Coming, Fresh Road Report, CREB Track is Open

Issue #106 -- Latest on PDR and Jardine River Ferry, Prices Updated in the Destination Guide :-)

Issue #105 -- Tip of Cape Open, Weather and Season, Trailer Guide Updated :-)

Issue #104 -- This Month's Road Report, Caravan Guide Updated :-)

Issue #103 -- Wet Season So Far, Doggie Guide Updated :-)

Issue #102 -- Destination Guide 2021 Is Out :-)

Issue #101 -- First Rains Arrived, Latest Road Report, Free Pocket Guide Updated :-)

Issue #100 -- 2020 Tourist Season, Bamaga - Weipa Road Report

Issue #099 -- CREB Track Open, Latest Road Report

Issue #098 -- The Tip and Other Places Open for Travellers :-)

Issue #097 -- Borders Opening, Businesses Opening, Fresh Road Report

Issue #096 -- Cape York Closures, 2020 Tourist Season, No More Destination Guide Updates this Year

Issue #095 -- Cape York Closure, Weather, Website and Destination Guide Updates

Issue #094 -- Temporary Cape York Closure, Weather and Season, Trailer Guide Updated :-)

Issue #093 -- Weather and Wet Season So Far, Caravan Guide Updated :-)

Issue #092 -- Season and Weather, Rivers Rising, Doggie Guide 2020 Out :-)

Issue #091 -- The Destination Cape York 2020 is out :-)

Issue #090 -- Road Report, This Year's Tracks, Pocket Guide Updated, Destination Guide Next, Christmas Gift Cards Available :-)

Issue #089 -- Road Report, Updates on the Sealing of the PDR, Coming Events

Issue #088 -- Road Report, Cape Melville and Oyala Thumotang Open, Coming Events

Issue #087 -- The Season, The Road, Lakefield Opening Earlier than Predicted

Issue #086 -- Road to the Tip Right Now - May 2019, No More Destination Guide Updates this Year

Issue #085 -- Main Road Open, Local Businesses Open, Prices Updated in the Destination Guide

Issue #084 -- Mount Mulligan, the Wet Season, Trailer Guide Is Out

Issue #083 -- Sealing of the PDR, the Season, Caravan Guide Updated

Issue #082 -- Wet Season So Far, Doggie Guide Updated, Any-Occasion Gift Cards Now Available

Issue #081 -- The Destination Cape York 2019 is out :-)

Issue #080 -- Storms and Early Cyclone, Christmas Gift Cards Available, Pocket Guide Updated, Trips of this Year :-)

Issue #079 -- Old Telegraph Track this Time of the Year :-)

Issue #078 -- Tourist Season Ending Soon, Bamaga - Weipa Road, Latest Events

Issue #077 -- Weipa - Bamaga Road, More Great Events, Changes on the Website

Issue #076 -- Tourist Season Full On, National Parks Open Early, Great Events Coming Now

Issue #075 -- CREB Track Open, Bypass Road Report, No More Destination Guide Updates in 2018

Issue #074 -- Weather and Water Levels, Lakefield National Park Opening, Coming Events

Issue #073 -- Dry April, Local Businesses Open, Prices Updated in the Destination Guide

Issue #072 -- PDR Open, But Still Need to Watch the Rivers If You Are Coming Up Now

Issue #071 -- PDR Closed, Wet Season Dramas, Answers about the Trailer Guide

Issue #070 -- Silver Plains Closed, Wet Season So Far, Caravan Guide Is Out :-)

Issue #069 -- The Wet is Here, the Dog Guide Has Been Updated

Issue #068 -- Destination Guide 2018 Is Out :-)

Issue #067 -- Season's Greetings, Road Report, Destination Guide 2018 Out Shortly

Issue #066 -- BDR Road Report, National Park Closures, Camper Trailer Booklet with the Destination Guide

Issue #065 -- Rains in October, Last Events, Caravan Booklet with the Destination Guide

Issue #064 -- PDR Road Report, Skardon River to Close for Mining

Issue #063 -- Roads Corrugated, Bathurst Head Camping Finalised, CREB Track Open for the Season

Issue #062 -- Vrilya Point Updates, Bathurst Head Updates, Cape Melville and Starcke Track Open

Issue #061 -- Road Report, Oyala Thumotang Is Opening, Bathurst Head Updates

Issue #060 -- PDR Road Report, Lakefield Is Opening, Bathurst Head Updates

Issue #059 -- The Old Telegraph Track May 2017 - Full Coverage :-)

Issue #058 -- The Season, the Recent Weather, and the Prices Updated in the Destination Guide

Issue #057 -- Vrilya Point Closed for the 2017 High Season, Pics from Iron Range, Doggie Booklet Is Out :-)

Issue #056 -- The Road, the Weather, Pocket Guide Updated

Issue #055 -- 7. January 2017 - Destination Cape York 2017 Is Out!

Issue #054 -- Happy New Year, the Wet Is Here, Destination Guide 2017 Will Be Out Shortly

Issue #053 -- Vrilya Point Gated, National Parks Closing, Caravan Booklet to Go with the Destination Guide

Issue #052 -- Vrilya Point Updates, Last Events of the Season, Dog Booklet to Go with the Destination Guide

Issue #051 -- Jardine Ford Closed, Weather Warming Up, Rental Company Info in the Destination Guide

Issue #050 -- Vrilya Point Updates, Two Great Events Coming, Caravan Info in the Destination Guide

Issue #049 -- CREB Track Open, Roads Getting Corrugated, Creeks and Rivers Low this Year

Issue #048 -- Cape Melville, Bathurst Head and Starcke Track to Open, and Other Updates

Issue #047 -- Recent Rain Impact Almost Gone, Lakefield Reopens, Two Great Events Coming

Issue #046 -- Rainy in the North, Captain Billy's Landing To Be Closed, Prices Updated in the Destination Guide

Issue #045 -- Wet Season So Far, Vrilya Point Updates

Issue #044 -- PDR Updates, Dog Info in the Destination Guide

Issue #043 -- PDR Updates, Cooktown West Coast Hotel Opens, Road Report

Issue #042 -- Destination Guide 2016 Is Out!

Issue #041 -- Happy New Year, PDR Is Getting Impassable, Destination Guide 2016 Will Be Out Soon

Issue #040 -- Rain, Roads and National Parks Close, Potential Cyclone

Issue #039 -- CREB Track Open, Updates on Running Creek and Falls Track

Issue #038 -- Cape Melville Open for the Season, Archer Bend Closed for the Year

Issue #037 -- Oyala Thumotang Open, Changes at Mount Mulligan Station and Tyrconnell Mine

Issue #036 -- Battlecamp Road and Southern Lakefield Open, Vrilya Point Still Closed, Austin 7 to Cape York

Issue #035 -- Vrilya Point Closed, Jardine River Ferry Ticket Price DROPS, Destination Guide Prices Updated

Issue #034 -- Road Report, Poor Wet Season, Website Mobile Friendly

Issue #033 -- Cyclone Nathan in Cooktown, Wet Season So Far, Site to Go Mobile Friendly

Issue #032 -- PDR Closed, Bloomfield Not to Be Sealed, Links Fixed in Destination Guide

Issue #031 -- Happy New Year, The Wet Season Is Here, Destination Guide Updated

Issue #030 -- CREB Track Opens, Bloomfield River Has a Bridge, What Happened to Road Reports

Issue #029 -- Road Updates, Kimberley and Top End Travel Guides

Issue #028 -- Book Prices Updated, Post Ita Road Report

Issue #027 -- Ita's Aftermath and Damage

Issue #026 -- The Night with the Roaring Ita

Issue #025 -- Ita Downgraded to Category Four, I am Safe in Cooktown Cyclone Shelter

Issue #024 -- Cyclone Ita Category Five and a More Personal Report

Issue #023 -- Severe Tropical Cyclone Ita Predicted to Hit on Friday

Issue #022 -- Early Season Travellers - Cyclone Ita Could Hit Cape York

Issue #021 -- Cyclone Gillian Reforms, Events Updated

Issue #020 -- Weipa Likely in for a Cyclone, Road Closed, Updates

Issue #019 -- Archer Point

Issue #018 -- The Wet Is Steady, Archer Point Camp Soon Not Free, Update on the Updates

Issue #017 -- Happy New Year, The Wet Has Started, A Little Bit about the Plans

Issue #016 -- CREB Track Is Open, Changed Camping Conditions on the Track

Issue #015 -- Cape Melville Open, Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival Great as Always

Issue #014 -- Road Conditions, Cheap Camping in Cooktown, Whale Watching Season Is On

Issue #013 -- Jardine Ferry Ticket Price Goes Up, OTT Report #2, Solar Eclipse 2013

Issue #012 --  Old Telegraph Track Report

Issue #011 --  Post Zane Road Report

Issue #010 --  Zane Downgraded to Tropical Low, Impact News Later Today

Issue #009 -- Cyclone Zane Category Two and Growing

Issue #008 -- Cyclone Update - Low Pressure System Forms, Cyclone Watch Issued

Issue #007 -- Late Cyclone - Expect Rain and Road Closures in Cape York

Issue #006 -- Events 2013, Wet Season and Dengue Updates, Book Updates

Issue #005 -- The Wet Is Finally Here, First Cyclone to Hit Cape York, Roads Closing

Issue #004 -- Happy 2013, Latest Wet Ever, Dengue Fever in Cairns

Issue #003 -- CREB Track closed, link to where you can check its state any time

Issue #002 -- The CREB Track Is Now Open

Issue #001 -- The Very First Newsletter!

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