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Cape York News #131 - Roads and Unseasonal Rains, Cape Melville Opening Delayed, Coming Events
July 28, 2023

Hi Everyone,

This month has been a little wet at times and in places, and Cape Melville opening has been delayed by a month. 

Below are also the coming events, update on the Savannah Guide, and the updated feedback.


In This Issue

• Roads, Tracks and Unseasonal Rains

• Cape Melville Opening Delayed

• Coming Events

• Gulf Savannah Guide

• Feedback Updated



July is usually a dry month, but in the recent years everything is changing. And this year, in July - we have had some unseasonal rains.

2023 unseasonal rains

It hasn't really caused any big closures - all the main roads and tracks are open as they always are this time of the year.

Even the CREB Track is officially open, although the conditions of that track do get affected a fair bit by the rains.


It has also affected Cape Melville, which was supposed to open in the end of July.

cape melville

Its opening has now been delayed by a month, to the end of August.


So the coming events of this month are Mt Carbine Rodeo, Weipa Bullride, and the NPA Show, Rodeo and Races.

2023 cape york npa event

Good to know if you are around and want to include some of these in your trip :-)


The Gulf Savannah Guide is my life at the moment. If I can push away anything from its way, I will, but unfortunately I cannot do that to everything. There is still the rest of the business to run, and the real life gets in the way too.

As much as I wish to sit down and write it in one go, the reality is different. Rest assured that I am doing my best to get it finished as soon as I possibly can, and get it done properly, with first hand information and all detail possible.


In the middle of every year, I update the feedback, adding all the ones I had saved up since the last update (there is just no time to do it one by one).

This year, the page number 7 was created, and here it is:

Feedback Page 7

And the previous feedback pages are here:

Feedback Page 1

Feedback Page 2

Feedback Page 3

Feedback Page 4

Feedback Page 5

Feedback Page 6

Thank you everyone - it is always heart-warming to receive your emails about the Guides - a lot of work goes in there and I so much appreciate ❤ ❤ ❤

destination cape york



I really appreciate any kind of feedback on the Destination Guide.

Please let me know if you enjoyed it while planning before the trip, and while using the information once on the trip.

If you get any questions about anything, please feel welcome to contact me.

That's all for this time - happy planning, and happy travels to those on the road!!

Have a great day :-)


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