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Cape York News #094 - COVID-19 Closes Cape, Weather and Wet Season, Trailer Guide Updated
March 27, 2020

Hi Everyone,

As we all know, our world has been thrown a bit upside down in the last few weeks (more below about what's happening up here).

Also a bit about the wet season, and the fact that the Trailer Guide 2020 is out.


 In This Issue

• Temporary Cape York Closure

• Weather and Season

• Trailer Guide Updated

• Feedback Always Welcome



So, I expect that a lot of people know by now that not only the NPA, but also most of the peninsula is closed because of the virus. There is Police blockage at Mount Carbine and only people with permits will get in. It is an inconvenience for more than just travellers, but it needs doing.

Sorry that some wrong-doers have made this needing a mention: These newsletters are subject to the Law of Copyright - the only way to legally spread them is a link to this page or a proper Facebook share (cropping text and photos out of it to use them to build one's own Facebook post is ILLEGAL).

When will it open? Nobody knows, there are no set dates or answers, it really depends on the course of the virus. But I cannot stress enough that the sooner and the tighter we can close places, the sooner and safer we can get to the other side of it and reopen the Cape.

royal flying doctor service bamagaThe RFDS plane that flew from Bamaga to Cairns Airport and the ambulance that took me there.

One year ago I went through a very similar disease and luckily survived. I collapsed at home and couldn't breath (we thought it came from a bacteria from the soil but as my Melioidosis tests came out negative), I was finally diagnosed with a kind of pneumonia with some very similar symptoms to the Coronavirus.

rfds bamaga cat scan cairns hospitalView from the inside the plane at Bamaga Airport; then in Cairns Hospital - CT scan.

I was rushed to Bamaga Hospital and after two nights under oxygen mask, painkillers and all the rest, I was put onto the ambulance, to be taken to Bamaga Airport, to be lifted to the Royal Flying Doctor Service plane that took me to Cairns, 2am.

cairns-hospitalCairns Hospital - four weeks on painkillers and intravenous antibiotics.

I was still getting worse before I started getting better, which only happened after my lung got drained, and the reason why I am telling this, is that COVID-19 is also a respiratory disease that can attack lungs.

cairns hospital mealThe meals were often the highlights of the days. 

I am not writing all that because I want to scare anyone, but it is true, and that's why - the quicker and faster and tighter the local places can close down, places on the Cape, the more is there hope that we could open for the season.


The weather has been continuously mostly dry, even though we have some rainy days as well, but definitely not as many as in the last couple of years.

jardine ford crossing north 2020Jardine Ford North 2020 Wet Season

Last wet season the Old Ford crossing was so much deeper, we couldn't get anywhere this near to it.


Website updates and improvements continue (this wet season I decided to take a break from writing another book, to be able to focus on updating and improving the website).

It is going well, many new pages have already been built, and many more are coming. Many existing pages have also already got updated and added more and better photos, and that will also continue.


And last but not least - the Trailer Guide 2020 is out, with everything that has changed since last year, updated.

Plus - the Cape York national park camping spots where you can fit in with your trailer, were added amongst other things :-)
destination cape york trailer supplement
If you already have the Trailer Guide, please give me an email and I will resend you your purchase :-)

If you don't - the Trailer Guide (just like the Doggie and Caravan Guides) is a supplementary guide to the main Destination Guide and available inside it (because of the amount of updating work involved, no other way would be viable).

destination cape york


I really appreciate any kind of feedback on the Destination Guide.

Please let me know if you enjoyed it while planning before the trip, and while using the information once on the trip.

If you get any questions about anything, please feel welcome to contact me.

That's all for this time - happy planning, and happy travels to those on the road!!

Have a great day :-)


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