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Cape York News #078 - Tourist Season Ending Soon, Bamaga - Weipa Road, Latest Events
October 05, 2018

Hi Everyone,

The tourist season is ending soon, and it was not a bad one (looking at least at the amount of vehicle recoveries that my partner had this year :-)

For myself it has been a busy time working on the website as well as being on the tracks, roads and attending some events and festivals - so, below is the latest.


In This Issue

• Tourist Season Ending Soon

• Bamaga - Weipa Road

• Latest Events

• Feedback Always Welcome



So, after the end of these school holidays this tourist season will be ending soon (most of the tourism businesses will still keep open for another month or so, but the traveller numbers will be dropping down shortly).

Sorry that some wrong-doers have made this needing a mention: These newsletters are subject to the Law of Copyright - the only way to legally spread them is a link to this page or a proper Facebook share (cropping text and photos out of it to use them to build one's own Facebook post is ILLEGAL).

It was a good season with a good amount of travellers (from what we saw and also what we heard from most other local businesses).  

2018 tourist season

Above is a photo from the Tip car park in the middle of the season this year, and I didn't even get nearly all the cars into the photo!


And the Bamaga Weipa Road (Again? It was just in the last newsletter? Yes - I had to go down again recently).

northern bypass september 2018

So the first part - the Northern Bypass Road - has got a little more corrugated all in all since the last newsletter, but they have graded the northernmost 15 kilometres that always is the most corrugated (and usually the absolutely worst bit of all the way from here to Weipa).

southern bypass september 2018

The Southern Bypass was pretty good in the last report, but has now got a lot more patches with deep corrugations, making it the worst part of the whole road this time.

telegraph road september 2018

The Telegraph Road (Bramwell to Batavia turnoff), was the worst part two months ago, but was all graded this time (still some corrugation in places but not much).

batavia road september 2018

The Batavia Road was still very good, all smooth with minimal corrugation and still the best part of the whole trip.

weipa road september 2018

The Weipa end was also much the same as on the last trip two months ago. The northern part of it - closest to Weipa - is very good (on the above photo), while the southern part is corrugated.


One of the reasons for going to Weipa was the events - the Weipa Pig Hunt which was back again this year and was a great night with the local band;

weipa pig hunt 2018

... as well as the Paanja Festival in Mapoon - another one of the great indigenous festivals and was well worth going all the way.

mapoon paanja festival

Full detail about all the events is always in the Destination Guide, which is updated every year :-)


I really appreciate any kind of feedback on the Destination Guide.

Please let me know if you enjoyed it while planning before the trip, and while using the information once on the trip.

If you get any questions about anything, please feel welcome to contact me.

That's all for this time - happy planning, and happy travels to those on the road!!

Have a great day :-)


P.S. As part of the upgrading of the website which I have been doing for the past few months (with the domain name change etc) - it is natural that there will be a few - what we call "bugs" - meaning errors that need fixing, it is a normal part of this process. The only one "bug" I have seen is that there is an error message that appears sometimes when you are trying to reply to an email to me (including if you click reply on the newsletters) - which says that the inbox is full - wrongly so. If that happens to you - please go to the Contact Us page instead and fill the form there, it works better, sorry for the inconvenience and thank you. All the rest works well, there are no errors in any book buying processes or anything else, and I am constantly working on fixing it all, expecting the upgrade over with all the improvements by the end of the year :-)

P.P.S. If you cannot see the photo banner in the top of this page, instead of photos you only see photo texts, and instead of links you see url addresses throughout the text, you are using email software that only reads text. Consider getting an email account with Yahoo or others that can read HTML (and remember to change your email address, which can be done in the end of every newsletter.

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