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Cape York News #079 - Old Telegraph Track this Time of the Year :-)
November 02, 2018

Hi Everyone,

We have just hit the OTT again - so, here is the latest :-)


In This Issue

• Old Telegraph Track This Time of the Year

• Feedback Always Welcome



We like to do the whole length of the Old Telegraph Track either early in the year, or late - not only to avoid the crowds, but also because in the middle of the season we do bits and pieces anyway, while my partner does all the recoveries :-)

Sorry that some wrong-doers have made this needing a mention: These newsletters are subject to the Law of Copyright - the only way to legally spread them is a link to this page or a proper Facebook share (cropping text and photos out of it to use them to build one's own Facebook post is theft of someone else's work and is ILLEGAL).

So this time was a late one (while last year was done in May), and below is the report:

palm creek entrance palm creek entrance

Palm Creek's main exits and entrances are much the same that they have been in the last couple of years.

palm creek exit palm creek exit

Ducie late in the Dry Season - very different from our report from May last year when it was the deepest crossing on the southern half :-)

ducie creek crossing

North Alice - almost unnoticeable as always this time of the year :-)

north alice creek crossing

Dulhunty - always the southernmost one that has water in this time of the year.

dulhunty river crossing

Bertie - never changes much.

bertie creek crossing

Gunshot changes over the years, but this year the steep drops as well as the chicken track were still the same as last year.

gunshot creek


Cockatoo - low water as always this time of the year.

cockatoo creek crossing

Sailor - side crossing east of the bridge:

sailor creek crossing

Scrubby - after Fruit Bat Falls:

scrubby creek crossing

Fun at the Canal :-)

canal creek crossing

Checking out Sam before crossing :-)

sam creek crossing

Mistake Creek low as always.

mistake creek crossing

Cannibal - and Mark doesn't do the chicken tracks :-)

cannibal creek crossing

Cypress log bridge still much the same as during the last 10 years.

cypress creek crossing

All in all the track is obviously all dry this time of the year (driving between Cypress and Logan on the below photo).

ott cypress to logans

Mark doing Logan's and again the proper old way :-)

logans creek crossing

Nolans - low enough but still has a drop that reaches the bonnet (this crossing we are usually most familiar with during the different times of the year because it's the closest one to home and Mark gets lots of recoveries).

nolans creek crossing

All the detail about every single crossing is in the Destination Guide :-)

destination cape york


I really appreciate any kind of feedback on the Destination Guide.

Please let me know if you enjoyed it while planning before the trip, and while using the information once on the trip.

If you get any questions about anything, please feel welcome to contact me.

That's all for this time - happy planning, and happy travels to those on the road!!

Have a great day :-)


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