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Cape York News, Issue #002 -- The CREB Track Is Now Open!
August 17, 2012

Hi everyone,

Some of you are still on the trip, others are back.. the very first reports are starting to come in.

Here is the latest, .. and the biggest news - the CREB Track is now OPEN!


In This Issue

• The CREB Track is finally open for the season

• Other tracks

• Reports are starting to roll in

• Publish your own story and photos!

• Bought the travel guide? I would really appreciate your feedback!



I am probably a few days late to announce that the CREB Track is finally open for this season!!!

This track is great fun, full on four wheel drive adventure (between Daintree Village just south of Cape Tribulation and Wujal Wujal south of Cooktown - basically inland from the coastal Bloomfield Road).

The only downside of this track is that most of the year it is closed!

It is closed for the Wet Season from November each year and reopened as soon as the conditions allow in the Dry. But it is a rough track and not one of the earliest ones to open, plus the track is very sensitive to rains any time of the year and often gets closed after rains in the middle of the Dry season.

So this is big news - it is finally open now!!!

It can close any time again if it rains enough, so if you are in the area and want to do it, do it NOW.

Only last year I missed out by putting the plans off a few days too long and the track closed again after having been open, so don't make that mistake.


Other smaller tracks are also now open. Cape Melville is open, including the Starcke - Wakooka track. Hodgkinson and Palmer River Goldfields tracks are open. And the tracks around Kowanyama and Pormpuraaw are open. And of course, all the bigger roads are open (just remember that the road conditions can change very quickly).


A few very first submissions are starting to come in..




Are you back from the trip with photos, videos and great fresh memories?

Publish them on your own page on this website!

There are separate pages for


Cape Melville


Old Telegraph Track

Gunshot Crossing

Jardine Ford

Tip of Cape York

Torres Strait Islands


Or write here about your whole trip, or any place not listed above.

This is a great way to show the fun you had to friends and family - just send them the link to the page once it's ready.

(P.S. this site is very new so don't hesitate to be the first - your submission will always be on the top in all future :-)

P.P.S You can attach up to four photos and this is something I cannot change - so if you want to attach more, and if you want to have a video on your page, let me know and I will send you the address where to send them so I can put them onto your page manually.


And finally - did you buy the Destination Guide book and have any feedback?

Please let me know here - I will be really, really thankful!!

That's it for this time.

Hope to hear from you, whether you are still on the tracks or back after all the fun!!!


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