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Cape York News #127 - Wet Season and Floods, Trailer Guide Updated
March 24, 2023

Hi Everyone,

Here is a bit about the wet season, the floods, and - the Trailer Guide 2023 is out :-)


In This Issue

• Wet Season and Floods

• Trailer Guide Updated

• Feedback Always Welcome



This year's wet season has been a good one. In the whole northern Australia it has broken some records, and on the Cape, it has definitely been wetter compared to the last year when the season was pretty average.

Photos by Burketown Pub - Thank you! Some local photos of the town during the 2023 floods.

2023 burketown floods

In the last newsletter I mentioned that the Gulf Savannah wet season can be even more dramatic than Cape York, and it so reminds me of our wet season trips over to Darwin.

Even if it was a dry year in Cape York and we could drive through while the rivers weren't up, the Gulf Savannah could still be really bad, with waters covering not only the Savannah Way but also places on Flinders Highway.

2023 burketown floods 2023 burketown floods

It is a very low laying area, with different, finer soils, that is definitely very used to big wet seasons.

But this year, it was just very big, and really big it got in Burketown and surrounding areas. The town, the roadhouses, the stations and communities around, got flooded to the extent that it was said to be a 100 year record. People having worked on these lands for generations said that they don't remember anything like this.

2023 burketown floods

The area got evacuated but the waters are receding now. Let's see what it all will look like this dry season if you travel through! 

The Gulf Savannah Guide is progressing, I am working my way through. I absolutely love doing it, but there are also so many other tasks like the other guides' updates scheduled to this time of the year, and the endless flow of emails to the inbox, particularly during the wet season. I promise I am doing my best, and will keep you updated about it :-)


And last but not least - the Trailer Guide 2023 is out, with everything that has changed since last year, updated:

* FREE camping spots on your way here from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Northern Territory that suit a trailer

* Should you bring your trailer

* The reasons why you should consider not bringing your trailer (so you can make an informed decision)

* The condition of the roads

* The timing of the gradings

* Where to leave your trailer at the bottom of the Cape – there are several FREE storage places, there are also the locked / undercover spaces, and the ones in a shed (each place with their exact prices, and whether they have conditions such as time limits or if you need to stay a few nights to use the storage service)

* Bring your trailer

* Hire a trailer

* How to avoid the damage

* What roads and tracks are you going to get through with your trailer

* How towing capacity changes when you are off road

* How to still do the best adventure if you bring your trailer: places where to leave your trailer up the Cape and go off to do the tracks (closest places to different tracks specified)

* What mechanical workshops do fix trailers up the Cape, and what are the stores that have trailer accessories

* Where are the FREE camping spots that are large enough for trailers on the Cape

* Dump points – where are the public ones, and also which commercial camping grounds have them (not nearly all have one up on the Cape!)

* What commercial camping grounds / caravan parks have large / extra large sites – for each park

* And - what places actually have powered sites – the majority do not up the Cape!

All for the very cheap price of $7

Completely unique information, put together inside the Cape, based on first hand experiences, local knowledge and direct research (not from other books or web information - just like the full Destination Guide itself!).
destination cape york trailer supplement
If you already have the Trailer Guide, bought within the last two years - please give me an email and I will send you the latest version :-)

If you don't - the Trailer Guide (just like the Doggie and Caravan Guides) is a supplementary guide to the main Destination Guide and available inside it, as explained on this page.


Easter is on its way, 7 - 10. April this year :-) Instead of  just another chocolate egg, if you have an adventurous friend or family member who plans to do Cape York, here is a good idea for an Easter present:

destination cape york

And - Happy Easter, I hope you get out for the long weekend camping !!!



I really appreciate any kind of feedback on the Destination Guide.

Please let me know if you enjoyed it while planning before the trip, and while using the information once on the trip.

If you get any questions about anything, please feel welcome to contact me.

That's all for this time - happy planning, and happy travels to those on the road!!

Have a great day :-)


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