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Cape York News #029 - Road Updates, Kimberley and Top End Travel Guides
May 29, 2014

Hi everyone,

It's the end of May so time for a road update. Even though the road conditions are changing quickly now, it will give you a good idea of the situation.

Also, there are new travel guides available on my site for those heading west for their next trip.


In This Issue

• Late May Road Update

• Destination Kimberley and Destination Top End Now Available on My Site

• Feedback Always Welcome



People have been asking about the roads, and although this time of the year the road conditions are changing fast, here is an update.

Peninsula Developmental Road is open and graded through Laura, Coen, Weipa turnoff.

The coastal road via Cooktown, Bloomfield Road and Battlecamp Road is still not an option (leave it to your way back and it could be open then).

Bloomfield Road is closed, CREB Track is closed.

Battlecamp is likely to open very soon (high clearance vehicles are getting through now). 

Cape Bedford and Cape Flattery I hear will open soon.

The main road through Lakefield National Park is to open very soon.

The Starcke Wakooka Track to Cape Melville is closed but they are working on it.

The road from Musgrave to Pormpuraaw is open, but the one between Pormpuraaw and Kowanyama is closed.

Burke Developmental Road is open, and the road from BDR to Kowanyama is open.

The road to Port Stewart is open, Silver Plains is open, Running Creek Track is boggy and not wise without a winch or another vehicle.

The road to Lockhart River and Iron Range National Park is open, but obviously the waters are still up like everywhere else on the peninsula, and this road can become impassable quickly if it rains enough.

Frenchman's Track can be anything from boggy to impassable depending on the water levels in Pascoe and Wenlock, which are affected by the amount of rain in the days before you go.

Weipa and Mapoon are both open.

The Old Telegraph Track - people are winching through, so if you are not that extreme, it is not for you just yet. And that said, like elsewhere, things can change very quickly.

And finally, the road to the Tip is open, and the main roads in the Northern Peninsula Area are open.

Are you out there on any tracks? Let us know the conditions - thank you!


This has been on the plans for a long time, but is finally done now.

Fellow travel guide writer Birgit Bradtke - the owner and editor of and started a good few years before me, and you probably know about her.

But if you don't - her guides are written and work exactly in the same way as mine, and there is two of them - Destination Kimberley and Destination Top End of Northern Territory.

Both are now available to buy on my site, and in the end of the Destination Top End page you can even buy both in a package, and save more than 25% on the second guide.

Full of local knowledge just like my Destination Cape York Travel Guide, they are the best investment you can get if you are heading north-west for your next trip!


I really appreciate any kind of feedback on the Destination Guide.

Please let me know if you enjoyed it while planning before the trip, and while using the information once on the trip.

If you get any questions about anything, please feel welcome to contact me.

That's all for this time - happy planning everyone, and if you're already on your trip, happy travels :-)


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