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Cape York News #116 - Weather and Season, Road Report, Trailer Guide Updated
March 25, 2022

Hi Everyone,

Here is a bit about the wet season, the roads, and the fact that the Trailer Guide 2022 is out :-)

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In This Issue

• Weather and Season

• Road Report

• Trailer Guide Updated

• Feedback Always Welcome



The wet season so far has been average to dry. Been raining but not like the worst of the recent years.

Places do vary, Weipa has had a fair bit of rain, but all in all, so far on the peninsula it hasn't been a very wet year.  

wet season

Photo above: When it pours down, on Seisia Beach :-)

But, we still do have April and May coming! If you are planning an early season trip, April will still be cyclone season, which could bring big rains that could affect May at least.


While Jardine River has reopened after the ferry maintenance, Archer River is still over the causeway. When that happens, the PDR is closed.

Other roads closed are Battle Camp Road, Fairview to Palmerville and Maytown, Starcke Wakooka Track, Musgrave to Cape Melville, Musgrave to Pormpuraaw, and Running Creek Track.

archer river march 2022
Archer River. Photo Courtesy of Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Lakefield Road, Kendall River Road, Port Stewart Road, Iron Range Road, Aurukun Road, Batavia Road, Telegraph Road, and Bypass Roads up to Bamaga are restricted access, with five tonne load limit and local traffic only at this point.

myall creek march 2022
Myall Creek. Photo Courtesy of Department of Transport and Main Roads.

National Parks are still
closed until at least 1. June, I will keep that info updated :-)


And last but not least - the Trailer Guide 2022 is out, with everything that has changed since last year, updated:

* FREE camping spots on your way here from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Northern Territory that suit a trailer

* Should you bring your trailer

* The reasons why you should consider not bringing your trailer (so you can make an informed decision)

* The condition of the roads

* The timing of the gradings

* Where to leave your trailer at the bottom of the Cape – there are several FREE storage places, there are also the locked / undercover spaces, and the ones in a shed (each place with their exact prices, and whether they have conditions such as time limits or if you need to stay a few nights to use the storage service)

* Bring your trailer

* Hire a trailer

* How to avoid the damage

* What roads and tracks are you going to get through with your trailer

* How towing capacity changes when you are off road

* How to still do the best adventure if you bring your trailer: places where to leave your trailer up the Cape and go off to do the tracks (closest places to different tracks specified)

* What mechanical workshops do fix trailers up the Cape, and what are the stores that have trailer accessories

* Where are the FREE camping spots that are large enough for trailers on the Cape

* Dump points – where are the public ones, and also which commercial camping grounds have them (not nearly all have one up on the Cape!)

* What commercial camping grounds / caravan parks have large / extra large sites – for each park

* And - what places actually have powered sites – the majority do not up the Cape!

All for the very cheap price of $7

Completely unique information, put together inside the Cape, based on first hand experiences, local knowledge and direct research (not from other books or web information - just like the full Destination Guide itself!).
destination cape york trailer supplement
If you already have the Trailer Guide, bought within the last two years - please give me an email and I will send you the latest version :-)

If you don't - the Trailer Guide (just like the Doggie and Caravan Guides) is a supplementary guide to the main Destination Guide and available inside it, as explained on this page (because of the amount of updating work involved, no other way would be viable).


Easter is on its way, 15 - 18. April this year :-) Instead of just another chocolate egg, if you have an adventurous family member who plans to do Cape York, here is a good idea for an Easter present:

destination cape york

And - Happy Easter, I hope you get out for the long weekend camping !!!



I really appreciate any kind of feedback on the Destination Guide.

Please let me know if you enjoyed it while planning before the trip, and while using the information once on the trip.

If you get any questions about anything, please feel welcome to contact me.

That's all for this time - happy planning, and happy travels to those on the road!!

Have a great day :-)


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