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Cape York News #057 - Vrilya Point Updates, Pics from Iron Range, Dog Booklet Is Out
March 11, 2017

Hi everyone,

It's been a very busy time getting the Doggie Booklet finalised, and it's finally out - for all of you who would like to bring your fur babies to the trip :-)

I have also added a little weather information and some photos, from a recent trip to Iron Range.

And last but not least - while no decisions have been made whether Vrilya Point will be open later in 2017 - we do know that it won't be open for travellers during this high season.


In This Issue

• Vrilya Closed for High Season 2017

• The Weather and the Roads

• Doggie Booklet Out

• Feedback Always Welcome



Vrilya Point is still on top of a lot of people's question list, and I get lots of people asking if it opens this year.

Well the latest is that there have been no decisions made about the whole year of 2017, however - it will not open at least until August - meaning it will be closed during the high season.


point 2017
Vrilya Point Beach

The main reason is the bridge, however, they also mention rubbishing, so the beach is also closed, even if you got around the bridge say by going by a boat.


A lot of this month has been rainy, however we have also had some sunny days (at least up the Tip where I live).

The rivers, like Archer and Laura have been up and down, and that with the recent Jardine Ferry closure, has kept us cut off from the rest of the peninsula for most of the month.

jardine ferry closed
Jardine River Ferry on the ground, last week

The ferry is now open again and was only closed for routine maintenance.

Below are some pics from one of our recent trips to Lockhart River and Iron Range (although the conditions change within the Wet Season, it still gives you an idea about what you could expect on an average day during this time of the year).

iron range road 2017
The road to Iron Range and Lockhart River

The road into Iron Range is completely unsealed and gets soggy after rains.

iron range road wet season
The road to Iron Range and Lockhart River

This road is also known for its little fords, where the water rises quickly when it rains.

iron range road ford
One of the Fords

And it was exactly what happened to us again - the first ford, before we even got to the Wenlock River, was the highest one on the whole road.

iron range road wet season 2017
The road to Iron Range and Lockhart River

Wenlock River was down (and it has a causeway).

wenlock crossing
Wenlock River crossing

And Pascoe was less than a metre high (that crossing also has a causeway).

pascoe crossing
Pascoe River crossing

There are also bits with recent roadworks that get really soft when they get wet.

iron range road roadworks
The road to Iron Range and Lockhart River

And all in all, one thing you cannot miss is the greenery - I bet a lot of people don't have the memories of the Cape being this green :-)

iron range road storm
The road to Iron Range and Lockhart River


And the news for dog owners - the Doggy Book is finally out :-)

    destination cape york with dog

It has 33 pages of detailed information about:

* Should you bring your dog/s

* Leave your dogs at home?

* Leave your dogs in Cairns?

* Bring your dogs to Cape York

* Practical Information, such as:

* Vets throughout Cape York and the area (up the Cape it's far between them!)

* Where to buy pet gear                                                  

* Dog events with dates     

* Dog Services

* Where are dogs allowed on the Cape

* Which national parks are you actually allowed to take your dog/s through, and - what about camping?

* What about dogs on the FREE camping sites?

* Where are the leash free areas in town parks

* What 4WD tracks are they/not allowed through!

* Maps and photos of the signs, including the remote spots :-)

* Which are the places that you are going to miss out completely if you travel with dogs?

* And what about Thursday Island and Torres Strait?

* Plus, of course - all the accommodation and commercial camping grounds that accept dogs - and each one's doggie rules :-)

If you read the three page dog chapter in the Destination Guide - this booklet is more than 10 times longer as it covers all the places and all national parks.

All for the very cheap price of $7 – it is completely unique information.

Nothing is copied from the web or any other sources - every bit is research in first hand, plus our own local knowledge and first hand experience.

It's found inside the Destination Guide since it is a supplement with only dog information.

P.S. If you already have the Guide, and would like the version with the Doggie Booklet, if you go back to your original purchase confirmation email and download from the same link again, the version with the Doggie Guide is now up there (and if you don't want to waste a download I am easy - click 'reply' on this email (or contact via the links below) and I will send you the new version. Just be patient because I will have some email to answer :-)

P.P.S. There were no other major changes, but if you are planning to stay in Aurukun or Kowanyama it's worth updating even if you don't have dogs (again give me an email if you like and I will save you a download :-)


I really appreciate any kind of feedback on the Destination Guide.

Please let me know if you enjoyed it while planning before the trip, and while using the information once on the trip.

If you get any questions about anything, please feel welcome to contact me.

That's all for this time - happy planning!!

Have a great day :-)


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