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Cape York News #030 - CREB Track Opens, Bloomfield River Has a Bridge, What Happened to Road Reports
September 14, 2014

Hi everyone,

I know it has been a little while, and because many people have been asking, particularly about the road reports, lower down this newsletter is the explanation.

Shortly - this newsletter was never meant to be regular, and the main reason is that I am on the tracks too during the Dry Season (to keep this website and the Destination Guide freshly updated!).

As I am writing from Thursday Island, two newsworthy things have happened while I was taking my time on the remote tracks to get here.

Bloomfield River now has a bridge (six weeks old news); and - the CREB Track is now open for the season (about a week old news).


In This Issue

• CREB Track Opens

• Bloomfield River Has a Bridge

• What Happened to Road Reports

• Feedback Always Welcome



Yes, as late as in September this year, the Port Douglas Shire Council (which now controls the track, used to be Cairns), has said the track is finally open for the season.

The main reason for that delay - compared to August which is the case in most years - was the severe tropical cyclone Ita.

It did not seem to do so much damage that far south when you looked from the main roads, but in the bush and on the tracks there was damage to clean.

They have said the track is still to be taken with caution, but officially it now is open for the 2014 season (and that said, come too big rains and it will temporarily close again - which I will not report - you can check any time whether it is open or closed here).


This is late news for some, but still very much worth mentioning to most of you - Bloomfield River has a bridge since early August 2014 (and yes I would have made a newsletter for this if it wasn't that I was on remote Cape York tracks with no internet service).

That bridge is big news for the travellers, as it puts the whole Bloomfield Track, and the whole coastal road from Cairns to Cooktown in fact, on a completely different difficulty level.

That crossing is no longer tidal - you cross that river on a brand new bridge.

The rest of the coastal road is easy with your only possible worry being some steep slopes and small creeks to cross along the Bloomfield Track.


And finally, what happened to the newsletters, and the road reports?

During the three and a half month's break from the newsletters I got so many questions that I decided to take it up here for those who have wondered but did not contact me to ask.

Like I shortly mentioned above - this newsletter was never meant to be regular. I write when I have things to say instead of pushing a monthly newsletter for the sake of it.

And the road reports were never meant to continue throughout the year or even the Dry Season (sorry if I left you wondering because I didn't explain it this year - I have previously).

My aim is to mention when a more important track opens for the season - that's why you get more newsletters containing "road reports" in April - May, which is obviously when most roads and tracks first open.

More than that I could not do even if I wanted that as my full time job. Once they have opened for the season many tracks can close and reopen too quickly due to rains - even if I tried to keep reporting all that, I would not be able to cover it without misleading many people.

And I am sure you agree that no report is better than the one you find having been wrong the day you enter the track!

Instead, I spend much of the Dry Season on the tracks, to make sure this website and the Destination Guide are updated.

And every now and again I deliver you a nice tip for your next trip from my own first hand experience.

This time it is the Torres Strait Cultural Festival (the dance videos will go on within a few days, so if you want to watch them, please revisit that page) that I just visited - well worth your time and ferry ticket to Thursday Island, if you like indigenous dance festivals :-)


I really appreciate any kind of feedback on the Destination Guide.

Please let me know if you enjoyed it while planning before the trip, and while using the information once on the trip.

If you get any questions about anything, please feel welcome to contact me.

That's all for this time - happy planning everyone :-)


P. S. If you cannot see the photo banner in the top of this page, and instead of links you see url addresses throughout the text, you are using email software that only reads text. Consider getting an email account with Yahoo or others that can read HTML (and remember to change your email address, which can be done in the end of every newsletter.

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