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Cape York News, Issue #003 -- CREB Track closed, link to where you can check its state any time
August 27, 2012

Hi people,

Just a short note that the CREB Track is closed again.

But I won't bother you every time it opens and closes - below is where you can check it any time yourself.


In This Issue

• The CREB Track is temporarily closed

• Where to check it yourself any time

• Write about your trip

• Travel Guide feedback wanted



The CREB Track was opened for the season, but is now temporarily closed again.

It will close and reopen many times through the season - here is where to check its state at any time - bookmark the page now so you have it handy.


Are you back from the trip with photos, videos and fresh memories?

Publish them on your own page on this website!

Attach photos, show to friends and family - just send them the link to the page once it's ready.


And finally - did you buy the Destination Guide book and enjoyed the FREE camping spots?

Please let me know here - I will be really, really thankful!!

Have a great day, enjoy your trip,


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